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no.6 + favorite pairing : nezumi and shion

↳’‘Don’t be kind to me. Don’t apologize. I wouldn’t have minded if you blamed me, hurt me, accused me of any crime. If you didn’t, I would keep taking advantage of it. I would lean on this reality you speak of, and I would keep excusing myself to no end.’’



a niall oneshot

word count: 8761

warnings: sexual content


You found yourself waiting by your phone at midnight more often than not these days. Waiting for his text. Waiting for him to tell you the coast was clear and it was safe. Safe to finally be together, to be alone. That’s how it had to be. For now.

  hey, you up ?

You jump as your text tone goes off. It’s him. Your heart skips a beat, possibly two as you pick up your phone.

                                       yeah, of course

  come on over then. i miss ya

  the gate will be open. gotta hurry tho      

                                       oh really why’s that?

  cuz i need ya ;)

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NaNo Check-In, Day 10

Word Count:

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Best Work:

She hummed with understanding. “Yes, we are in a time of change, I think. Or – on the cusp of it, rather.” Her face turned thoughtful. “We will either face great upheaval…or nothing changes.”

“Isn’t that the way of it?” Konstantjin shook his head. “It seems that is the way everywhere of late.”

“It is different here,” the smith insisted. “The wheel turns in Koshstena.”

“The Zhartisov have always kept this country in line,” Konstantjin pointed out with a laugh. “I doubt you will have another Chuul here.”

“There are no more Zhartisov.”

Konstantjin’s gaze snapped to her, eyes wide. “No more –?”

“They disappeared, all in one night.” The smith’s expression turned grim. “Or should I say….all save the one. Prince Ivan.”

“Ivan.” Konstanjin laughed. “It’s always an Ivan, isn’t it?”