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Live Blog: The Killers Live at Glastonbury 2017

After a weekend of speculation and rumors, The Killers are set to take to the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury in just a few minutes time.  Assuming that my stream holds, I will live blog the show and update the setlist.

The Killers are scheduled to hit the stage in about 2 minutes; 5:30pm UK time, 12:30pm EST.


  • The ‘K’ has been illuminated. 
  • Mark Stoermer is on stage.
  • ‘What’s up Glastonbury? It’s good to be here.  They say you play the John Peel Stage twice in your career; once on the way up and once on the down.‘- Brandon Flowers


  1. When You Were Young
  2. Somebody Told Me
  3. Spaceman
  4. Human
  5. Smile Like You Mean It
  6. The Man (Brandon dedicated it to ‘the ladies’.)
  7. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll
  8. Read My Mind
  9. Runaways
  10. All These Things That I’ve Done
  11. Mr. Brightside

Set has concluded.

Random but important !!

Don’t ever let people make you feel bad for spending time on your notes/making your notes look pretty etc
So many times I’ve had people say ‘that’s a waste of time’ or ‘you’re so extra’ and it makes me so angry !!
If spending an extra 2-5 minutes to make your notes look a little prettier is going to help you learn them better, or even if it just makes studying tolerable then that’s okay??? Keep doing it!!
There’s honestly no worse people than the people who will try and make you feel bad about doing something YOU want to do


even if you make the executive decision to never watch classicaloid, please watch this scene. I’ve rewatched episode 11 fifty times just for this one scene. please. watch it. watch the scene. I made a youtube account for it


Come back to me

A/NHello.  I know I have been a little MIA on here, I have a few longer things planned but probably won’t post until after the finale airs.  In the meantime, here is a little drabble based off the above spoiler picture for episode 5x23.  I hope you like it.

Disclaimer:  This is not a spoiler, this is fanfiction.

With 3 simple steps:

Turn off your electronics - or at least, ignore them! Yes, the oh mighty difficult task we all face in this modern era. If you have alarms set, then you’ll obviously need to leave your device on, but make sure you don’t use them for at least 30 minutes before bed!

Take at least 5 minutes to declutter and organize your room before you go to bed. If we’re being realistic, it’s more than likely to bore you… But on the plus side, at least your room will be cleaner! If that doesn’t suit, rearrange things. This could be your notes, your room, clothes, whatever!

Try take some time to relax and unwind. Go take off your makeup, have a shower, make a warm beverage, read a book, write a to do list, journal about your day. Just do something that doesn’t involve screens, will help you distress and worry less about the day to come.

Helpful tips:

  • If you can, try exercise at least 30 minutes per day. This will help fatigue your body and make it easier to fall asleep. Of course, this may not suit everyone, it is just a suggestion. 
  • Soothing aromas + sounds — definitely a key way to calm your inner self. You could also try slowing down your breathing which will decrease your heart rate, therefore making you more relaxed.
  • Make sure your rooms is dark and at a good temperature! You don’t want unexpected light coming in and waking you up - unless you want to get woken up by the sun. A good temp also allows you to sleep throughout the night without being woken up by the heat or cold.
  • Try not to think about things right before you go to sleep. Especially things you need to do tomorrow, mistakes you’ve made, assignments due etc. If you’re going to think about anything, think about happy thoughts, memories, upcoming events. You don’t need to go to bed with negativity. 

you may think you’re dramatic, but you will never be more dramatic than my boyfriend who just drove the 10 minutes from his place to mine while we were having an argument just to come in, get the tote of winter clothes out from under my bed, grab my earmuffs out of it, and put them on so i could see him not listening to me, then immediately leave after he felt his point was made

If You’re In a Place Where You’re Feeling Far From God

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) When was the last time you prayed? Like, really prayed? For more than 5 minutes? 

2) When was the last time you read the bible? Did bible study? Had a conversation with God about a bible verse that confused you?

3) When was the last time you talked to another person of faith? And shared that you felt far from God? And talked about your walk?

4) When was the last time you prayed for someone? When was the last time you prayed with someone?

5) Do you have a daily routine in place for time with God? Like a daily devotional? Or time for meditation and prayer? Or time to journal and reflect with God? Or daily bible study? What are you doing daily to work on your relationship with God?

In Jeremiah 29:13, God says “ You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.“ We feel far from God when we have forgotten to seek God. Take time to reflect on what you’re doing in your every day life to draw closer to God.

ART TIP: Keep a balance between digital and traditional art

because there are things traditional art will teach you that digital art won’t, and the same goes the other way