Feb. 29

we walked in a snow-covered landscape,
it looked like a movie, except we could feel the cold
and the warmth between the hands we held.
and with no words, I saw a million meanings
in the world surrounding our minuscule lives:

the winter world and leafless tress,
to show that everything changes
and the daily moon in the sky,
to show everything stays the same.

the warmth of your body
to show love is real,
and the coldness of your words
to show all love dies.

the stars numerous as people
to show we’re never alone
and the endless emptiness around
to show we always will be.

the agression in your kiss
to show the extent of human passion
and the way you walk away
to show the extent of human regret.

we sat in my car, parked in front of your house
counting the mistakes we’ve made on a million hands
and sat underneath the stars, talking of emptiness
until you leaned over, kissed my neck
and whispered “your love is one I’ll never forget”.

I still don’t know quite what you meant.