Feb. 29

we walked in a snow-covered landscape,
it looked like a movie, except we could feel the cold
and the warmth between the hands we held.
and with no words, I saw a million meanings
in the world surrounding our minuscule lives:

the winter world and leafless tress,
to show that everything changes
and the daily moon in the sky,
to show everything stays the same.

the warmth of your body
to show love is real,
and the coldness of your words
to show all love dies.

the stars numerous as people
to show we’re never alone
and the endless emptiness around
to show we always will be.

the agression in your kiss
to show the extent of human passion
and the way you walk away
to show the extent of human regret.

we sat in my car, parked in front of your house
counting the mistakes we’ve made on a million hands
and sat underneath the stars, talking of emptiness
until you leaned over, kissed my neck
and whispered “your love is one I’ll never forget”.

I still don’t know quite what you meant.


A video about nothing on a day that is “special.”

Day 40


  • day 1 ew but leap year (NOTICE FEB 29TH) & ANTI BULLYING DAY! had no pink to wear…… sighballz )=
  • snowing this morning!!! :( :( :( wanting spring/summer weather real bad so cold urgh
  • first block - french… did the testt did ok i think!! .. hope LOL. dont rmb what else happened… 
  • 2nd was science…. did a bunch of practice questionss! normal class nothing special. i like understanding chemistry 8) 
  • lunchhhh bought salmon sushi & strawberry kiwi popsicle and ate in tims roomm as usual, didn’t feel like doing the wheelchair basketball thingy - practiced endlessly w/ bonks on the guitar
  • went straight to library for socials… did some work LOL. had a sub & then in the middle someone pulled the fire alarm @: so goddamn cold outside omfg. srsly shivering.. shoulda worn more omgaah. the floor was all gross & slushy too @: 
  • huddled w/ bonks tasha & boonaa like penguins LOOLL + sang a little bit like we always do during fire drills
  • headed inside.. had like 20 minutes left to do stuff. got kinda side tracked… sigh boring boring
  • block overr & went to math :( hate math………. actually payed attention today though LOOLL & fldafjdlarjfs someone pulled the fire alarm AGAIN during math
  • holy crap it was still so cold outside… ughalfdjsl so angry @: bonks grabbed her jacket and lent it to me though. sigh i swear dt loses so much money through these fire drills…… wasnt as bad this time tho
  • went back to class w/ 30 min left and just went over stuff.. gaah text next class + socials too :( 
  • SCHOOOL OVERRRRRRRRRRRR, stayed afterschool for a bit w/ bonks in tims room. was in the middle .. or beginning of watching a movie & then mom came to pick me upp
  • went home.. didn’t feel like working so ate some mush mom made while watching tv 8) caught up on jersey shore then watched the voiceee! ate dinner too LOL… && then the finale for suite life on deck was on. fjslafjeiare so sad started tearing up :( boo
  • got to work at like 8…… did the character web thingy.. so annoying @: kept me busy for a while though
  • finished that at like 10 & finished up todays science hwk so i’ll have time to study tmr…….. waaah :( dont wanna study. 
  • stayed up talking to boona + dezzyyyyyyy & now imma take a shower & sleep! goodnightt
Wednesday - Feb 29

I got my report card today and I went down a lot. :[ I got a C for Chinese. :[ I never even got a B and now I got a C. I was kind of expecting that though. I don’t want to try anymore but I have to because I don’t want a D. Mummy was like I might as well have taken another language since they expected taking Chinese would help my GPA not make it worse. OH WELL. Doesn’t really matter anymore. 

I know I always say I like pugs but if I were to get a dog, I’d want a Siberian Husky! When we were watching Eight Below I was wondering why the dogs’ eyes look different. The Siberian Husky is the one with the cool eyes! It’s kind of scary but its still cuuuuute. :D 

The other ones I think were the Greenland Dog that looks like a wolf. 

I don’t care which actually I want all!!!! Then I would have a sled pulling husky team wooot! I'ma get a wagon and make them pull me!! For fun, not dog labor. >.<

I still like pugs, I just don’t want to raise one. They get too heavy and big and lazy. And the drool. They also have a lot of health problems. But they’re fun to look at. :D


I can’t study for precal I’m too sleepy. @_@ I have other shit to do too but I don’t think I’m gonna do that tonight. Can’t …study…too…sleepy. 

starting a 365 challenge today....

so, i’m gonna be lame & take a photo everyday.

what i failed to realize when i accepted this challenge is that today is a leap day, so next year when i end the challenge i will be thoroughly thrown. lol

so the goal is…?

well i dunno….but i’m guessing as the days progress & i take these daily photos, i can truly value the things i either appreciate, traumatize me, inflict some ounce of passion in this fruitful life i am proud to call mine, or even preserve fond memories to come as i journey on through the year.

as time progresses, i’m sure reasons to continue will sprout.

bear with me….i think this just got interesting.

so enough digging up old digital stills & posting, on to creating new digital pastels that will hopefully shape my outlook & preserve my existence as a being in this lifetime.

chillingly corny, not making sense & deep, huh? :)