little things in the finale:

- sweet pea punching fangs and accidentally hurting him
- reggie punching his fist when josie sang the national anthem
- fred just pumping out those pancakes
- vegas getting a snack
- archie smiling to himself while the core four were all smiling at each other
- varchie and their little hand hold waiting for the winner of student council
- all of the choni scenes (god they’re cute)
- bughead just sleeping in the hospital bed like its their own damn house


top 10 jane villanueva relationships (as voted by my followers):

9. Jane, Rafael and Mateo

“So, instead of reading you a story, tonight, Daddy and I want to tell you a very special story about how our family came to be. It’s an unusual story, because, usually, parents meet first and then fall in love and then they have a baby. But in our family, the order was different. Because you came first. And it’s because of you that Mommy and Daddy came together and love each other.”


Dean Winchester + I’m sorry (1 of 2) for @squirrelsan

2.04, 3.06, 3.16, 4.04, 4.22, 5.05, 5.07, 6.20, 9.10, 11.13, 12.03

I could just leave it there but I also want to file this under: Dean Winchester + Emotional Intelligence, because Dean understands why the other person is upset and addresses it. People who are emotionally unintelligent generally ignore that part. The second is Dean Winchester + Misconceptions because I’ve heard it said more than once that Dean has difficulty apologizing. It’s prevalent in fanfiction too. And you know what’s really baffling about that? Dean offers up apologies more than anyone else. Often when he doesn’t actually need to apologize (or he’s not the only one in the wrong). Some of the above apply too, but here’s a few more: 

1.18, 2.22, 5.04, 7.14, 11.13