2.18: boom!

My Brother's Girlfriend
  • Leo: So, when am I going to meet this 'awesome' girlfriend of yours?
  • Alyn: [blushes] Never if I can help it.
  • Leo: Alyn! That's rude. I want to meet her. I have so many stories to tell her about you.
  • Alyn: And that's why you're not going to meet her. I know you're just going to embarrass me.
  • Leo: Nah, you don't need me for that. You embarrass yourself without me just as easily, Alyn.

“ It’s an amazing thing and I never want that feeling to wear off. I want to feel like I’m in this magical place the whole time I’m here. Which is hopefully for a long time ”

“ I’m somebody who has always felt that I can save myself, from any type of situation. And so I’m going to continue to show that and show that it doesn’t matter where you came from or what type of person you are, you have a place too and you can take care of yourself ”

Odio a veces la necesidad de agradarle a las personas, ¿por qué será? ¿por qué no se van a la chucha?; Como si no fuera molestia convivir conmigo mismo todos los días, soportar mi mal humor, mis inseguridades y problemas, quieren que uno trate de darles en el gusto siempre, ojalá en alguna pequeña parte de su cabeza un ratóncito les coma la empatía a mordiscos para que dejen de aparentar que quieren ser lo que no son

gg revival au where rory and paris accidentally hook up in the midst of their panicked life crises in “spring”, and they vow to pretend it never happened, but then it just keeps kind of happening again, and it’s possible rory tries to have a one night stand with a wookiee to take her mind off of it but can’t go through with it because apparently, she’s so far gone on her high school nemesis turned bestie that she can’t even have a fling that flies in the face of journalistic ethics! that’s how scrambled her brains are over paris geller!

and then at the end, when lorelai and rory are sitting in the gazebo and lorelai says that thing about how rory will find someone amazing someday, the final four words go:



“it’s paris.”

stillnotfree  asked:

Adam hadn’t meant to enter into the wrong bathing room - or rather, hers? He certainly hadn’t realized his servants had brought his soon-to-be bride into his wing so soon. Upon their arranged marriage, Adam had informed his household to move her things into the wing after their marriage. Wanting to avoid any sort of scandal or gossip, he would have their marriage look as legitimate as possible, but without pressing any boundaries that neither of them were ready to cross. 

His cheeks flushed as he quickly tried to find the right words; his hand brushing through his dark locks. Adam’s blue eyes darted to the floor as he stumbled. 

“I-I… I’m sorry. Forgive me. I didn’t… realize…” But it was far too late to pretend he hadn’t seen her naked flesh. She sat in the hot bath water; her soft skin already a hue of pink from the warmth. Adam’s gaze had brushed along the curve of her breast - only half hidden from the soapy water. He imagined himself cupping her breast, flicking his tongue against the peak… God’s teeth. 

He needed to leave. 

“Pardon, mon cher.” Bowing, Adam pushed himself back through the doorway, and closed the door behind him, ignoring the discomforting bulge in his trousers. 



Me pesa la existencia, las decisiones que tomo apurao’, me pesan los miedos, a que todos avancen más que yo, ser tan despistao’, me pesa el alma de tanto fingir que me gusta estar aquí, me pesa la rabia, me pesa el cuerpo, los ojos me pesan, me pesa esperar, cada día me pesan más cosas, cada día me pesa más la mente, la consciencia, las penas y los conflictos internos, me pesa todo y apesar del peso de las cosas, de la caida constante de mi ser con los pesares, te peso mucho, y en el fondo no me pesas, como deberia pesarme.

Mei 1v1 Sombra


“Estar piti” de vez en cuando, “como perro envenenao” las veces que ando “bajoneao”, andar “como chala arriba del techo” los días malos y usualmente estar “waila” después de los puchos que no me fumé por “andar con la pera”.