So, my latest assignment for art I had to hand in was a submission for this contest depicting some sort of border, which could be represented literally, physically, and or in an abstract way…and I didn’t put as much time into it as I initially planned because I kept putting it off. In the end, I ended up “abstracting” the piece by focusing in on geometric shapes instead of taking a realistic approach.

Anyways, basically, my concept is supposed to portray borders between people in  our mundane life. I am fascinated that there seems to be a strange barrier between almost everyone in the modern world. I think it’s sad that initiating any sort of interaction or conversation with those people you see on the same train, bus, street, etc is considered unconventional and odd in today’s society. In order to portray this idea, I created an every day street scene in nyc, in which each figure is depicted in its own personal bubble.



My mom dropped me off at school today. Geri gave me a big turtle. HAHA! Yeeah. I had to carry that shit all day.. I lub it doe. (: We ended up not having our test for Geo <333 Hehe English was boring. We had a fire drill. Third was interesting with the horny melon.. Heading to fourth, I see Cindy as always and she walked in saying “BIG BOOTY BITCHES!” and put the tiara thingers she bought for me on my head. Omg hahaha it was funny. Went to fourth. No test anymore either (: Went to Mr. Green’s class to get the FBLA stuff. Omg.. Chris and freakin’ Layca kept asking questions.fadisjk finally got to the table and everybody was waiting. Victoria gave me the poster and Sally gave me a present. (: They sang happy birthday to me. Davis and Casey sturring.. The rest of the day was whatever. After school was different today. Went to the new gym and Joanna asked Jonathan to Sadie’s. Kinda failed but whatevers. Hung out there for a while and took some pictures. Everybody left and I waited with Jacky for my sister to pick up my stuff. Jennifer and Selena took por eber.. Went to Sierra Vista for a bit, then Banh Mi and Geri’s. We hung out there and watched Hotel 626 videos and talked. Got ready and headed there. OMGOMGOMG. Seeing the guys all dressed up <3333333333 D33r l0rd. Made my day that they dressed up more than I asked. Took lots of pictures. Everybody passed by and stared at us. Omg everybody was freakin’ crying. asdfghjkl; stressing.. Saw people we knew too. Had dinner which made things better. They made me a video and I read Kirk’s and Brian’s letter. Made things waaay better. Mid way through the dinner we decided to play the phone game because we were doing good already so yeah. Chris and Brian lost.. Omg Brian’s gift.. They are all ballin’ I swear. Pretty fun day though (:

Last Saturday, we visited Jerome at St. Clare’s Medical Center in Makati. They removed his index finger. It was because of the accident the day last Friday. He was doing the laundry and.. I don’t really get the story, but I know it’s because of the dryer.

We went to his house at around 2 pm ‘cause we’re gonna go to the hospital with his mom. His mom told the story(though I still didn’t get it clearly) and was on the verge of crying. I don’t know why but seeing his mother like that felt different and I almost cried too. She just asked us one favor: Give Jerome our full support. So, we arrived at the hospital at around 4 45 pm. It was really nice to see him happy 'cause I know he’s been going through a lot.

We stayed there until 5:30 then we decided to leave. The LRT madness was really.. stressful but it was worth it. I arrived home at 7 pm. It was really a tiring day.