2.17 welcome to storybrooke

A Grand Unified Crazy Theory for 6.17 Awake.

So this theory kind of evolves from me, to @thatravenclawbitch, to @faithandfearcollide and I think it’s best if we each add our parts in turn.  So this is my part and Raven can post hers after….

The Steveston filming for 6.17 has been labeled a flashback by a number of sources.  This makes sense because it involves a call back scene to 2.17 Welcome to Storybrooke where Regina runs into Snow after passing Marco, Archie, Red, and Granny.

  • The scene shot on 2/1/17 in Steveston was Snow buying a bunch of flowers from Moe French, passing Archie and Granny, and then running into Regina and the collision ruins her bunch of flowers.
  • Also shot that day was a scene where David appears to … just appear in the middle of the street and he’s almost hit by two cars before wandering off slightly confused in a hurry.

Now there are a few odd things about this if it was a curse flashback.  Regina is dressed in season 3 clothing and her hair is styled like season 6 not season one.  When they did a cut season 1 flashback scene earlier this year they actually put a whig on Lana so her hair was longer than it is now.  But more importantly Snow isn’t dressed like curse Mary Margaret.  She’s more dressed like season 6 Snow.

I think what we’re dealing with is not a flashback but rather a dream world built around some of the same rules as the dream world that Belle, Rumple, and Gideon were in during 6.01 The Savior.  Belle was trapped in a warped dark memory of her time in the Dark Castle based on her regrets.  It would make sense that Snow’s version of this would be the curse with a Regina she was afraid of still.  My theory is that David in an attempt to break the Snowing curse enters Snow’s dreams and that’s why he appears in traffic.

It also fits the writer’s sense of humor to title an episode about a dream world “Awake”.

And from here I’ll let @thatravenclawbitch pick up for me….