2.17 heart

Clara watches Supernatural

So I just realized that in 2x14, Born under a Bad Sign, Sam hands Dean a gun saying “I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I don’t want to hurt you.” and in 2x17, Heart, Madison says the literally EXACT SAME THING and I guess that’s why Sam shoots her because he knows precisely how she feels and that there’s no way for her to not hurt anyone else again and urgh my heart.

As you can probably tell I just watched Supernatural S2 E17, appropriately named ‘heart’ as it broke mine. Such a devastating episode and since I already know about the ‘Sam Winchester sex rule’ I really hoped that she was an exception, that maybe people had overlooked her but alas no. It really hurt to watch that episode. I was cheered up a little by episode 18 ‘Hollywood Babylon’ as it is quite a funny one and did make me laugh

2.17 Heart

  • Why would you do that in front of a stranger?
  • I like that she doesn’t look like all the other girls
  • Wait. is it. is it the girl?
  • It’s the neighbor guy
  • Really!? You can’t just make Sam have sex with someone and then take them away!
  • See Sam. Now you know how Dean feels, the position you put him in.
  • Really? Does Madison die? I liked her.
  • Aw, sad.