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well, for one thing, i got mugged. i know, it sounds strange. and don’t get me wrong, it rattled me. but – then it hit me. i could keep feeling sorry for myself, or i could take control of my life. i chose the latter. first thing i did was tell kurt he had to go. everything else just opened up, blossomed. it’s all been wonderful, really. what? doesn’t everybody think that being a victim of random violence is the best thing that ever happened to them?

marril96  asked:

Hello! Do you perhaps know in which episodes Sam's face was bloody or bruised? It's for an aesthetic. :)

Wow, be prepared because this is going to be a long list. I’ve included only the episodes where you could physically see the injuries on his face or neck.

*This is by no means a complete list of hurt!sam episodes because let’s face it, if we included all the emotional trauma and illness, it would be almost every episode.

Bloody Mary 1.05 - bleeding eyes from monster

Hook Man 1.07 - bruises on his face from another monster

Asylum 1.10 - bloody nose from ghost possession

Shadow 1.16 - mangled face due to daeva

Devil’s Trap 1.22 - cut and bruised face from fight with demon

In My Time Of Dying 2.01 - more cuts and bruises thanks to the car accident

Heart 2.17 - slashed face from werewolf-girlfriend

Fresh Blood 3.07 - beaten face and bloody nose from Gordon

I Know What You Did Last Summer 4.9 - darkness under eyes from grief and alcohol abuse

Sex and Violence 4.14 - cut neck from Dean

When The Levee Breaks 4.21 - sweaty and sick face from detox

My Bloody Valentine 5.14 - nose bleed from pulling demons out of Famine

You Can’t Handle The Truth 6.06 - hit by Dean in the face

Family Matters 6.07 - cut and bruised face from fight with Dean in previous episode

Adventures in Babysitting 7.11 - attacked and bit on the neck by vetala

The Born-Again Identity 7.17 - darkness under eyes and bruised face from lack of sleep/broken wall/demon-administered electroshock

Southern Comfort 8.06 - nose bleed from a fight with Dean

Taxi Driver/Pac-Man Fever/The Great Escapist/Clip Show/Sacrifice 8.19-23 - trials sickness shows all over his face plus bruises and cuts from his fight with Abaddon in Sacrifice

Dog Dean Afternoon 9.05 - throat slashed

Road Trip 9.10 - bloody and probed in the head by Crowley

First Born 9.11 - nose bleed during Gadreel grace extraction

Reichenbach 10.02 - beaten and tortured by Cole

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire/Form and Void 11.01-02 - scratched and infected face and neck

Baby 11.04 - beaten up by werepires

Red Meat 11.17 - bruised face due to werewolf fight and strangulation

Keep Calm and Carry On/Mamma Mia 12.01-12.02 - major whump with cuts and bruises from BMoL torture

Phew, that’s a lot of injured Sam. Hope that helps you!