2.17 heart

Clara watches Supernatural

So I just realized that in 2x14, Born under a Bad Sign, Sam hands Dean a gun saying “I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I don’t want to hurt you.” and in 2x17, Heart, Madison says the literally EXACT SAME THING and I guess that’s why Sam shoots her because he knows precisely how she feels and that there’s no way for her to not hurt anyone else again and urgh my heart.

Supernatural Rewatch: 2.17 Heart

Oh, the first of Sam’s bedpartners where it becomes immediately obvious why sleeping with him is a bad plan!

San Francisco? Really?

Oh look, it’s Bucky. No idea why he’s stalking some PA in California, but… yeah.

Ok, it’s not actually Bucky, I just happen to have MCU on the brain right now.

And we have the boys being nerds:

SAM: Dean, could you be a bigger geek about this?

DEAN: I’m sorry, man, but what about “a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by moonlight” don’t you understand? I mean, werewolves are badass. We haven’t seen one since we were kids.

The Disneyland line makes more sense with knowing this is in SF…Not a whole lot more, but a bit.

Kurt sounds like a borderline abuser. Seems like there might be a bit more there than just stalking?

MADISON: Well, this is embarrassing, but my ex-boyfriend, Kurt—

DEAN: Kurt have a last name?

MADISON: Mueller. After we broke up, he went kind of nuts. He’s… well, he’s kind of been stalking me. He got it in his head that something was going on between Nate and I. He showed up at my office.

SAM: What happened?

MADISON: Kurt got into it with Nate, threw a punch before security grabbed him. I was lucky to keep my job.

DEAN: When was the last time you saw Kurt?

MADISON: A few nights ago. Actually, the night Nate died. We were all grabbing drinks at this bar, and Kurt showed up.

DEAN: And?

MADISON: Nothing. It was … like he was watching me. Then he was gone. To tell you the truth… he scares me.

I love it when the boys act like brothers:

So Sam gets to hang out with the cute girl and fall in love with a soap.

… so Sam’s show is Days of Our Lives (I think?) and Dean’s is General Hospital. This is actually kinda awesome. I can head canon this so hard. Because of course they have their soaps- it’s one of the few things that is consistent about network tv.

Don’t sleep with Sam, don’t drink with Dean. This is a really really common lesson to learn.

Also, I need to create a gif for that.

How many of the random murders that happen are hunters?

DEAN: It was sort of sad, actually. Glen had no clue what was going on. Hey, why do you think he turned Madison instead of just killing her in the first place?

SAM: I don’t know. I mean, he kind of seemed to have a thing for her.

DEAN: Maybe his primal instinct did, too. Maybe he was looking for a little, uh, hot breeding action.

Dean, don’t be gross.

… if Madison hadn’t eaten that heart… do we think the cure would have worked?… or was it Sam’s demon blood? (if it was the latter, he and I need to have words about safer sex practices)

Good Job sound mixing team