2.16: war


An odd but more than likely homemade AK of some sort. It has the PSL style stock along with the proper angled cuts at the rear fo the receiver but no bulged trunnion. Handguard is an attempt to mix both the PSL and SVD versions into one. Barrel profile is extremely thin but shows no signs of a bayonet lug, although a cleaning rod is present. The muzzle device looks like a birdcage style with a slight conical end. You never know what you’ll see on a battlefield. (GRH)

I’ve heard a fan theory that War is actually Eve since we saw Aziraphale give her the sword at the beginning, and then later he picks up War’s sword and talks about it like it’s the same one. Did Eve like…gradually morph into War? Or did something else happen? And does that mean the other horsepersons could also be humans that have been given supernatural weaponry by other angels?

Model 1924 Stielhandgranate

One of the most iconic and easily recognizable hand grenades in history, the Model 1924 is a German design used mostly during WWII. It was a simplified version of its predecessor, the Model 1916 & 1917. The main advantages of a stick handle over a traditional ball grenade is that the average soldier could throw the stick much farther. The stick also eliminated the variable of the grenade rolling away from a target due to terrain. (GRH)