2.16: war

“A United States soldier advances cautiously at left with a sub-machine gun to cover any attempt of the German tank crew from escaping their fiery prison inside their tank following a duel with U.S. and British anti-tank units in Medjez al Bab area, Tunisia, on January 12, 1943.”


“This aerial photograph made on day five of the invasion shows the immense power needed to break the back of Japanese Resistance on Iwo Jima, on March 17, 1945. Just off the beach, landing craft await their chance at the unloading area while small boats from the transports ply back and forth bring assault troops and returning wounded for treatment. Further out, the transports themselves faintly along the horizon, the protective screen of destroyers, destroyer escorts and cruisers can be seen. On the island, Marine tanks can be spotted moving through the rough terrain toward the first airfield at left.”


Empress Matilda.

This is the first in a series of images of the queens who ruled England. I have focused on those who officially ruled in their own right, but I thought that Matilda deserved to be here. She was the first woman in England to be named as the heir to the throne, but her cousin Stephen attempted to take it from her, resulting in ten years of civil war. Eventually Matilda withdrew from the fight when her brother died and was never crowned. However, the throne was secured for her son Henry.

She was way ahead of her times in her desire to rule, as a woman would not be crowned queen in her own right for another four hundred years.