2.15 booked solid

POI 2.15 Booked Solid Mini-Reaction Post

Alright, now that I’ve finally finished watching (after having studied my brains out for invertebrate zoology - don’t ask…)!!

Finch is totally a hotel concierge somewhere in some alternate reality. He was enjoying himself WAY too much.

Reese in uniform. Ovaries = … what ovaries? (I swear they were here a second ago…)

REESE vs. HERSCH: Reese 1, Hersch 0, but holy fuck-balls was that fun to watch!

Carter being awesome taking down Mira’s assassin? YEAH BABY! Although Carter and Beecher? Ugh, I can’t deal with this shit. Carter, baby, if you’re hankerin’ for some man-flesh, PLEASE find one who’s 100% baggage-free. I know you and Reese have this whole mutual respect/appreciation thing going on, but the only way you guys would ever get together is if Reese throws in his cape and cowl suit and we all know that would result in the immediate implosion of his SOUL. … and most likely Finch’s as well…

AND FUSCO. Who’s obviously been wise enough to at least briefly study the technique of the rare and secretive creature that is John Reese during his bitch-and-moan-and-snark-fests. Someone took a level in spysassin and is looking FABULOUS!

AND OMFG ROOT. You sneaky sneaky … whatever you are…

Though, did anyone catch Finch’s expression as Zoe met him and Reese in the bar at the end? Seemed like he was even more pleased to see her than Reese! (Though Reese’s expression may just have been stuck on the ‘spysassin’ setting again…)

You guys thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?

…. Reese/Finch/Zoe. Yiissssss! Guys… guys? ^_^

I gotta say, though I’m a hardcore Rincher, Reese/Zoe as fuckbuddies/friends with benefits? Totally head-cannon approved.

And with that, I’m hitting the hay so that I don’t look like a COMPLETE zombie when I bomb my invertebrate zoology midterm tomorrow… -_-

Sweet dreams Irrelevants!