No Time to Be Afraid

Got no time to be afraid, says the balancing waitress,
bacon and eggs and four plates. We’re eating breakfast
at the diner, you are talking and I begin this poem. You
are sicker. More tests, say the doctors. Nothing to hold
between me and your death but some words. As long as I
carry words around and write them down, you won’t die.

As long as I write and write, the words will still
fall over us like a snow shower in May, the day we sat
in the car at Schiller Park, and watched the wind blow
snowflakes like dandelion fluff onto new green grass.

Minnie Bruce Pratt © 2012
Photo by: Leslie Feinberg

Poem originally published: Glitter Tongue 2.14.12 


I love Valentine’s Day every year whether I’m single or taken because it’s the very one day a year that absolutely everyone is given love around you and you get to freely give love back without even thinking twice about it. Even if you’re a pessimist about this holliday there is always a parent, a family member, a best friend, a boyfriend, even a pet, etc. that loves you and you can give lovens too. I love it. I love love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovelies(: 


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