2.08 balance

Episode 2.08

Last night’s episode. So many feelings. I’ll try and cover it and fail. Of course.

1. Gannicus. UGH, when he was talking to Spartacus about ending the rebellion and the countless lives lost, the women with eyes wide with hope and life and speaking of freedom, I died. Marcia NOOOO!! I wish you hadn’t died. I can’t with these feelings. BIGGEST twist of the night for me was when he brought Ilythia to Spartacus to KILL her. I had no idea that was his intention. And his scene with Oenomaus, MY HEART IT BLEEDS. I want the bromance back so badly.

2. I’m starting to love Mira and when Spartacus was all you don’t know my heart, her FACE. OH MAN. Poor bby

3. Ilythia, every scene she was in. DONE. Perfect in everyway. But when she revealed the “truth” and tried to get her hand in Spartacus’s I wanted to choke her. And her eyes TOTALLY lit up when he said Sura and I dreamed of the family we would have. She saw her out. I don’t know if I beleive her!

4. Lucretia. Ashur seriously stop raping her. I already fucking hate you, but you’re making me want to kill you a thousand times over. YET, I get the significance of that scene because without it she wouldn’t have found Seppius’s bracelet, the same one Seppia wears as his twin. YOU KNEW THE SECOND Lucretia saw that shit she was going to Seppia. And I cheered her on like you wouldn’t believe.

5. My favorite thing about his show, how one episode you can love and root for one person, then the next you hate them! Case in point, Glaber. When Ilythia turned on him I wanted to love him forevers. NOW, I HATE HIM! And I’m so glad Seppia knows he killed her brother.

6. NAGRON!!! Those boys can get it. SO EFFING hot. The lip biting, the hand, the groan … . EEEPP!

7. I thought Agron was gonna die. After that scene with Nasir and then the “trojan horse” cart. I just, gut dropped. 

8. Lucius! Such an honorable death. I’m sad to see him go though.

9. Naevia. Get it girl. I’m SO glad you’re recovering and growing. And I love you and Crixus forever.

10. WTF is going to become of Ilythia?! I’m proud of Sparty. SO proud, but what’s gonna happen to her.

11. Nick Tarabay AS Ashur. This guy is amazing. The depths to his acting and that character astound me. AS MUCH as I hate him, that scene where Lucretia slaps him and he’s like I’m not your slave anymore. His eyes, tearing up, his face, his anger, his EVERYTHING. YOU FELT it. There was a part of me that bled for Ashur right in that moment, to understand him even just a small bit. GAH!

12. ALL THE ACTING!! HOLY FUCK THE ACTING IN THIS SHOW. Liam killed it as Spartacus, I’m so warmed up to him. Katrina, killed it. Viva, KILLED IT. Lucy, KILLED it. Peter, KILLED it. Dan and Pana and DUSTIN!!!! UGH, I just can’t with how awesome the acting is on this show!

I can’t. I can’t.

This show OWNS me. ALWAYS HAS, ALWAYS WILL. And two more episodes. I die!