2.06 the old gods and the new


bran stark meme 🏶 : [1/7 episodes]

the old gods and the new (2.06) ↠  "i never yielded. you can’t make me say i did.“

Book 2 vs. Season 2: Jon Snow’s Epic Fail

For all I try to be fair to the show, and for all I try to see where the showrunners have elected to tell a different story to the books and try to judge such on its own merits as well as an adaptation, sometimes there are plotlines the show straight up ruins. Jon Snow’s season two plot is definitely in this category, as the showrunners have misunderstood (or dismissed as boring) the two dramatic set pieces of the plot, the morals of the story, Jon Snow’s character, and the institution of the Night’s Watch. It its place we see nothing but entitlement and incompetence from show!Jon compounded by a lack of care and concern for others, plus some problematic romantic development with Ygritte.

Strap in. I have a lot to say about this one.

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