2. ss panzer division das reich


Emblems of Waffen SS  Divisions 1

1 División Panzer SS “Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

2 División Panzer SS "Das Reich”

3 División Panzer SS “Totenkopf”

4 División SS “Polizei”

5 Division Panzer SS “Wiking”

6 SS Mountain Division “Nord”

7 SS Mountain Division “Prinz Eugen”

8 Kavallerie Division “Florian Geyer “

9 División Panzer SS “Hohenstaufen” 

Cpl. James Gordon and Pvt. L.C. Rainwater of the US 2nd Armored Div., inspect a Panzer V ‘Panther’ of 2.SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” deserted near the village of Grandménil in Belgium.
Sometime after the of Battle 25 - 27 December 1944.
When the 2.SS Pz Div., pulled back form Grandménil on 26 December 1944, seven Panther tanks were left behind for various reasons. One of them still remains as a memorial of the bloody winter day in late 1944 when this village with barely three hundred inhabitants became a focal point in the great Ardennes Battle.

Tiger s.Pz.Kp./SS-Pz.Rgt.2 of the SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division “Das Reich” go up to the front end 1943, near the town of Berdichev in Zihtomir sector (Ukraine ). They are then attached to the Kampfgruppe Lammerding.

A column of PzKpfW IV Ausf.G and Tigers of the 2. SS-Panzer-Division ‘Das Reich’ marching through a snowy forest, near the city of Kirovohrad, 250 km southeast of Kiev, to combat the forces of the 1st Ukrainian Front. Ukraine. 1 December 1943.