2. a person or thing that appears frightening but is not actually harmful

Writing Antagonists: (Aka, Your Villains and Bad Guys)

The antagonist is often either one of the most fun things to write, or the most dreaded. But either way, they are a key element of the story, and that cannot be ignored. So, let’s talk about how to make a really great antagonist.

You may have in the past met a writer or teacher or whomever who insists on using the words “protagonist and antagonist” over words like “hero and villain.” Personally, I am not so stingy about it, I feel that I know what you mean anyway so it doesn’t really matter- what there is a legitimate reason as to why you should at least try to think of your villain as your antagonist instead.

And that reason is connotation. Well, denotation too, really- villain and antagonist aren’t completely the same thing, but I’m bringing it down to connotation. 

Simply said, when you think of the word “villain”, you’ll think something like “that’s the bad guy in the story.” And when you think of the “antagonist”, you probably think “that’s a fancy word for villain, aka the bad guy in the story.”

But antagonist isn’t just a fancy word. It’s a fancy concept. It means “the guy that opposes the good guy.” That can be on any argument or view. When writing your antagonist is to remember that nothing is black/white, good/bad thinking, and that includes your antagonist.

Let’s map out the steps to making a complex villain- aka, an antagonist.

First, remember that your antagonist (usually) is a person, just like your protagonist. It might help to develop them outside of their intentions first, and put a person to the upcoming reputation.


Chances are, your antagonist didn’t just rise up out of the ground ready to kill. They came from somewhere. Your readers don’t even have to know everything about your antag’s backstory, but you do, if you want to really understand them. It often holds the key reason as to why your antagonist is where they are. The drive behind anger, revenge, change, or pleasing someone else can come from the events in their background.

Why do they hold the beliefs they hold? Were they raised that way? Were they taught by some mentor figure? Were they cover from a reality they couldn’t bear? Are they trying to please someone, or get revenge on someone who displeased them? The answer should be in their background.


Remember, every villain is a hero in their own mind. They believe that what they are doing is necessary, even if they recognize that it is unpleasant. What are they fighting for? Why does it matter to them so much, that they are willing to overlook all the harm they do?

“The Greater Good”: This is one of the more common and understandable villain motives. They believe that what they are doing now is paving the way to a better future. But keep in mind that what your antag views as a “better future” may be very, very different than the average opinion. Maybe a “better future” for them is a genocidal purge or the world ending in flames. Who knows.

That’s not the only type of motive. Be creative. Work with the information you established in your character’s background to find the most reasonable motive.

Tipping Point:

This is going to be related to your background and motive in an interesting way. Think of your antagonist as a character who has already completed their Character Arc and reached a negative end. Look at the points of change on the character arc- the ones that push your character farther down their path. What are those events? Those are the tipping points that prompted your character towards becoming they way they are now- those key moments where your character had a choice, and they chose to become bitter, hateful, vengeful, cold, or other negative things.

These could be the deaths of loved ones, the promptings of a mentor, or a moment of injustice that made them realize that the world isn’t always kind.


This is the part where you develop them outside of their intentions. How do they behave? 

It’s tempting to just say that your villain is a villain because they torture and kill people. But those are not the only things that make a villain a scary or serious threat. Some characters might jump to violence easier than others. Some might be more into psychological torment. Some might actually seem really charming or persuasive, which is frightening in it’s own way- they might actually be tricky enough to confuse you into making bad decisions on your own. Think about your character’s background again. What makes the most sense for them as a person?


This is how your antagonist comes across to others. Keep in mind that your reader and your other characters don’t know your antagonist like you do. How does this person present to the world? 

-Are they open to discussion/negotiation?

-Are they open about their intentions?

-How quick are they to violence?

-What are their methods of war?

-When you meet them, are they charismatic, quiet, charming, vulgar? Do they have a sense of humor, or are they stoic?

-Do they seem to enjoy what they are doing, or do they express regrets even as they do it?

Moral Complexity:

What are they willing to do to achieve their goals? Do they have weaknesses in their personal lives?

1. Do they have noble ends behind their controversial means?

2. Is there a line even they won’t cross?

3. Do they have someone/something that they care about?

4. Do they prefer to do the killing/torturing etc themselves or do they just give the order?

Remember that if your antagonist does have any of these moral weaknesses, they are not going to want to show it. One has to keep up intimidating appearances, after all. 

Speaking of appearances…


This part is here to tell you what not to do. There are certain appearances that are getting really old with villains.

1. Dressing in all black. Why do they even do that? It’s time to stop associating black with “bad” and white with “good”. It just isn’t like that, so stop making villains all dark and stuff.

2. Scars. I think scars are pretty cool, don’t get me wrong. But if there is no relevant reason for it to be there, don’t talk about it all the time. That goes for all characters, not just villains. Like the color black, scars are not just a villain thing. Everyone has them. Don’t associate them with “bad.”

3. Sexy. I get the idea that making a villain attractive makes them harder to hate, but that can be kind of a cop out of actual complexity. Again, if there is no legitimate reason to make your villain sexy, then don’t. It’s not necessary.

4. Ugly. I hesitate to call any traits inherently ugly, but if you’re striving to make your character unpleasant looking just because they’re bad, then once again, you are associating feature=evil, which is not creative at best and seriously socially harmful at worst. 

Basically, your villains should be just as diverse as anyone else. You don’t need stereotypes to make them scary. Sometimes it’s scarier than anything else to just have an average person. It sort of adds to the idea that anyone could be a villain. And that’s pretty frightening.

Key Point:

- Complicate your villains. They’re not just Evil McEvilpants. 

That’s it for now, but like anything else in writing, antagonists have a lot of possibility and exceptions. But that was your basic rundown on the things to consider when making a complicated antagonist. 


TEW Dating Headcanons

Dating Sebastian would involve:

  • Falling asleep alone but waking up with him. He doesn’t like staying out late for work, but definitely makes up for it with warm cuddles
  • This man cannot cook but will try his very best to impress you with plenty of home cooked meals and other little labors of love
  • Sometimes when he’s drunk he really can’t keep all the horrible things he’s seen, and all his fears from spilling out. He’s always afraid you’ll leave because of he’s such a unreliable wreck. Just hold him tight. He’s a sensitive guy and needs love and support.
  • Big on PDA, no mater the time or the place if he gets the urge to kiss and cling to you it’s going to happen
  • Acts really confident and serious during lewd acts but will fall apart if you give him attention
  • Seb’s a detective. He almost always a pair of handcuffs on hand. No need to say anything else.

Dating Joseph would involve:

  • He is such a dork and will try to be really formal and polite the first few months you are dating. A bit old fashioned and always a gentleman.
  • Working at the KPD is overwhelming but with your support he feels like he can do anything
  • So passionate it’s rather infectious. Seeing him get excited about a movie/book/whatever seems to rub off on you even if you have zero knowledge/investment in what he’s obsessing over
  • Loves receiving PDA. Hoh boy its wild how reactive he is to every little touch. He’s a bit loud though, so maybe save it for home and not at the station.
  • He’s so soft spoken and gentle but he is fucking strong. It’s almost frightening when you see him work with an axe to cut wood. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.
  • Soft cinnamon roll in the streets, total freak in the sheets

Dating Ruvik would involve:

  • First and foremost is his work. If you really are serious about being with him, be ready to lend a helping hand in the lab
  • PDA is a no go at first. He’s not too self conscious about his burns but still doesn’t like being touched or exposed for prolonged periods of time. gradually he’ll come to enjoy holding hands and hugs, but it’ll take some trust.
  • Ruvik is petty as fuck and will hold grudges. Expect small acts of revenge (nothing lethal or really harmful) in the strangest of places.
  • His version of ‘talking dirty’ is using very detached and scientific observations to describe the situation he has you in and what he plans to do you. Don’t expect your actual name to be used. You are just another test subject after all.
  • While he doesn’t seem to care and appears cold at times, he is trying so hard to be a better man. While they are few and far between, he will make grand gestures to try and show how he really feels.

Dating Laura would involve:

  • Sneeking out in the middle of the night to see her at the Victoriano mansion
  • She is so soft and beautiful but she is such a fighter. She has a strong spirit and will do anything to protect what she believes in and you are constantly amazed by her sheer resolve
  • She will always blush really hard if you compliment her, without fail. She says she doesn’t like all the flattery but really she holds everything you say close to her heart
  • She will sing until you fall asleep, and loves writing small songs about you
  • She isn’t super confident with PDA, so you’ll have to make the first move. With some reasurement that you love being seen with her she’ll get much more daring with handholding/kissing in public
  • The last gift you receive before the fire from her is a small locket with a picture of the both of you inside.

Dating Stefano would involve:

  • Art. 24/7. You’ll never not be hearing about his art or other artists that he admires.
  • Stefano is rather private about how his art is made and doesn’t divulge many details, but loves the fact that you constantly ask how he does it.
  • Will never ask you to model for him. Don’t take it personally. He just wants to keep you all to himself. The world doesn’t deserve to see the true face of his muse.
  • Not super into PDA but he does leave plenty of marks in the bedroom. No public displays are needed for other people to know that you’re taken.
  • Stefano might take a few pictures now and then when you don’t realize he’s watching.
  • Despite his smug and superior attitude, he does have a good heart (most of the time) and always is someone you can depend on
  • Might like having you depend on him just a little too much…

Dating Tatiana would involve:

  • Team mom will do everything in her power to make you feel safe and loved
  • Not the best at expressing affection out loud and usually comes off as sarcastic but man is she a sap for writing poetry for you
  • She tries to maintain a small ‘garden’ in her office so she can give you bouquets when pretty flowers are in season
  • Middle of the road when it comes to PDA. Either no physical contact whatsoever or she goes full force.
  • She’s a dom. Sorry I don’t get to make the rules
  • She loves spoiling you with gifts

(Bonus: Monsters)

Dating Reborn Laura would involve:

  • General disclaimer, watch out for those nails
  • You were sure the thing was going to maul you the first time you encountered it, but soon the resemblance between the creature and your deceased lover makes sense
  • It’s hard to tell if this Laura remembers you or not, but you aren’t dead yet so that’s got to count for something
  • No need to fear the other creatures of STEM when your significant other is top of the food chain

Dating Haunted Joseph would involve:

  • It’s never clear if he wants to kiss you or eat you
  • So many bite and scratch marks.
  • Despite his aggressive nature, Joseph seems to have brief moments of lucidity in which he frantically apologizes for what he’s done to you.
  • Possessive and nasty as fuck. It’s not beneath him to openly take out his aggression on other Haunted so that any and all monsters will keep away from you and him.
  • Returning his affections will calm him… temporarily

Dating The Keeper would involve:

  • B i g boy
  • Expect to be carried in his arms or over his shoulder everywhere
  • Honestly the best at hugs and cuddles
  • The tentacles that sprout from the inside of his safe are a bit frightening but they seem to help The Keeper sense his surroundings and gradually become less scary.
  • Cant really kiss but will bend down to softly press his head against yours to show affection
  • Look you will probably die if you attempt lewds. If you are so determined to bang the Keeper just take it slow for your own sake

Dating Obscura would involve:

  • Loves cuddles but she doesn’t really realize that the size difference might be a bit hard on her human
  • Touching her ‘face’ makes her purr, just avoid smudging her lens!
  • Loves bringing back gifts and random things she finds in STEM. Some of these things are more pleasant than others…
  • Stefano is protective of his sweet Obscura. Don’t piss him off.
  • Obscura especially loves ‘surprise hugs’. Try not to have a heart attack when she drops from the ceiling to engage in some PDA

anonymous asked:

What do you think is going through Jon and Danys' minds respectively when they stop and look at each other during the love scene? Jon looks overwhelmed and Dany looks very in love with him

So much, anon. There’s a lot contained in that single moment because Jon and Dany are not only experiencing the depth of their emotions together but there’s also individual awareness of what this all means. The realization that they have these feelings for another person is overwhelming because if you think about it both Jon and Dany have a degree of emotional disconnect in their lives and there are 2 specific moments in season 6 that illustrate this well. 


“If I do, if I fall - don’t bring me back”

This is post-resurrection Jon. Single-minded, determined and detached. Now we could argue that Jon has been this way long before he died. He’s always felt like an outcast, being a bastard meant he would never be accepted in his family or by society. He’s rooted in being dutiful and honorable not only as a tribute to Ned but also because that’s the only thing he really has to hold onto. Joining the Nights Watch was a way for him to feel like he belonged to something in a world that offered him nothing. There’s always a part of him that’s been disconnected. Despite that I don’t think he was ever a total fatalist about his life. Death changes things. When Melisandre brings him back, he doesn’t know why but he makes a conscious decision that whether he would meet his end on the battlefield charging at Ramsey Bolton or die fighting the Night King, he’s accepted his fate. His resurrection has only confirmed to him that he doesn’t have anything to live for and once he fulfills his duty, there’s nothing beyond that. He wants to stay dead. But then fate brings him to Dany. And though he’s fought to keep duty as his singular purpose, he falls in love and this overly gloomy existence that he’s undertaken for himself is completely shattered. Everything changed when he knocked on her cabin door and that moment when he stops to look into her eyes in the midst of surrendering to want and need is so immense and staggering. It literally takes his breath away. Suddenly it dawns on him that maybe life has something to offer after all, maybe death doesn’t have to be his only destiny, maybe he gets to live, maybe he even gets to love. ,


“Do you know what frightens me? I said farewell to a man who loves me, to a man I thought I cared for, and I felt nothing.”

The conversation Dany has with Tyrion after she leaves Daario is so important because she isn’t someone who confides her inner thoughts a lot. It’s one the few instances where we get a glimpse of her emotional state or really her lack of emotion. For most of her life Dany has perfected the art of appearing stoic and unmoved. Vulnerability isn’t something she’s comfortable with especially around men as most have shown her little more than hostility, abuse and cruelty. She displays strength because it’s the only way she’s survived the places she’s been and the many people who’ve tried to bring her harm. The armor that she’s built around herself is now second nature but the cruel irony is that it also keeps her from opening her heart to anyone. Something Dany secretly yearns for is connection and she’s deprived herself of that for longer than she realizes. If she can walk away so easily from a man she thought she shared more than a bed with, then perhaps love is not for her. Out of the many things she’s had to sacrifice, maybe being lonely and loveless is her fate. And Dany accepts this. She goes to Westeros with marriage on the cards but only one of convenience, she awaits nothing else let alone the possibility of more. With that in mind, she’s nowhere near prepared to come across Jon. A man unlike any she’s met. The last thing she expects is to fall in love and experience a depth of feeling that I think she’s never known before. That’s what I imagine is running through her mind when Jon breaks away between kisses to look into her eyes, total disbelief that this is happening, that this man is real and not only is he in love with her but that she actually reciprocates what he feels. She was wrong. She can love again and this time truer and more deeply than she thought possible.



               Farm Road is known as the second oldest road in the town of Dover, Massachusetts, and with age comes an unusual past. There is a passage in the 1914 book, “Dover Farms” by Frank Smith; a historian of that age. That states,  “in early times this road went around by the picturesque Polka Rock (on the farm of George Battelle) which was called for a man by that name, of whom it is remembered, that amid the superstition of the age he thought he saw his Satanic majesty as he was riding on horseback by this secluded spot.”

               However, that is not the only abnormal event that has occurred on Farm Road. There is a rumor that is still floating around till this day that the land around the Polka Rock was used to bury treasure. There is still evidence of digging around the surrounding area of the rock. There is no records or proof of any truth to this rumor, but it would be a little odd since Dover is a little more inland than your typical buried treasure would be found.

               But the strangest events occurred in April 1977.

Dover Demon:

               There is no better way to describe this odd and little creature but to dive right into the three sightings that brought Dover Demon, its fame.

-         April 21, 1977 (10:30 P.M.) (Age 17)

Three seventeen year old boys were driving along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. Their names were Bill Bartlett, Mike Mazzarra and Andy Brodie. While Mike and Andy were in conversation, Bill Bartlett – the driver – became alert when he saw something on the stone wall in his headlights. It was small and very much alive.

What he saw was nothing like he’s seen before.

Walking upright, unsteady like a toddler, clutching the rock wall with long fingers and toes. The small humanoid figure had a huge, bulbous head that was out of proportion for its body. Large orange glowing orb-like eyes stared back at him. The creature’s face had no nose, no mouth, or ears that were visible. It couldn’t have been more than 4 ft tall; it was naked and hairless, its skin an odd peach color.

He stopped his car shortly after and told his friends who hadn’t seen it. The boys’ convinced him to turn back around and they did but it was no longer there, and they were too frightened to get out of the car to search any further.

After getting home, Bartlett retells what he saw to his father, who told him not to mention it to anyone. He, then, drew the famous image of the Dover Demon that we see today.

-April 21, 1977 (midnight)

On the same street, John Baxter (15), was walking home from his girlfriends, Cathy Cronin, he was surprised when he came to see another person coming towards him. Assuming it was a friendly face, John called out – but no reply followed. Yet, the figure advanced towards him.

       John called out again. But nothing.

       Suddenly, the figure ran off the road and into the forest, thinking that maybe it was a disabled neighbor, John followed. They raced down to a wooded gully and up to a bank, where on the opposite side of the bank John could better see the figure that now stands 30 feet away. At first, the creature reminded him of a monkey, with feet that wrapped around the top of a rock but what threw him off was its head that was the shape of a ‘figure eight’ and the large green eyes that was on its face. He claimed he had never seen anything like it before.

       Realizing it isn’t human and that it could cause him harm, he quickly took off.

-         April 22, (nighttime)

Eighteen year old, William Taintor, was driving with Abby Brabham, 15, on Springdale Avenue, which is 2 ½ miles from Farm Rd. Abby noticed the little demon on top of a culvert over Trout Brook. The creature was on all fours facing their oncoming car. Shocked at the sight, Abby cried for Will to get them out of there.

       By then, Abby hadn’t heard the reports that Bill Bartlett and John Baxter made, but she described the creature exactly the same as the other two, but unlike Bartlett’s experience, the creatures eyes were green.

-A Year later.

About a year later from these events, Bill Bartlett was in a remote area, parked in his car with his girlfriend when he heard a thump on the back of his car. When he looked back, he said he saw a “Small figure” leaving the scene. He didn’t get a good enough look to speculate whether it was an animal or the Dover Demon.

       Shortly after the two day event the Dover demon and the town of Dover grew with fame. Out of this fame came forward a man named Mark Sennott of Sherborn and with his story of seeing the Dover demon in 1972.

       Mark Sennott exclaimed that he and his friends saw the Dover Demon first one night while they were riding along Sprindale Avenue near Channing Pond. What they claimed to see was a strange tiny creature in the headlights, it was deep in the woods and moving along the edge of the pond.

       Personally, I’m not entirely convinced in Mr. Sennott’s story since it came up after the fame. Although he did say he went to the authorities, and they did nothing – it’s the lack of description about the event and the creature that throws me off the most. I couldn’t find the names of his friends anywhere either; though that could be for their safety.

Animal or Cryptid?

       So what is it?

       Is it really a demon, an alien, or an animal?

       Most who don’t believe in the supernatural say it had to be a baby moose or a diseased fox. Bill Bartlett said he knew most of the animals in the area and that the Dover Demon looked nothing like anything he’s ever seen.

       Foxes do appear in Massachusetts but the appearance of Moose in Dover during the 1970s was at a 0 sightings,  and even so, by April, a young moose would be 200 pounds, due to the Moose mating and birthing season not matching up to the sightings.

       No one can sum it up better than cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. “To have a bipedal moose with long fingers and orange skin, and no hair and no nose would be more of a phenomenon than the Dover Demon.”

       And this is true, Bill and John, both mentioned that the creature had elongated fingers on their hands and feet, that wrapped onto the wall and rock. Very odd indeed, since no animal in the area has those sort of digits.

Alien  or F-Faerie?

       But a faerie has wings. No, no – not all of them.

       Remember that story about that Polka Rock in the beginning of this story? Well, Loren Coleman theorized that what historian Smith called, “Polka” stone might actually have been called the “Pooka” Stone – after the fairy folk of Celtic folklore.

       Pooka or Puca are many things: goblins, fairy, spirit, but they always have ears, a tail and fur of some sort which is usually a dark color. Their favorite shift is of a black horse. They also don’t show fear, are mischievous and like talking to humans when seen.

       All of these attributes are the opposite of how the Dover Demon acted and looked. I think it’s safe to take fairy out of the equation.

       So Alien?

       The Dover demon does follow the description of the commonly known “greys” of the alien world, except the skin color, the greys are grey and the demon was peach. Plus there were no UFO sightings during this time period. And the orange eyes, maybe on eyeshine – is animal like.

       But here is my speculation.


       This is only opinion and theory but I do, in fact, believe the Dover Demon is an alien and here is how I came up with that solution.

       Yes, there were no UFO sightings in Massachusetts during the years of the events, however there are three military bases surrounding Dover, Massachusetts. Hanscom Air Force Base, Coast Guard Base Boston, and Natick Soldier Systems Center. Now I’m not pointing fingers and I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist but hear me out with just a little of the information that I have found.

       The Coast Guard Base hasn’t crossed my mind of suspicion but Hanscom Air Force has been open since 1942, although it has been used in less than 1% of the military air traffic and has mostly been used for civilian flight.

       Natick Soldier Systems Center has been made in 1949 and opened in 1952. The center is used for research and testing of materials such as textiles and combat rations, advanced technology and human performance.

       Again - not pointing fingers and making claims but with all the secrets the government holds from us I wouldn’t be surprised if there are mysteries to be unfolded behind closed military doors or even hidden in plain sight.

       My other opinion stems on how we have never learned about the biology of aliens no one can put a definite on what a young alien may look like or even if their skin and eye colors change due to growth. Most human babies are born with blue eyes and change after a few months. Our hair also changes with age and stress. Our skin can get lighter or darker depending on our exposure to the sun.

       I’m not putting my stamp on this theory but compared to all the other opinions such as animals and faeries, I find this one a little more compelling.


       “The short story is that over a two day period on April 1977, four people saw a small, 4 ft orange sharkskin creature (much like Golem in Lord of the Rings) in three separate sightings, in Dover, Massachusetts, a rural location near Boston. The case goes down as unexplainable. I don’t know the answer to ‘what really happened,’ as all the eyewitnesses checked out and were found to be credible by law enforcement and other people in Dover.” – Loren Coleman, American Monsters.

       Those who knew the teens truly believe that they saw what they saw. They were never known for pranks, hoaxes, or even mischief. In 2006, Bill Bartlett – 46 – was interviewed again on the events. He stuck to his story strongly and even replied that he didn’t want all the publicity and that even now, he gets calls from random people asking about the Dover Demon.

       Now tell me, do you believe in the Dover Demon?

Pop Culture:

-         Lost Tapes Season 2, Episode 10

-         Monsters and Mysteries in America

My Idol 2: Part Five

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

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Be gone: Chapter 7 - Gone

Entry post
Chapter 1: The voice
Chapter 2: Sick
Chapter 3: Transformation
Chapter 4: Hell
Chapter 5: Glitch
Chapter 6: Out of breath
Word count: 400
Warnings: depression, self harm

The following days, luckily no Anti outbursts happened.
But Jack’s general mood got worse and worse. He was hopeless. Desperate. Sad. And so frightened to end up killing Signe… he knew that another attack in her presence would be deadly for her.

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anonymous asked:

can you do one after the war with george and ron taking care of www and fred being their bodyguard?? like maybe the reader can be with george or sth idc i'm just leaving it up to you thank you so much!!

I actually had a very similar request about this as well, hope you two are fine with how it came out! x Oh and btw, I doubt that Fred would turn into a ghost, but it’s fanfiction, so everything’s possible hahaha x Sorry for the wait and I really hope you enjoy reading! x 

“Seeing Georgie?” a voice asked from behind as you stretched out your arm to reach Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’ entrance. You gasped with fright before turning to the misty figure grinning at you – “Actually, I’m helping out today, Freddie” you replied dryly, whereupon he raised his eyebrows. “Helping out? That’s new to me. How come I didn’t know until now?” – Fred circled you, looking playfully offended. “I thought George would tell you, but since he obviously didn’t, I s’pose there must be a reason for his decision” you smirked. Fred gave you a grumpy glance until he understood what you were referring to, whereupon he wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh yes, I remember… just doing my work and checking if everything’s alright, and then I see you two havin’ a good snog between some shelves… I think it’s fair to say that I will remain traumatized” – “I must admit it wasn’t exactly a decent thing to do, but you’ll get over it, Fred; I believe in you. You’d better check for people trying to steal stuff from the back entrance, though, don’t you think?” you replied, blushing slightly when he looked at you with his eyebrows raised. “Nice try, (Y/N), but I will bring this up within the next 100 years, if necessary. But you’re right, work is ahead, and if I see one more little scaredy pant trying to pinch a Skiving Snackbox, I might as well call myself the next Peeves” You laughed at his comment while shaking your head. “Great, Fred, have a good day then. I s’pose we’ll see each other-“ – “Definitely, I’m keeping an eye on you two lovebirds; I think I’ll die once again should I see you two all touchy-feely-“ – “Oh, shut it, Fred” you laughed, proceeding to open the door, but his misty figure was gliding through you playfully - he liked teasing you a lot since he knew that seeing a ghost from inside wasn’t exactly pleasant. “FRED!” – the only thing you could hear was a chuckle; he had vanished promptly to take care of the back entrance of the shop. Shiver was running down your spine due to the coldness that was a ghost’s body as you stood in the doorway, your arms stiff from displeasure. Suddenly, you saw someone lurking from behind a shelf at you with raised eyebrows. “Done his usual trick again?” – “Yes, went straight through me” you said, giving George a sarcastic smile when he chuckled at you. “I think that’s Fred’s way of telling you that he likes you” – George put on a rather loving smile before walking up to you to place a nippy kiss on your cheek. “If you say so, but still, he could think of different ways to express that” – Your hand found his when you looked at each other for a moment while in the background, you could hear someone opening boxes. “Morning, Ron!” you said loudly, whereupon he lurked around the same shelf as George had before, and to your amusement, he had a very similar look on his face. “Oh, righ’- Morning, (Y/N)” he said a bit languidly and waved. George, on the contrary, asked for your attention by placing another kiss on your cheek – “Your waistcoat” he mumbled, handing you a magenta piece of cloth with the “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” logo on it. He watched you putting it on, and when you had finished, he smirked. “Now you’re officially a staff member and I must say… I chose these waistcoats wisely” – You rolled your eyes at his cockiness before walking up to some of the shelves to fill them with newly-arrived products, but you did give him a loving glimpse here and there.

Even before lunch hour the shop was packed with people. Fred made sure everyone was sticking to the rules; he stayed in front of the door most of the time, but whenever he entered the shop, kids gathered around him, hoping he’d tell jokes and stories. You watched both Fred and George whenever you had nothing to do for a moment – it was just so relieving to see them together sometimes, even though Fred wasn’t human anymore. “(Y/N)” someone said from behind – it was Ron, smiling lightly at you. “George wants you to take care of the counter for a moment, he’s upstairs consulting people. You really chose the right day to help out, shop’s bloody packed today” – “Yes, I must admit, everyone’s quite busy… But yeah, I’ll be right there, thanks, Ron!” – “No snogging yet? Keep going, (Y/N), I’m very pleased” someone said from behind; Ron chuckled slightly before leaving again, whereas you turned around to face Fred once more. “You know, sometimes I think you want to see it, Freddie” – You crossed your arms, whereupon Fred frowned. “Over my dead body” he answered, his lips forming into a smirk now due to the, in your eyes, very macabre joke he just made. As a reply, you rolled your eyes and made your way to the counter, but not without looking back one more time to shake your head at Fred, who was laughing at his own brilliance.

You slowly reached a point where you could actually feel exhaustion in your body – your legs hurt from standing and you felt hot; but still, there was quite a big queue on the counter that you had to deal with. It was probably worth it, you thought, but when a buff, strange-looking wizard faced you next, you found yourself feeling rather irritated. “How much is this?” he asked flatly, showing you some Extendable ears and 5 packets of Instant Darkness powder. “That would be… one galleon, 2 sickles and 5 knuts, please” you replied, but to your displeasure, the man just looked at you with his vibrant eyes, slightly clenching his hand to a fist. “Outrageous prices you have; I bet these products don’t even work. Can we make a deal? I’ll give you 13 sickles for all of it” he said loudly. “No, sir, I’m afraid I can’t do that. These are probably the cheapest novelties you’re going to find in this area-“ – “But I am a costumer and I have a right to protest” – “Of course you do, sir, but I can’t change the prices for products we import. Either you buy them or not, that’s the best advice I can give. Or maybe you just give up on one or two packets of Instant Darkness Powder-“ – “How dare you talk to me like that? I need 5… Bloody unqualified you are, I require talking to someone more trustworthy” You narrowed your eyes at him in disgust, but nevertheless, you decided to remain calm with him. “You’re not going to find anyone in this store who’s going to bargain with you about anything, sir” – “Didn’t they tell you how to behave with customers? I demand talking to a staff member” – “I am a staff member, sir” – The man was looking at you in an odd manner; you slowly started to feel very suspect about your opponent. When you noticed him slightly twitching his hand, you were pretty certain about what kind of person he was. “Sir, may I ask what you’re planning to use these for-“ – Before you could finish, he had drawn out his wand, whereupon you felt a thump against your chest and flew backward against a shelf. A gasp of pain escaped your mouth; your vision went blurry for a moment, but then you realized how some kids were screaming and scurrying through the store; within seconds, the only thing you saw was a big hash of people – but where was the man you considered to be someone connected to the Dark Arts? You tried to get up as quickly as possible, but you couldn’t spot him anywhere. It was all about weighing up now – in the end, you decided to take care of your customers first. Panting, you brought your wand to your neck and tried to sound as calmly as possible when you asked all customers to stop running. “There’s no need to be scared, we are taking care of the incident. Please remain calm and leave the store so we can investigate. Thank you for your understanding” – People were mumbling when you finished and slowly made their way outside; some seemed to be really frightened, as it seemed. You looked around in confusion and anger – where was the man from the counter? Suddenly, you heard someone saying your name over and over again, and a second later, George was facing you, his cheeks reddish. “What happened? (Y/N), your forehead…” – He looked around once again when Ron appeared behind him. “What-“ – “Some idiot at the counter. Looked quite insane to me; he wanted to buy some stuff and was upset about the prices, and just when I asked him about the purpose behind his choice he casted a spell at me and now he’s gone” you said angrily, whereupon both George and Ron put on a dark glare. “Bloody idiot, if I catch this one he’s going to get a nice punch in the face” – George was visibly angry about his store emptying and having to reassure people that there was no permanent danger, but what seemed to bother him most was that someone harmed you and he wasn’t there to help you out. “We had the same 2 months ago, but I knew he was one, they just have this odd stare and stuff, always freaks me out somehow“ Ron threw in, looking rather indifferent since he had faced quite a lot of dark magicians eversince his first year at Hogwarts. “Well, we’ll have to make sure dimwits like him don’t enter this store anymore” – George traced his wand over your forehead; you seemed to have had a little wound from the spell there. You gave him a slight smile in return before he put a quick kiss on the place you could feel your skin closing.

Suddenly, you heard a loud thump from outside – “Think you can attack a staff member? Nice bloke you are, what’s your name?” – “I-I d-didn’t-“ – “Don’t try pulling this one, chap. I saw it with my own eyes” – “I d-didn’t m-mean to-“ – “Sweet boy you are, all innocent ‘n whiny. If I ever see you entering this store once again, or, to be extra-precise for your peabrain, if you ever come near any staff member, especially (Y/N), I will do the very same thing to you like before, only a few more times. Now better bugger off” – Another weep from the man was audible outside before he seemed to run away as quickly as possible. “There he goes, our little boy” Fred commented when he flew through the wall of the store to face all three of you. “Educated him a bit about his behavior, flew through him a few times and made sure that he fell down while trying to flee. What a pathetic dimwit” – George and Ron smirked at their brother. “I’m serious, (Y/N), if he ever comes near you once again, just call my name and I’ll make sure he’ll stay away. I was very soft with him before, I must admit, I would have had so much more in stock” Fred sighed playfully, and when he looked around for a moment, you could actually see him giving you a quick, warm smile. “Thank you, Fred. You may or may not be the best bodyguard ever” – “Well, it’s certainly nice to hear that someone agrees with my own evaluation” You rolled your eyes like you had so often this day and could feel George putting his arm around you. Without hesitation, you turned to him and put your lips on his for a moment, whereupon you could hear Fred groaning and turning away. “Ugh, I might reconsider protecting you, (Y/N)” he said darkly, whereupon both George and you laughed, for you knew that Fred was actually immensely happy about you two being together.

The Curious Case of Matt Lent And Summers by Samara

I’m obsessed with AU’s and Pearlet, so this long ass fanfic was born.

It’s over 5k words.

Did my best to proof read and fix all the stupid mistakes that I never seem to learn from *sigh*, but nobody is perfect ( except Violet Chachki) so I apologise in advance in case you come across some spelling or grammatical error.

Enjoy (:

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