its true!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tiffany posts a colorist caption on instagram:
  • sones:oh its korean culture!! the emojis were describing the color of their hair!! she isnt colorist!!
  • tiffany posts the rising flag sun on korean independence day:
  • sones:its american culture! tiffany doesnt know any better! its just a snapchat geofilter!! she knows nothing!!
Miss America

I’ve decided I would like to go out for Miss America, and win of couuuurrrrssseeee, or at the very least Miss Virginia. My reasons:

  1. This would be super fun…. I love dressing up. 
  2. I would be able to win a TIARA! and have a legit reason to wear it!
  3. It would be a ‘haha in your face’ to all the ex’s. 
  4. I like glitter.

The only problem is… I need to figure out what my talent should be. I asked my roommate and one of my bff’s what I should do… Her immediate response is “Make Drinks!!” So silly… If anybody has any good suggestions for this, then please, puhhhlleasssseee, let me know!

  • me:*is awake for 1 hour*
  • me:ok time for a nap


There are people coming to look at our apartment and it makes me so nervous. Like please don’t look in that cupboard. It needs to be scrubbed. I tried to neaten up as best I can. An MIT grad student came with his parents and he was excited about our math clock.

A really messy & quick painting of Tiv from @nuzlockeboutthatkid

If you haven’t read their nuzlocke you’re missing out b/c oh my god it’s phenomenal, just a++ quality content 11/10 would recommend

the worst ( best ) part about being on a college campus is having to walk down the street and see “JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE” AND “DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE” AND “HARAMBE 2016″ on gigantic tarps hung proudly from several balconies. just like, all the time