anonymous asked:

>2012 is considered being an oldfag on tumblr

If its on response to that one post I made a few days ago.

1. Don’t ever use the term ‘fag’.

2. Stop going to 4Chan, your life will get better without it.

3. I’ve been on this website since 2009, deal with it.

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When you get this ask, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it on to the last 10 people that reblogged from you :)

Five things that make me happy?

1- hetalia
2- my friends (terms and conditions may apply)
3- music
4- my phone
5- my bunny •u•

And because I’m too lazy to resend the message imma just tag some friends…


(I know it’s not ten, I don’t have a lot of tumblr friends ;^;)
What to do when your fave is problematic

1. Recognize the issue and not be totally blind to it
2. Come to terms that they are problematic
3. Put the issue behind you depending on how bad it is
4. Keep on liking the thing because it makes you happy