2-stop push

Forest (an old roleplay)

23 year old Emma and her boyfriend, Theo were expecting their first baby with joy and excitement. As they were an open mind couple, loved nature and natural way of everything, they arranged to spend the last trimester on a lonely place, just a few people around, no big buildings or anything, just nature a little hut next to the woods and surrounded by the sea. She was really huge despite she was just 34 weeks pregnant, her belly was bigger than the average size. Maybe it was a big baby, she thought, but nothing would stop her from pushing out that baby all by herself, that was its mainly purpose afterall.

By this last trimester, she was tired all the time and needed to pee every 5 minutes and her clothes weren’t comfortable for her anymore, so she was either naked or just wearing bikinis and tank tops. Emma had been having discomfort for the last week, it was pretty normal she thought, it was just the end of the pregnancy, having cramps and light pains on her back and low belly, pretty sure it was normal, it was just her body preparing to birth their baby.

The summer days in that place passed slowly which was a delight for Theo who used to spend all the day watching fascinated the beautiful shapes of Emma’s body. During a beautiful morning Theo woke up for first and watched Emma who was sleeping totally naked. He was so fascinated for such a beautiful sight, started to caress and kiss her soft skin, running down to her huge pregnant belly, he wanted to wake her up in a gently manner; when both were finally awaken they decided to have a fast breakfast and go out and walk around the forest near the little hut.

It was a fresh morning, Emma was really happy and full of joy by being with her lovely sweet love of her life, expecting their baby and in a beautiful peaceful place.They were always kissing, and showing love and affect to each other, there were nobody to see them anyway. Before leaving the hut, Emma put on a white top, which stretched around her belly and breasts, she was big to fit in it now, but she didn’t mind. Theo was wearing his swimsuit, an orange short, shirtless, wearing a backpack with food, water and towels if it was necessary, they loved to go to the woods and swim on a lake.

They stepped out of the hut, walking slowly, talking and dreaming about their future, after 40 minutes of walk they got to the lake, Emma was really exhausted feeling that lower pain on her back and belly, she rubbed it all the time, suddenly she felt her baby moving, smiled and held Theo’s hand and placed it against her belly for him to feel their baby.

“You feel it? He or she is really awaken and moving!” She said happily, kissing him softly. “Can we take a break? I’m exhausted, babe.” She asked sitting on a rock next to the lake.

Theo helped her to get more comfortable watching Emma taking off her tank top “what a beautiful sight” he thought, Emma’s breasts seemed so full, round and perfect. Theo was hypnotized by her body, he caressed her and started kissing her lips, playing with her redish hair, caressing her gorgeous curves and took off her bikini top, to kiss and suck from those beautiful breasts slightly hanging above her belly. Emma kissed him back, she loved how he enjoyed her body and new curves, pleasure him was a great feeling. Both were now naked next to the lake, the sun lights stroking their bodies as they loved each other passionately, Theo’s hands kept stroking Emma’s breasts running down to her sweet mons, feeling her wetness inside pleasuring her with his fingers.

Theo pushed her gently on the ground, above a towel and put himself on top of her, on his knees, holding Emma’s legs and pulling her closer to his hard shaft, she smiled caressing her breasts watching his moves, he started to stroke her wet lips with the tip of his shaft, making her want him badly, he pushed his hard lenght inside her very slowly making her moan.

Theo, took Emma by the hips to pull her closer and go deeper. She moaned louder, feeling the pressure on her opening, waves of pleasure running through her body, still playing with her breasts, a small drop of a semi-white transparent liquid came out of her stiff nipple. Smiling she daubed the drop with her fingertip and led it to his lips for he to taste it.

He thrusted her faster and harder, watching her body moving at his pace, her moans became louder and slowly sat on the ground, switching positions, making Theo to lay down and she placing herself on top of him, sitting on his hard shaft, Theo’s hands instantly started to play with her ass and legs, as she moved up and down slowly.

It felt amazing, despite the fact she was highly pregnant, her breasts and belly bounced up and down at their pace, riding him make her feel him completely inside her, deeply. She moaned of pleasure, placing both hands on his torso to support her weight. Suddenly she stopped, feeling a hard backpain and a stabbing pain in her low belly, her eyes grew wide with alarm, feeling her belly gettin contracted. “oh…I think…I’m having a contraction, babe!” She was shocked but happy, smiling at him, he placed his hands on her belly still inside her, slowly she kept riding him. They knew it was gonna be a long time before the birth and read sex always helped the labour to go faster. They kept doing sweet love in differenet positions, the contractions were feeling stronger, but the pleasure he provoked her, made them bearable. She was lying on her back again and Theo on top of her thrusting her hard, she moaned and breath deeply feeling a strong contracion hiting her, she closed her eyes to focus on Theo’s touch, but the top of his dick was reaching her cervix making it painful, she yelled and tried to stop him with her hands heavily breathing and squirming under him. “aahh…”

Emma closed her eyes in a mix of pleasure and pain and continued to enjoy the moment even if was a little bit painful, the pressure on her hips because of the contractions was becoming creasing, the pain was bearable, she barely noticed them, but it really hurt when he reached her contracting cervix. She decided to have the control again and ride him, slowly feeling his dick entering her, she started bouncing up and down, deeper and harder, both moaning and holding their hands. She pushed her head back, feeling the pleasure, her climax was really close. “Don’t stop…ohh…yesss” he yelled, closing his eyes. “Babe….I’m cumming…don’t stop…cum with me…cum inside me….make me pregnant again” she whispered gasping for air, her breasts and belly boucing reinless and her long red hair on the wind. She felt The releasing his warm spice inside her, she couldn’t stop her climax, feeling her orgasm running through her whole body, shaking on top of Theo, she let a loud moan come out with her head thrown back. He still inside her, both breath taken hearing a “pop” noise and suddenly a gush of water came out from Emma’s opening, soaking her thighs and all his pelvic zone. Both looked down, still not understanding what have just happened, the tip of Theo’s dick had burst Emma’s water sack.

Emma looked freightened at Theo’s eyes and started to pant with fear. He went out of her and put back on his swimsuit asking “honey don’t be scared, I’m here with you, your water just broke and me and you know what we have to do"

She was now lying on the ground with her legs spreaded and breathing deeply and holding her belly with her hands, he asked: “honey are you still able to walk?”

“yes…ohh…this has just started…I think we still have plenty of time…” She answered breathing deeply through a contraction

Theo took her by the hands and pulled her to helped her standing, she was holding her hands on Theo’s shoulders so they started to walk near the lake, the contractions were arriving now every 6\7 minutes and were very long and intense.

The pressure on her pelvic zone was really uncomfortable, the pain of the contractions creasing, she was tired and sweaty, but walking helped. It was noon and her labour was progressing really fast, she couldn’t believe they were gonna meet their baby soon. She put back her bikini, wishing to go home, she started to get scared caused by the strong contractions she was having. “Ahhh it hurts…I don’t know how much I can hold it…” She said walking in circles, breathing deeply, as the contraction peaked she wrapped her arms on his neck and hold there rocking her hips to ease the pain. Each contraction was stronger that the last one, her belly contracted and felt hard as a rock. “How dilated you think I am?’” She asked tired, walking again.

Theo massaged her back all the time, supporting her with sweet words and kisses, after 3 or 4 hours Emma tried to stay calmed but the pain was unbearable now, she was starting regreting a total natural birth. The contractions were really closed to each other and the pressure on her pelvis was too much, she felt she was spliting in 2, the baby’s head descending fast made her feel pressure on her cervix. “aaaghh I can’t anymore!!!” she sobbed panting

Theo helped her to lay down, pulling out her panties and inserted 2 fingers “Honey you’re fully dilated!” he said surprised, Emma was really scared at this point, even when both read books and made research about it, they couldn’t be totally prepared. She was lying down, her legs wide spread, Theo’s words made her feel comfortable and secure.

“Ohh…here comes the pressuree….aaahhhnnnnng” She felt her body demanding her to push, so she did, it felt so good, like releasing all this energy.

“aaannngg aaah! I can feel it!! I feel everything!!” she said shocked by all the feelings she was going through. She took a deep breathe, pulled her legs up and pushed harder, it was painful, her back felt like splitting in 2 parts, she stopped pushing and waited for a new contraction “tell me you see the head…cause…I can feel it down on my birth canal…huuuff” she said tired

Theo was all nervous, looked down there finding Emma’s vaginal lips bulged out, he entered her with his finger again and saw a dark hairy spot right behind his finger “honey! the head is on the right way I can see the baby’s hair, so keep breathing and when you feel a contraction push!!”

Emma began to breath deeply and moaned while she was pushing; Theo was sitting in front of her but sometimes he moved beside her to encourage and wipe the sweat from her face; she pushed with each contraction feeling the head bulging out more but it kept going back inside when she stopped the push.

Emma felt frustrated by the small progress she’ve made so far, she was tired and the pain was aweful. “I need to walk…maybe that could help…” She said standing up with Theo’s help, rocking her hips, and giving small jumps as if they were gonna make the head come down faster. She drank some water and keep breathing while walking around the lake, rubbing her belly; Theo was right behind her, massaging her back to ease the pressure. Everytime a contraction hit her, she squatted, Theo holding her wrapping his arms around her breasts. Pushing she felt the head descending and stretching her vagina, it was dropping finally. “AAAGHHH….GOSHH…” she pushed harder feeling the head making a bigger bulge in her vagina “aah…IT BURNS!”

“Honey the head is almost crowning! Come on, let it stretch, breath”

She panted, tired but excited to finally see some progress, her legs were shaking under her weight, she lied down again spreading her legs apart, feeling a new contraction building up, she pushed harder, the baby’s head was peaking out, stretching her thight vagina, making a painful half crown. Theo tried to help the baby fingering Emma’s lips, but the head went back 1 or 2 centimeters.

“aaaghh! nooo..stop!” she yelled, feeling the baby sliding back in “It hurts!!” Sobbing and tired she pushed through a new contraction, pulling her legs as up as she could, her chin against her chest, her teeth clenching because of the effort and pain “NNNNNGGGGG” The heas was slowly emerging again, stretching her labia more and more “AAAGGGG IT BURNS….TAKE IT OUT!!” She yelled and stopped pushing, the head went back in as she did it. “NOOO!” She was fearing something was wrong, the contracion hit her again, she had to take advantage of those contractions to move the baby down.

The head was visible between her legs, her soft pink vagina was now bulged and red, her labia making a “tear drop” shape around the now visible hairy head of their baby. The contracion faded away and she had to stop pushing scared of the head to be back in again, but it didn’t, it was right there a small drop shape opening. She panted and gasped for air “I’m so tired…”

The head was visible but there was not a fast progress, maybe a standing up position could help, she was tired but the adrenaline of the contractions gave her all the strength that she needed and got up, she had to keep her legs spreaded but they were shaking under her weight, Theo helped her holding her so she could squat.

The pressure on her pelvis and back were too much to handle, she wanted to cry and stop all this process, but the contractions seemed to never stop, she pushed as hard as she could, the head was emerging this time for real, her labia was stretched and red, the burning sensation was aweful, her screams could’ve maybe been heard trhough all the forest. She looked down and saw the baby’s crowning head, panting she smiled looking at Theo’s face who was also smiling. “is almost…here…babe! Our baby!” She wanted to feel the head, leaded her fingertips around it, it felt so weird to have a rounded shape thing coming out from between her legs, the head was covered by some kind of bloody goo and birth fluids. “ohh…here it comes!!” She waited for the contraction to peak to push her baby’s head out “NNNNNGGAAAAAAAAAHHH” She yelled again, making sounds of effort, the head stretched her vagina even more and with a “pop” sound it totally came out with a small gush of water “AAHH….oh mY GOD!! Babe!! the head’s out!!” She couldn’t believe what her body was doing “I need to lie down…uuughhh” She said slowly getting on her knees looking between her legs her baby’s head hanging out, lying down spreaded legs, Theo approached to see the head closer “Is it ok?? aaahh” Emma asked panting.

“You’re doing it great honey, it’s almost over!” he watched fascinated the huge baby’s head hanging all covered in blood and goo out of Emma’s vagina, the head slowly rotated and Emma started pushing again, Theo took the head and pulled slowly

"aaaahhhhgg gently” she yelled between her push, panting, trying to watch over her big stiff belly, but she couldn’t see a thing, just her boyfriend’s amazed face, she kept pushing, the baby was coming out, its shoulders stretching her vagina again, she yelled and felt much pressure all over her body, Theo pulled gently and the baby slide out from her with a huge gush of water, she immediately closed her legs and collapsed on her back exhausted, crying but happy, trying to catch her breath and thankful because it was over. “OH…GOSH…IS IT OK? Is it a boy or a girl?” She asked, waiting to hear the baby cry

Theo was amazed holding their baby, its skin was all wet and gooey: “Babe, it’s a beatiful girl, I’m so proud of you, I love you so much!!” Theo took from the backpack a towell and covered the baby placing her on Emma’s naked chest.

She was proudly admiring heir little baby on her nipple, when she started to feel again a strange sensation, like that “urge to push”, she thought it was the placenta; she tried to look down there but the belly was still swollen, her womb kept contracting, the pain was still there, she thought it may pass after a few minutes, it was all natural and normal, also her belly still looked a bit rounded and stiff but again she thought it was normal. Theo helped clamping the cord and cutting it.

“Babe! the placenta is coming out…I feel it” she read she had to push it out very slowly, so she did, giving little light pushes. Theo held the cut cord which was hanging out from her tired and now closed vagina, pulled it gently when she was pushing, but he felt pressure on it, like something was holding it inside. “what’s wrong??” Emma asked scared when she also felt that pressure. Theo’s eyes grew wide in alarm, he was on his knees, he pressed his hands against Emma’s belly to explore and felt something. “What is it?” she asked really scared now, again she felt a contraction. “what’s going on? babe??”

Theo started to touch from the bottom of the belly and he said alarmed: “honey there’s another baby!! I can feel its shoulders!!” Emma was surprised but not so scared the only thing that she wanted in that moment was this to be over.

“A second baby?” she couldn’t believe it, they weren’t prepared for that at all, but she had to focus on pushing out this second baby, the contraction hit her, thankfully the baby turned in the right position, pushing hard she felt that burning sensation again, it was like a torture for her poor vagina, after some pushes the head was descending and was visible, Theo supporting her and holding their first baby.

She started pushing again, the head was bigger or at least that’s what she felt…maybe because she was really tired and her vagina had stretched previously, her opening was a big circle, her labia stretching around the head “NNNGGGG AAAAH!! GOOSH! Please….please…I can’t do this anymore” She got on her knees, rubbing her hard belly and thighs, huffing and panting, her breasts were droping out some milk.

Emma was crowning faster and easier, she felt again that burning sensation again, pushing with all her might the head emerged stretching her lips slowly blood and amniotic fluid coming out of her soaking her tighs, breathing faster trying to stay calmed, she kept pushing, supporting the head with her hands as more fluid came out, with a pop the shoulders came out easily and finally the baby was out letting a huge gush of water and blood came out.

Finally Emma collapsed on the floor, tired, trying to catch her breath holding both of her baby girls, Theo helping her deliver the placenta after some minutes. “I can’t wait to do this again!” Emma said happily.


Town Lake, Austin by Jonathan Kemp

10 Tips on Shooting Street Photography on Film

1. It is better to slightly over-expose than under-expose your photos. This is because it is easy to pull out details from highlights in film (while very difficult to recover details from the shadows). I have also discovered that slightly over-exposing color film brings out more saturated colors (around 1/3-2/3rds of a stop). 

2. If you’re pushing your film, mark what ISO you’re pushing it to directly on the film canister with a sharpie. I generally prefer doing this before I put the film into the camera, as I often forget to do it afterwards.

3. If you are curious to shoot film and never have shot it before, don’t splurge money on a Leica. Rather, start with the cheapest film camera you can find (eBay, flea market, your parents’ closet) and experiment. If you’ve shot with film for several months and really like it— then invest in a better film camera.

4. When shooting film on a rangefinder on ISO 400 film (during a sunny day) here are some good settings: f/8 at 1/1000th of a second in extremely bright sunlight, f/8 at 1/500th of a second when it is slightly less bright, f/8 at 1/250th of a second at the “golden hour”, f/8 at 1/125th in uncovered shade, f/8 at 1/60th when in darker shade. 

5. Don’t be afraid to “waste” your film by only taking 1 shot of a scene. Rather, work the scene and even shoot an entire roll of film on a scene if you think it is interesting enough.

6. When experimenting with a new film or camera, do the following: take a series of photos of a friend in different lighting conditions with different apertures and shutter speeds. For each shot, write down the settings you used in a notebook (and the lighting situations). Once you get the film developed and scanned, cross-reference your photos with your notes. Then you will get a better sense of the “ideal” settings to use on your camera for the “look” you want.

7. I think it is good to experiment with a lot of different types of films— but once you find a film you are about 80% happy with, I recommend sticking with it. It helps you have a more consistent aesthetic look — and also helps you better understand the nuances of each film (how resilient it is to over/underexposure, how it looks during the day or at night, and the color or contrast of it).

8. If you’re shooting ISO 400 film, you won’t have any problems in airport x-ray scanners. ISO 800-1600 might pose a problem.

9. I generally get 1 photo I am proud of in every 50 rolls of film. Use this as a guideline— you will rarely take good street photographs. Of course, your mileage will vary.

10. Don’t feel bad about “wasting money” shooting film. Rather, see it as an “investment” — that will bring you boundless amounts of joy (more than any digital camera ever will, imho).