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Holy fucking shit, do people seriously think calling someone who has done a federal crime a "retard" still offensive? Fucking unbelievable.

Yah but. At this point I’m already tired of people telling me what to do and how to act and what to say.

I’m pretty sure all these people should have a youtube channel like with 1 or 2 million of subs. Since they look like experts into handling massive amounts of people apparently, cus they’re telling me how to live lol.

I also had a pretty decent talk with a fella I disagreed with. When he understood what context meant and how it worked, we sorted things out.

Wonder if this works with all human beings. I’d have to try and talk to them privately. 


Namjoon (Joonmonster) 5.2 million subs

  • So Namjoon’s channel would be a series of him vlogging about his daily life and, obviously his days at the studio
  • most of his videos are just his day at the studio
  • tutorials on how to do stuff that involves music and stuff
  • he’ll give you tips on anything that has to do with music 
  • he also has a series called KimDaily 
  • basically just videos about his fashion choices and he’ll post on instagram 
  • and the occasional date vlog with Jin
  • they knew each other before YouTube actually
  • before Jin started making a lot of money on YouTube, he worked at this really small coffee shop
  • and Namoon just stumbled across it one day
  • and then he saw Jin
  • and he couldn’t help but go everyday for months
  • each time after, he documented it on his channel
  • “Guys I just came out of this coffee shop and there was this really cute guy that works there. oh god I think I have a crush”
  • “I went to the coffee shop again and he winked at me? like that’s so weird right?”
  • “seriously thinking about getting his number guys”
  • and of course, Namjoon never showed Jin’s face or filmed his secretly
  • cause that was just really creepy
  • but of course, his fans somehow still found out that it was jin
  • and despite Jin’s pretty big following, he’d never heard of this guy on YouTube
  • and of course he was absolutely mortified once he found out he was a YouTuber
  • oh god, people are gonna show him my videos and now he’s gonna think I’m a total creep
  • Namjoon didn’t dare show his face on the coffee shop again
  • but then one day he got a DM on Twitter
  • and when he opened it, he didn’t know weather to feel completely embarrassed or relieved
  • Hi! My name is Jin, and I think its time we met properly, I’ve seen your videos and you’re really funny! meet me at the coffee shop at 3? that’s when my shift ends
  • and so, Namjoon goes
  • and the rest was history
  • when they announced it
  • it got over a 100 million views on YT
  • and lets just say #namjinisreal was trending on twitter for days
  • and jin always goes back to those old vlogs to watch Namjoon praise about ‘the cute barista that puts little hearts b yhis name on his coffee’
  • and jin well never let Namjoon live that down
  • but yeah, in the end Namjoon is just really sweet guy that will give you useful tips for wanting to make music and is completely head over heels for his boyfriend


Jin (EATJIN)  

Yoongi (MinSuga/talkswithsuga&hope)

Hoseok (Hope On The Street/talkswithsuga&hope) 

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Just to let you know, in a couple years, when you are super popular and have over 2 million subs on Youtube, I'm just gonna leave a random anonymous ask on here simply saying "here come dat poi"

if that ever happens which I doubt 

I encourage everyone

to poi me aggressively 

2 million subs - Leafyishere
Warning: besides cussing lol nothing its fluff
(sorry for any typos!)

|| Y/n and Calvin are best friends sharing an apartment, and when he hits two million subs, they both get super happy ||

“WAKE UP, PINECONE,” You yelled as you jumped over top of your best friend Calvin, whilst he was sleeping. He groaned and turned his head away, “why are you-” you cut him off by grabbing his chin and forcing him to look up. His eyes widened and he looked up at you while you grinned sheepishly. What he wanted you to do was kiss him, or maybe he wanted to kiss you first; nonetheless it still wouldn’t happen.

“What do you want?” he asked, his words mumbled because you held onto his cheeks. You let go and got off of him, sitting on his bed next to him (you don’t share the bed, yet-)
“Get up and look at your YouTube channel, Leafy!” you exclaimed excitedly. It was around 11 and you’d already been up, so you got dressed and did your makeup, then decided to watch Calvin’s newest video. That was when you saw he’d finally hit 2 million subscribers. “What? Why?” he asked as he sat up, reaching for his phone. Your eyes widened and you quickly jumped over top of him again, not caring that he was only in his boxers, and grabbed his phone out of his hand. “Jesus! Y/n, what the fuck are you doing?!” he asked as you got up, shoving his phone in your back pocket. “You have to look at YouTube first.”

Calvin got up and lazily walked over to his computer, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “If you woke me up for some dumb shit,” he grumbled, only making you laugh. “Shut the fuck up, Calvin, and just look.” Calvin turned to you, a small grin on his face as he tried not to laugh at your remark. “You’re awfully annoying this morning,” he joked as he turned back to his computer screen. You giggled and nodded, “Yeah, sure.”

He got onto YouTube and clicked on his profile. When he got there, he began looking at everything except for his sub count. “What am I supposed to see?” he asked. You sighed and rolled your eyes, leaning forward and pointing to the sub count box. “Look!” you exclaimed as you pointed right to it.

Calvin gasped and scooted back, he then looked at you and began laughing. “Holy shit,” he mumbled, “holy fuck! Y/n!” he exclaimed, grabbing your hand and pulling you towards him into a tight hug. You laughed and hugged him back, “You did it!” you beamed, walking backwards with Calvin as he laughed, not letting go of you. Finally he pulled away and gave you the same, cute grin, that always melted your heart. “We did it,” he said happily, his smile widening. You laughed and rolled your eyes playfully. “Please, Calvin, they subscribe for you, not for me! Take this moment to celebrate yourself!” you said as you grabbed his shoulder, and with the other hand, ruffled his hair. He chuckled and rolled his eyes back at you playfully, pushing his hair back down and backing away to look at his page. “Yeah,” he said, “but I couldn’t do it without you.” Calvin turned to you and smiled again.

You took a step forward and shrugged, “How’re we gonna celebrate?” you asked. He face you fully and looked you up and down. “Were you gonna go somewhere today?” he asked as he grabbed a pair of pants out of his dresser. You shook your head as he began pulling them on, “No,” you started, “I just got up earlier than you.” you said with a smile. He buttoned his jeans and grinned, “first off,” he began, “do you want to go get some coffee?” he asked. You shrugged, “do you want to?” you asked. He looked at you for a moment and you noticed his eyes brighten. “Not really..” he mumbled. He began walking towards you and you watched him, your heart rate beginning to pick up faster. “Well then what?” you asked. He smiled at you lightly and sighed, “Can I tell you something?” he asked, his voice more serious now.

You felt your stomach turn, you were hoping he’d tell you something you wanted to hear.

“Yeah, what is it?” you asked as you began twiddling your own thumbs. He bit down on his lip and smiled weakly before speaking. “Do you like, uh, like anyone, at the moment?” he asked. You felt your face heat up and the smile on your face grew wide, so did your eyes. Shit. “Well,” you mumbled, “sorta.. why?” Calvin got closer to you and let out a big breath. “I’m sorry for this, you know, if you don’t want this-”

Suddenly he broke the space between you and connected his lips to yours. You were shocked but more than happy. You instantly closed your eyes and kissed back; you were doing something you’d wanted to do since you’d met him. He wrapped his arms around your waist and you placed your hands on his shoulders, still keeping the kiss going. You smiled into it and pulled him closer to you, causing him to deepen it slightly. Just as soon as it deepened, it ended. He pulled away and the smile on his face made you melt. “Calvin,” you choked out, “I like you. You’re the person I like; and have liked.”

Just as you said it, a loud clap of thunder shook the house and Calvin chuckled. “I’m so glad. I love you so, so much,” he mumbled. He leaned in and placed a small kiss on your forehead. “We can just stay inside and have a movie marathon, maybe play some video games. How does that sound?” he asked as he pulled you into a tight hug, still staring down at you. You grinned and nodded, “that sounds great.”

“oh, and, one more thing,” Calvin said as he pulled away. “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked sheepishly, giving you a childish grin. You laughed and covered your red cheeks with your hands and nodded happily, “of course.”

(AAaww I love him so much)

{Klance} The Bloom AU


(You’ll see why it’s called the Bloom AU later ;D)

Ok so how about an au where both Lance and Keith are both YouTube stars but they’re both cover artists? Like they do covers of songs, put them on YouTube, and they’ve gone viral? Yeah.

• Lance has been with YouTube since the very beginning. He’s been on the site ever since 2007 or something but he only has like 500k subscribers smh. Usually he does covers using only his guitar, but there are often times where his friends Pidge and Hunk help out with vocals and/or other instruments needed. Pidge also does the editing for some of his videos.
•Keith, on the other hand, has been on YouTube for a while and has over 2 million subs. His earlier covers were just like Lance’s; no editing, only had a guitar, and a low quality filming, using his laptop to record. In due time, when he started to sing duo’s w/ Allura, his channel started to boost. They do covers as often as possible now (fans think that they would make a cute couple but in reality Keith’s in the closet and is scared to come out to the internet).
• Since Keith and Pidge go waaaay back (high school), she suggests to Lance about arranging a duet w/ Keith. Lance chokes.

- “No way!! I mean, even though he has the voice of a god I won’t duet with him!! I’m fine the way I am!”
- “Lance, it’ll help boost your channel.”
- “……..fine”

* So Pidge get’s back in contact with Keith and soon they arrange a duet. They’ll meet at Keith’s studio, which is in his brother, Shiro’s, house. Shiro’s in a band. Enough said.
• At first, Keith and Lance don’t really get along well. It started as bickering, which led to arguments, which led to actual fights. Shiro has to supervise to keep the two from ripping each other apart. The main reason being on what song to sing…

- “so let me get this straight. You flew all the way over to the other side of the country and you haven’t thought about what song we’re going to sing?!!!”
- “this is going to be a train wreck.”

• Wrong!! Once they find a song, sing the cover, and release it to the public, people were ecstatic. The people who were both Lance and Keith fans lost their shit. The video gets thousands of likes and millions of views. It went viral. Lance gained so many new subscribers.
• The two rewatch the video and think “huh. That could have gone so much worse.” So at the end of the day, they exchange numbers for “business reasons” and Lance leaves.

-They still text and message each other.

• So, due to others wanting more collabs between the two, they give the fans what they want. Two duos every month by Lance and Keith. Fans ate it up.
• And as weeks pass, the songs become more intimate. Their first duet had them both in separate recording boxes- now their newest cover was of them looking into each other’s eyes while singing a very calm and sweet love song idk
• also insert slow burn/mutual pining
• and so many people ship them (:
• Lance was the first person that Keith came out to, and he helped him with an idea to come out to his fans

- “Two words. Original. Song.”
- “…..alright?”

• So they both write the song about how it’s perfectly ok to be who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world. It’s really sweet and cute and it’s a duet w/ Lance on acoustic guitar
• Saying the fans cried and replayed the song over again was an understatement. Many of Keith’s fans were so supportive and came out themselves in the comments. Both Lance and Keith read the comments and they almost cried.
• One day, Lance gets an idea. A very, very, very good idea.
• He asks Pidge for a camera. She agrees.

- “break it and I will break your skinny noodle legs”

• So from then until Vidcon, every time that Keith and Lance were together (either working on a song or just hanging out) Lance filmed it. Every moment of Keith smiling, singing, and just being Keith was caught on film. Lance always said it was a semester project for his film class.
• but Lance doesn’t have a film class
• (so you might be wondering why I said this lasted until vidcon, which was, luckily, exactly one year since Lance and Keith first met. Ohohoh, just you wait (((: )
• So, a few days till Vidcon, Lance (with the help of Pidge and her brother, Matt) edit all of the clips together into one 10 minute video. It’s gonna be showed at Vidcon
• So at Vidcon, there’s a panel with different Youtube musicians. It includes both Keith and Lance.
• Note that their panel is HUGE. Even though there’s like 5 people talking in the panel, at least a couple hundred people show up. And there’s a big screen. You see where I’m going with this.
• As soon as the Q&A’s over, Lance says he has something he’d like to say. The lights go out. And the video begins.
• It starts with Lance saying a little thing into the camera for context.

- “Exactly one year ago, I met someone very special. He’s an asshole, a smartass, and has the worst hair I have ever seen. But, he’s special. He can be caring when he wants to be, he can have amazing tastes in music, he’s kind to his devoted fans, and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know the real him. And I’m glad I did. He means a lot to me and I hope he loves this as much as I love him. Keith, this is for you.”

• And the video is just a bunch of clips put together of Keith being a total dork and being a cinnamon roll and laughing and bloopers behind some of his cover videos while Lance is covering Bloom by the Paper Kites (THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE BLOOM AU HAHAAA) and people in the audience are crying and I’m crying and Keith’s about to start crying.
• The video ends and Lance gets up from his seat, faces Keith, and just gets a microphone and is just “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for months but… Keith Kogane?”
• everyone’s on the edge of their seats
• “Will you be my boyfriend?”
• So Keith’s now definitely crying, he says yes, and they both hug tightly, and there’s two people in the audience that are handed the microphone.

- “That was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait. But, Hunk?”
- “Yes, Pidge?”
- “I honestly think that after all this, a year of pining and duets and sappy cue videos, they hug? And they’re boyfriends? Don’t the fans want to see them do more?
- "I agree. What do you think guys? Does anyone else want to see them kiss?”

• Everyone screams yes because they’ve waited for this for months and they want their fanfics to be canon dammit
• Keith’s all flustered and sputters out words that’s just “what?? we uh we just got together and” and then Lance just dramatically dips him and kisses him and everyone goes nuts
• Two weeks after Vidcon, a new duet by Lance and Keith are released to the public. It involves an acoustic guitar, two lovey dovey happy boyfriends, and the song “Can’t help falling in love”

I was scrolling through Pinterest and stumbled upon this shit. ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?! Nash is an annoying, cocky spoiled brat who does lame crap for fame! Phil Lester is adorable, has over 2 million subs, is ACTUALLY funny and motivational, he is not that old, 28, just an original YouTuber, and what the f*** is wrong with emo? It’s his style. God, I hate our generation.

In which case my 9 year old sister understands something that has frustrated the Phandom since the dawn of time
  • *Shows her the lick race video and Krave challenges*
  • Me: So do you like them?
  • Sister: Yeah! They're so funny!
  • Me: Which one do you think is more popular?
  • Sister: I think Phil. He's just so funny and quirky. I really like his videos
  • Me: Actually, Phil has 2 million subs and Dan has 4 million.
  • Sister: WHAT! REALLY1!? I would think PHIL would have more! But they're both really cool so... I just think they should at least have equal subscribers :/
  • Me: *silent tear rolls down my cheek* Yeah... Me too.
❓ dan’s (broken) younow march 8, 2016 ❓

read on google drive with links

-The Pillow is back
-2 million subs on dapg wow
-meaty 25 minute sims video on the way
-moth attack
-zootopia seems like a gateway for furries TBH
-good luck to seattle ppl buying tickets
-what happened to dan’s younow icon
-he didn’t even tweet about the liveshow yet wow
-he doesn’t think he’d be able to pull off rings
-magi is life ruining
-he can confirm dil does NOT die in this next episode of the sims
-they don’t know if/when they’re coming back from their radio hiatus
-maybe liveshows in US but it depends on the quality of the tour bus wifi
-will it be younowable wifi
-Domestic Bus Antics
-alfie is watching this liveshow Ok
-the bus will probably not have their faces on it
-zac efron’s Thick Ass
-how many squats does he do
-good to love was good it’s commercial but it’s good
-he tried to buy an fka twigs jacket but the merch site didn’t work
-what louise is up to is amazing
-he should rt her video
-someone asked for a “whale willy fact” and dan said phil said whale penis on the radio once
-shrek embracing you with his large body
-the kettle and cereal incident was sad it was his last bowl of that cereal
-the cereal literally disintegrated because of the water
-he literally got back into bed
-today something horrific
-he had a cookie
-it was the last cookie
-and he had this coffee
-and this cookie
-it was a ginger cookie
-and he dropped the whole thing into the coffee
-he tried to take it out and burnt his hands and it fell apart and fell back in when he took it out and the rest of it disintegrated in his hand
-the audio is dying
-he restarted the stream bc of it
-it’s broken i think it says he’s watching himself
-and he’s back
-if you’re nervous about meeting them a tip is don’t projectile vomit on dan
-it froze is this really real
-idk where he
-this guy bhd is broadcasting on his hashtag its fun
-dan just changed his younow icon back
-idk if he’s coming back
-he’s not even online on younow
-i think he’s gone
-ok bye