Time Passes Fast!!

So today has been one year since I moved out of my cabin in the woods with my parents into this apartment. It was with friends at the time and they’ve since gone but it’s a full year since I’ve stood on my own feet and supported myself fully with youtube.

It was scary at the time and I wasn’t sure what would happen but it’s amazing to see how much has changed and how fast time has passed. I am forever grateful to you guys for giving me the chance to live my dream and to be able to do this full time.

To give some perspective; this time last year the channel was at 362k subs. It’s gained about 4.2 million subs in 1 full year which is absolutely nuts!! The channel also had a total of 59 million views back then and now it has 1.6 BILLION!!!

Very few channels on youtube experience such insane consistent growth and I never though in a million years that we could be one of them. But we’ve worked hard on this channel over the last year and it’s paid off big time so thank you :D You guys deserve just as much credit as I do with these things because it would be nothing without you all.

I am in a very stable and happy chapter of my life right now and it’s one of the best feelings in the world to have so many of you support me and the channel everyday. I don’t know what I’d do without you all, I love you :)

In which case my 9 year old sister understands something that has frustrated the Phandom since the dawn of time
  • *Shows her the lick race video and Krave challenges*
  • Me: So do you like them?
  • Sister: Yeah! They're so funny!
  • Me: Which one do you think is more popular?
  • Sister: I think Phil. He's just so funny and quirky. I really like his videos
  • Me: Actually, Phil has 2 million subs and Dan has 4 million.
  • Sister: WHAT! REALLY1!? I would think PHIL would have more! But they're both really cool so... I just think they should at least have equal subscribers :/
  • Me: *silent tear rolls down my cheek* Yeah... Me too.