「涙シャワ〜ル〜ム YUKI×SHISHI 2015」はじまりました!

Come see YUKI and ShiShi’s collaboration!
Exhibition “NAMIDA Shower Room, YUKI×SHISHI 2015”
Jul, 28 (tue)~ Aug, 2 (sun)
am 11:00 ~ pm 11:00
Tower Records Shibuya 8F “SpaceHACHIKAI”

「涙シャワ~ル~ム YUKI×SHISHI 2015」
開催期間 7月28日(火)~8月2日(日)
時間 11:00~23:00
場所 タワーレコード渋谷店8F「SpaceHACHIKAI」
入場料 無料



2 in the AM PM
Regular Show is based off of an acid trip, guys.
It’s pretty fucking fantastic the way JG got away with it, actually.

I love the designs on 2 in the AM PM so much, there’s not enough human Benson and Mordecai in this style around. I tried to tweak it just a little so they resemble more their RS counterparts. Threw Rigby in here too.

Actually, this was supposed to be done hours ago, but Windows quit on me and I had to start from the sketch all over again arghasdhasdh

EDIT: fixed the file.