::::::::::  YESTERDAY  ::::::::::

Never before have I used or posted a full set of pictures from the day before (yesterday) but here is another first. Due to some other commitments, I was out-and-about, around the traps yesterday afternoon so have used the images for today. Gold Coast weather is identical with some cloud about, particualy on the southern end, but mostly sunny. The breeze will swing from the SE to the NE later today and should remain light. 

Surf conditions have dropped a little on the points from yesterday but there are some small 2 footers along the opens. Beaches are almost deserted so sun tanners, you will have piece and quiet :)

165 20  |  28 May 2015.

Small peaks 1-2ft. This kid knows how shred a 2 footer! Please support @surfriderwlam today with a donation! They are doing great work in our community and for the environment! (at Venice Beach Pier)