Top Surgery List
1. Seattle, WA – Dr Mangubat [http://www.labelleviecosmetic.com]
2. Portland, OR – Dr Hansen [https://www.ohsu.edu/xd/health/services/cosmetic-plastics-services/surgery/breast/transgender-chest-recon.cfm]
3. Greenbrae, CA – Dr Satterwhite, Dr Crane *+ [http://brownsteincrane.com]
4. San Francisco, CA – Dr Mosser [https://drmosser.com/transgender/ftm-chest/]
5. Salt Lake City, UT – Dr Agarwal [http://healthcare.utah.edu/plasticsurgery/body/female-male.php]
6. Tucson, AZ – Dr Taki, Dr Larson [http://takiplasticsurgery.com]
7. Albuquerque, NM – Dr Morehouse [http://mariposaplasticsurgery.com/AboutUs/MeetDrMorehouse]
8. San Antonio TX – Dr Lawton [http://www.transgendersurgery-sanantonio.com/ftm-femal-to-male-surgery/ftm-surgery.html]
9. Austin, TX – Dr Crane *+ [http://www.transhealthcare.org/curtis-crane/]
10. Plano, TX – Dr Raphael+, Dr Dulin [http://m.ai4ps.com/transgender-procedures-plano/female-to-male-plastic-surgery/]
11. Madison, WI – Dr King [http://topsurgerymidwest.com]
12. Chicago, IL – Dr Schechter + [http://www.ftmsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-loren-schechter.htm]
13. Ann Arbor, MI – Dr Kuzon [http://surgery.med.umich.edu/plastic/patient/team/wkuzon.shtml]
14. Cleveland, OH – Dr Medalie [http://www.clevelandplasticsurgery.com/transgender/]
15. Atlanta, GA – Dr Lincenberg [https://www.gaplasticsurg.com/procedures/breasts/gender-transition-top-surgery]
16. Davie, FL – Dr Garramone [http://drgarramone.com/costs/]
17. Ft Lauderdale, FL – Dr Sassani [http://www.topsurgery.net/surgeons/dr-russell-sassani.htm]
18. Baltimore, MD – Dr Fischer, Dr Schuster [http://www.cosmeticsurgerybaltimore.com]
19. Ardmore, PA – Dr Rumer [http://www.rumercosmetics.com]
20. Philadelphia, PA – Dr Leis [http://www.drshermanleis.com/topplasticsurgeon.html]
21. New York, NY – Dr Alter [http://www.topsurgery.net/states/new-york.htm]
22. Boston, MA – Dr Tobias [http://m.richardabartlettmd.com/transgender-surgery-boston/]
*Splits time between California and Texas
+ Also performs bottom surgery
•Disclaimer: this is not a fully inclusive list, merely a resource.
•Disclaimer 2: please excuse their language and use of phrases like “born in the wrong body” and so on.
•Disclaimer 3: I didn’t make this infographic, @seethestarsblaze did. It won’t let me link as I am on mobile and it’s being weird. I promise I will update as soon as I can, and I’m sorry I didn’t think to look for credit earlier. However we think that the blue-shaded states are for masculine identifying (breast reduction), and the pink-shaded states are for feminine identifying (breast enhancement).

Links and info valid as of February 2017.


when  komaeda’s class acts annoyed by his return from his trip, he starts to pull out his souvenir before being interrupted by hiyoko

his souvenir was a gun

this motherfucker was about to shoot up his class

okay so i’ve been thinking a lot about Portal!Villainous.

Black Hat’s hat turrets would probably look like this:

(i’m no engineer, so i really wouldn’t know if this thing works lol)

and 505 is Core #505. he’s a friend

i also realized a few… implications.

BH becomes a potato at some point.

and Core!Flug is placed in the chassis.

and… y’know.