//  before I sleep ~  I figured I could pop on an post this one picture//  One for now that is , I have lots but I’m too tired and I will be going back tomorrow ~ dress as Fem-Ace !!!! So @2-division-commander Up at the con !! everyone hide your booties Booty hunter/ Stripper Ace is comming mWahahahah  !!!

 anyways~ I will post all picture to my person blogs- If you do not know them just ask ~ I do not mind!//

 Night - night

Happy Valentines Day~!

 This posting, is out of character, and for the muns. A sort of mun to mun thank you on a holiday i actually kind of like. 


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Have a wonderful valentines day everyone! 


Xbox One: Just the beginning - YouTube

2016/02/03 に公開
Xbox One is the only system with every top ten best-selling console game and the biggest blockbusters of 2015.

57.4cm Limited - Special Parts - “Innocent Chloe” February 12 ~ March 04

Innocent Chloe is available as a basic doll (includes acrylic eyes) or a head

  • Resin Options: normal, white, brown or tan
  • Body Type: girl (no division or 2 division thigh) or boy (2 or 3 division torso)
  • Breast Size (girl body): small or big
  • Legs/Feet (girl body): basic legs with flat feet, basic legs with heel feet or heel legs/feet
  • Hand Type (boy body): A or B
  • Additional Options: face-up A, B or custom, hand or full body blushing, Secret Chloe head (normal, white, brown or tan resin - blank or painted)

*photos of the Secret Chloe head will be available February 15

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Bernie Sanders is racist? I've seen a lot of people from black Tumblr saying that, but I really don't understand where it's coming from. The worst thing I've read about him is that he said he doesn't believe there should be reparations for slavery because it'd be 1) basically impossible to get through Congress (which is true) and 2) divisive. Other than that, I really can't find anything that he's done wrong. Just wondering what you think and if you know anything about it. Thanks!

Tbh idk.

…divisive huh?


The Game Fanatics Podcast is back baby! Charles returns as the host with new co-host Josh. Today’s episode features a discussion on two awesome games that left their mark on us at PAX South - LiveLock and Dreadnought. We also talk betas - The Division beta and UFC 2 as well. And, find out how to win early screening tickets to Deadpool!