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Follow up to the previous question about Gillian best moments: what do you think are her best performances as Scully?

Best Gillian moments as Scully TOP 5, on this very day (it’ll probably change slightly tomorrow, and the next day… so many great acting moments)

HOME AGAIN - This scene. Do I need to say more? Scully’s desperation to forget what just happened because she doesn’t think she can survive it.

  • Special mention: “that we didn’t treat him like trash”. She whispers it like she just said a forbidden word. And it is forbidden because William was never dispensable to her.


BADLAA The way her voice breaks with emotion at “that I’m not capable of”. I wrote a lot about it here.


APOCRYPHA The determination and hatred, followed by the regret of not shooting the man who was with Krycek when her sister died. Or is it the realisation of having to track down yet another man to avenge Melissa. The spectrum of emotions… simply impeccable. 


IRRESISTIBLE When people say Gillian’s outstanding acting happens when she plays with her face, that’s what they are referring to.


PER MANUM 2 scenes. 2 very different hugs: The gratefulness. The heartbreak.

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