Can't read? That's a shame! Clothes, smell like Mary Jane. Teacher asked what's my name? Stood up & yelled 2 CHAINZ! This work? I wont do! Six paragraphs? I wrote two! Foreign teacher, I want you! True or false test, they all truuu! In class, my name Tity Boy. I'ma copy off this lil boy. I need the answers I'ma boss. Is number 18 tru or false? Too smart, straight a's, too fresh, new J's. went to detention for two days. roll call, I'm 2 CHAINZZZ! Heard my teacher was a hoe. My grades was real low. Shawty gave me amber cole now 2 chainz on honor roll! 2chainz, I'm too 2 cold, 2 cars, need 2 roads. At the mall with 2 hoes. What I'm shoppin foe? SCHOOL CLOTHES


Yeeaaa Bitch, I’m Straight…