descent into bagpiping purgatory

level 0: watching YouTube videos of somebody playing the star wars theme on bagpipes

level 1: thinking a sporran is like, a really good fashion statement, actually

level 2: scot’s wahey

level 3: making YouTube videos of yourself playing the star wars theme on bagpipes

level 4: owning a sgian dubh

level 5: left-handed push-ups

level 6: solo competitions

level 7: buying recordings from world’s

level ???: sincerely enjoying piobaireachd


• I •
• Will •
• Go •
• Down•
• With •
• This •
• Ship •

Captain Ben Camelleri-Davey, 27, Intelligence Officer with 2 SCOTS, on parade in Glasgow’s Homecoming parade after their tour of Afghanistan. Ben and some of his colleagues are observing ‘Movember’ by growing moustaches, in memory of Corproal William Savage, a fallen colleague who didn’t come back from this tour.

Mark Owens

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