Indy Mini W18D4 - easy 6

It was cold and rainy alllllll day today! But by the time I headed out for my run it was only sprinkling! And it stayed that way my whole run.

I made sure to keep these miles nice and relaxed. Of course my brain did the whole “you feel tired now and have to run over twice as far and 2 minutes/mile faster on Saturday” freak out. But I did my best to dismiss those thoughts! I’ve put in 18 weeks of good training, so now I just have to trust that and have fun on Saturday!

I’m surprisingly calm though! I think about how I felt before Chicago and I am a million times more calm for this race haha I’m most excited to see how I do! I think it will be a fun race, no matter the outcome :)

Happy Friday eve!! 2 days left!!!!