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Rumiko Week - Day #1: Favorite Female Characters

Small sketch of Ibunduur the plant zombie and a birb! Ibun used to be an Orrian wizard who lost his body while messing up with forbidden magic, then hundreds of years later Wooch found his soul, went full Frankenstein and made a sylvari-like body with a human skeleton base for the soul to accomodate.

Ibun actually has a terrible personality so Wooch got him a raven chick to make him a bit more compassionate. It only helped a little, if at all, and the raven is Ibun’s partner in crime now.

The Ship | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Author’s Note: Like long time no write? I’m so glad that the TRW will be having Season 2!!! Anyways, I got bored and I wrote. Hope you liked it. Any form of feedback and REQUESTS are appreciated.

Word Count: 386

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

The party music grew louder as you reached Jessica Davis’s house.

You opened the door and all the loud noises in the world slapped in your face.

“Hey, bitch!” Jessica greeted you.

“Sometimes, that endearment of ours is not likeable.” You laugh.

“But I’m a good kind of bitch, you know that and you’re the better bitch, gurl.” She replied.

“Yeah.” You nodded. “Anyways, I’m gonna go get myself a drink Jess.” You waved at her as a sign of goodbye.

As you make your way to the kitchen, you spotted Hannah and Clay, chatting.

You interrupted them by your huge smile and greeted them.

“Hey, did you know that my ship is sailing?

Clay frowned, “Ship, Y/N?”

You giggle, “Really Clay? You don’t get the reference?” you glanced at Hannah, “You do, right?”

Hannah smiled, “You’re so silly Y/N.”

And then a huge pair of arm wrapped your waist, “How about our ship, Y/N?” Zach whispered.

“When did you ever realize that we’re going to sail a perfect ship in a sea. Zach? You faced him.

“Since, you cheered at my game.”

“Yeah, but I did it every time, since you know, I’m a cheerleader?”

“Since, we partnered in Bio?” he added

“Yeah, and we don’t have any control in that particular situation, since we are partnered by Mr. Smith.” You answered.

“Since, you drop messages for me at Peer Communication?” He smiled.

“Oh gods help this jock for his unknown accusations.” You pushed him away.

“Or probably, my mom and your mom settle the ship for us, since you know, they know what’s better for us?” he continued.

“Really, Zach?” you faced him.

“Really, Y/N.” Justin added, “You know, my man, Zach here,” he tapped Zach’s shoulder, “Kinda like you,” he muttered.

“No, Justin, make it “He really like you.”.” Jeff argued. You looked at them with amusement.

“Jeff, I thought you liked me.” You pleaded.

“Wait, what, Jeff?” Zach glared at Jeff as if he is going to kill him.

“Wait, what, Y/N?” Jeff looked at you in return.

“Kidding,” you laughed, “Alright, Zach,” you faced him, “if that is you asking me out, well my answer is a yes.”

“Monet’s after class, on Monday.” He looked at you happily.

“No, Monet’s boy, my girl liked Starbucks better.” Tony, your best friend, concluded.

Distant (II)

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: Part 2!!

Note: Ok i got really bored of naming things for a part two so i’m just gonna start calling them part two’s lmao hope ya’ll enjoy!

You ran as fast as your legs could take you to your house as you rushed to your room, you slid down the door crying as you dialed Jason’s phone number.

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first impressions
  • From The Dining Table - amazing melody, he sings it so gently and the harmonies are gorgeous. this is the song you want to be emo to while you drink five glasses of wine and stare out a rainy window after your breakup
  • Woman - this is like if harry tried to do funk? I’M SCREAMING THAT DUCK NOISE….bye. (it’s more like someone saying ‘unh’ but super nasally and very edited) but it’s so catchy and something I can see myself dirty dancing to. and he does some super dreamy bg vocals in this too
  • Kiwi - he’s going to lose his voice singing this song, I just know it. he sings this almost in a billie joe armstrong-esque kind of way? but yeah he had to be hyped the fuck up when he sang this. super guitar-heavy, very 90′s rock vibe imo. I would mosh to this HA
  • Only Angel - omg the opening…I am ascending. he uses one of the same effects as SOTT, I think? it sounds like it could be a companion song to it right in the beginning…but then the funky rock comes in. if I heard this on a throwback radio station I would totally believe it was like 30 years old HA. make your dads and uncles listen to it. ngl though I got kind of bored of it 2/3 of the way through…
  • Two Ghosts - the melody immediately reminded me of Home (by 1D), the way the verses were being sung…but the guitar in the background actually sounds exactly like Hello Beautiful by the Jonas Brothers?? but omg I love it? the lyrics are great and it’s one of those songs you’d see being played by someone at a coffee house. really chill vibe
  • Carolina - I’m putting this in here (even though I’ve already heard it) bc the studio version is so different than the live version, imo. out of all the songs he’s played live so far (sott, esny, sc, and this one) this is the one that sounds most different than how he sang it live. there’s some nice vocal effects but it’s even more enjoyable this way, I think. This is the kind of song I’d be blasting as I’m getting ready to go out haha. But I wish he’d gone even wilder at the end and just screamed into the mic as;ldfjsf
  • Meet Me In The Hallway - omg it sounds like he’s underwater. I’m getting a very I Am The Walrus vibe from the verses? Also like if you were walking through a city late at night when there were only streetlights on and you had your backpack on and you were just reflecting on your life as you walked home. 

anyways as a whole I’d give the album like an 8.5/10, I think it’s very harry at its core and he shows a lot of different sides of himself in this musically and it’s great. a few weird decisions on his part technically, in my opinion, but I’m already excited to see him perform these 

mindlessnerd89 said:can you possibly do what it would be like dating Emmett list please? thank you! 💖💖

A/N: Yeah, of course, sweetie! I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with: Sorry! I haven’t written one of these in quite awhile, so it may really suck. :( Sorry for taking so long to get this posted; I still have WAY too many requests in my ask box and I’m working on getting most of them done as possible. Please enjoy, lovely! 💖💖

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Emmett Cullen Would Include:

- Emmett teasing you.

- Wrestling matches in which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett always throwing you over his shoulder.

- Emmett spanking your bottom.

- Rough sex.

- Neck biting.

- A playful relationship.

- Emmett always taking you on camping or hiking trips.

- Emmett always showing off in front of you.

- Emmett flexing his huge muscles in front of you.

- Emmett being your teddy bear.

- “What are you doing here at 2 in the morning?

- “I got bored.

- “And I need sleep.

- Emmett always trying to keep you as happy as possible.

- The two of you always being there for each other.

- Tight bear hugs.

- Emmett being so protective of you.

- The two of you getting jealous easily.

- Always clowning around.

- Emmett teaching you about sports. (If you don’t already know about them).

- Staying up late to curl up and cuddle with Emmett.

- Emmett always trying to get you to watch horror movies with him.

- Emmett loving the fact that he’s able to constantly protect you from any threat.

- “There’s nothing to worry about. I’m here.

- “But what if-

- “You think I’d let anything happen to you?

- Emmett always bringing a big grin to your face.

- “Emmett! Put me down!

- Emmett teasing you in more than one way.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Hot, long and lustful make out sessions.

- Your small hand fitting in his perfectly.

- Emmett hugging you from behind.

- Lot’s of horsing around.

- You teasing Emmett for being a giant.

- Arm wrestling matches, which Emmett let’s you win.

- Emmett treating you like a queen.

- Immediately being protected by the Cullen family.

- Being covered in hickeys. (Unless you’re a vampire, too).

- Emmett being gentle with you.

- Emmett winking at you.

- Jealous Emmett.

- Jealous you.

- When you cry, Emmett immediately tries pulling out jokes, but when that doesn’t work; protective Emmett comes out.

- “Who’s ass do I have to kick?

- The two of you loving each other so much that you don’t even have to say it: You’ve found other ways to express it…

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“My real name is Historia.”