2) have never heard their music or

Sit down buckaroos because I’m gonna share some historical insight with you because of ignorant people who are trying to discard the most badass character in all of feminist characters in musical theatre history and I won’t take that.
Katherine Ethel Pulitzer was a real person - daughter of Joseph and Kate Pulitzer. So there’s fact number 1 to prove she was an actual living person in the 1800’s. Fact 2. When you say women weren’t journalists back then well you obviously have never heard nor read about Elizabeth Jane Cochran also known by her pen name “Nellie Bly”. She was the inspiration behind Katherine’s character in the first place. They basically merged the real Katherine with Nellie and created this character. Nellie Bly began writing for “The Pittsburg Dispatch” in 1885 and moved to New York City two years later to begin working at “New York World”. She was known for her investigative and undercover reporting, including posing as a sweatshop worker to expose poor working conditions faced by women. She earned her acclaim in 1887 when she went undercover at an asylum on Blackwell’s Island and posed as one of the patients to get the story and in turn had launched a full on investigation on the treatment of the institution and the well being of patients (which wasn’t a well being at all with neglect and physical abuse) in said facility. In 1889 she went around the world in a record-setting 72 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 14 seconds in attempt to break the faux record of Phileas Fogg, the fictional title character in Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. At the age of 18 (my age) she submitted a racy response to an editorial piece that had been published in The Pittsburgh Dispatch that made sexist statements towards women. The writer was Erasmus Wilson (known as the Quiet Observer or Q.O.) Nellie’s letter grabbed the attention of the paper’s managing editor, George Madden, who then offered her a position. She later published a book about the experience titled: “Around the World in 72 Days” in 1890.
So don’t you DARE tell me Katherine Plumber wasn’t a vital asset to these boy’s story. She’s more of an inspiration to me than ANY character I’ve read about. Nellie Bly is an inspiration who makes me want a writing career. I am very much like Katherine (in more ways than just having power bangs) and because of her I’ve learned to love myself. Because of her I can get through days when I’ve got a shit ton of Senior year homework knocking me down. Because of her I’m happier. Katherine and Nellie are huge inspirations to me and if you hate either one of them just unfollow me now. Because these two are my role models and always will be❤

10 signs you should probably delete Green Light from your music library

1) You don’t even give the song a chance to finish before you’re restarting it

2) It’s literally the only song you’ve listened to in the past 3 days

3) You’re stomach drops in time with the music

4) Goosebumps… lots of goosebumps

5) You can’t listen to it post meal because you are so sure you WILL throw up

6) You mentally dissect every single lyric over and over

7) Your family have openly admitted they’ve heard Lorde’s voice so much they never want to hear it again

8) Your friends have started deleting you off snapchat because every single snap is you rolling on the floor crying to the lyrics

9) Did I mention your stomach drops? Because I mean like, sky diving drops

10) You’re now officially Lorde’s number one fan

Originally posted by livelovecaliforniadreams

But who the fuck am I kidding? I ain’t deleting it if it’s the last thing I do.

(This post was written while listening to Green Light by Lorde….)

Watching the NIS America Press Livestream, Here are Details

Danganronpa Stuff:

– Oh god, the way they had to delicately help the poor boy/girl inside the Monokuma suit onto the stage… so sweet/pathetic. Of course, Kodaka and his translator come out with Monokuma, and Kodaka promptly does a Monokuma voice (in English!) into the microphone.

– The translator is too nervous to actually translate the first lines Kodaka says about DRV3, she stumbles and struggles while giggling, and Kodaka hilariously points out “But she doesn’t have to listen to me at all! She only has to read the monitor next to mine! I could say anything in Japanese, honestly, and it doesn’t matter. So maybe I’ll just make up some lies about competing games.”

– DRV3′s new school is now called Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles in the English translation. … I like it. Much better than “Gifted Inmates Academy,” the initial rough translation.

– The demo version IS coming to North America. It’ll be the same demo they had in Japan with Makoto and Hajime.

– September 26, 2017 is the official release date for Danganronpa V3 in North America!

– In fact, the worldwide releases will all be in September 2017, evidently, across Asia/Australia/Europe, although he doesn’t provide more details beyond that.

– Kodaka acknowledges that there’s a bit of time between the Japanese release and the others, but he says they’re going to be using the time to optimize the game further.

– Honestly, even the trailer for the Reload and UDG re-releases got my heart pumping. You give me that theme music, and I have an immediate reflex action of “OHMYGOD DANGANRONPA”

– The new teaser for DRV3 isn’t really… anything to speak of. Just some sprite art and text promising that stuff will be all-new.

Not-Dangan thoughts:

1) Is this press event all happening in someone’s basement? Why does it look like I’m in my old elementary school’s cafeteria?

2) Who is this Pewdiepie Lite-lookin’ host?

3) Tokyo Tattoo Girls looks embarrassing…

4) I’ve never heard of Touhou before, but it sure is… prolific, evidently. Some of the games shown look pretty cool. I need to look into this.

Can we raise some awareness for K.Flay? I mean she:

1. is a white rapper who doesn’t appropriate black culture;
2. /never/ uses the n-word;
3. talks about depression and anxiety, and other mental illnesses;
4. discusses drugs and alcohol, but doesn’t necessarily glorify or romanticize them (well, maybe a little);
5. has the /sexiest/ voice I have ever heard from a woman;
6. p sure she’s a feminist;
7. and she isn’t super well-known so you get to say “I listened to her before she was popular,” plus her music is relatively cheap.

Honestly some of the greatest music I have ever heard is by K.Flay, and she really deserves more attention. Please at least check her out!

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Hwtr to you singing and dancing around in the kitchen dressed in their shirt at 3 am like a dork?

I can do that for you anon! :) 


If it’s 3am and you’re dancing around the kitchen in his shirt, you’re most probably drunk and had sex not long before. He would sit on the counter top with another beer in his hand as he watches you dance around to some random song from the computer. It’s probably a song related to a meme like ‘I’m Blue’ or ‘Epic Sax Solo.’ 

You will try to get him to dance with you but he’s too drunk. He’s happy to sit there and laugh as you shuffle around with a frying pan full of bacon and eggs. More than likely Max will record it and put it on Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube (as a vlog thing) or Instagram. He eventually will smile and think about how lucky he is to have a dork like you in his life.


Ian will be either filming or editing when he heard the music. He will be slightly annoyed but when he goes to investigate you’re at the fridge dressed up in one of his shirts that he received from the Bad Unboxing series and some of his boxers. It’s such a glorious sight for him to see you dressed like that. You also have the music up pretty loud and your bopping away to the song. 

You will never notice he is there because 1) you’re too off in your own little dancing world as you spin around the kitchen and 2) He’s hidden in the hallway watching so whenever you turn he will go back into hiding. It’s only when you both go into the bedroom to sleep is when he will kiss you and say “You looked cute in the kitchen. If only you danced to Reeces Puffs” 


Joji will be working on some project that is keeping him up when he hears a clatter of pots and pans. He will get up off the couch and walk to the kitchen to see you there in nothing but his shirt, socks and lacy underwear as you dance like a complete mad person. It’s the funniest thing that he’s ever seen!

He will lean against the door frame with his arms folded as you skid across the tiles like in that one scene in Risky Business. When you actually notice him you scream and jump in fright and embarrassment but he will just laugh and say “No one ever said stop.” With a smirk on his face. It’s only then will you pull him in and you both start dancing together 

SMH as Tinder Bios part 2

I have spent countless more hours on Tinder to bring you… SMH as Tinder Bios PART 2


Jack: Like tilapia? I cook real good tilapia!

Bitty: Favorite food is butter

Shitty: All you can eat sushi restaurants fear me

Lardo: Lardo’s the name, inhumanly large portions of pasta is the game

Holster: If it helps, I also play Quidditch

Ransom: Music and pre-med so I can serenade you about your cardiovascular system

Nursey: Love me please haha

Dex: Won’t date anyone who’s never heard of a bike

Chowder: Two dogs in a human costume


Kent: They call me the stormin Mormon

Tater: I’m just a grown man with a pet hamster

EXTRA BONUS: (I just gotta share this one with y’all)

Beef scoundrel at Albertson’s

thank you @algebraicyo for tagging me!

Nickname: Listen people. you can’t make a nickname out of Asya. the only nickname-adjacent experiences I’ve had are 1. fake internet names i gave myself when i was 16 and terrified that someone could steal your identity with just your first name and 2. the few months my coworker called me Plutonium Blue 

Zodiac Sign: libra

Height: 6'5’’<—-drew are you deadass? deadass serious? you don’t have leg extensions? jesus

anyway I’m 5′11

Last thing you Googled: what is spam made of

Favorite Music Artist: I’ve never heard music

Song stuck in my head: Young The Giant–Silvertongue

Last movie you watched: Abattoir (0/10. probably written based on the premise “dude…..a haunted house….MADE out of haunted houses” by (1) first year film student and (1) first year literature major. played ping pong with 10 genres including “crime reporter drama”, “small-town southern gothic”, and “complete pseudo-philosophical bullshit”. characters only spoke in monologues and never actually Said Anything)

What are you wearing right now?: patterned black harem pants, soft yellow/white striped cropped tee, red socks 

Why did you choose your URL: because i like it

Do you have any other blogs: do you think my blog would be this way if i had sideblogs

What did your last relationship teach
you?: nosy little fucker aren’t you

Religious or Spiritual: best i can do is hum contentedly when i read something about my zodiac sign that i agree with. best i can do

Favorite color? red, orange, yellow

Average hours of sleep: this sounds like a patient form

Lucky number: I’ve never needed to use a lucky number for anything but i do have a 100% success rate for being alive with only a few minor hiccups so 💯

Favorite Characters: From Games, movies, books?
Games: ive never met another human being alive who has played this game that i have in mind so for once I’m going to keep it to myself
Movies/Tv: Shawn Mendes for the 6 seconds he appeared on The 100 and got his ass beat undeservingly 

Books: I read Stiff by Mary Roach a bunch of times and it’s literally just nonfiction where one lady researches all the things that can happen to your human body after you die and writes about it in the most macabre and hilarious way possible and she really trivializes death down to where it just seems like an unfortunate speed bump in the human experience and i recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to take things less seriously

How many blankets do you sleep with: this question is my ‘100 chicken-sized horses’ question

Dream job: gettin them coins

since many of these questions are new i can start throwing people under the bus @shyloft @slampoety @notconsolation @pardonxmeforyelling @iltauinti @wdbwotv @bethylgrixon @goldfishers @kuki-shift @friedlettuce @shivermepickles @edyluewho


Yuuusssssssss, here’s a music recs post of a song from Iron Maiden’s debut. My friends on here who have begun to sorta like the musics that I never shut up about probably have not heard this, because I’m not the biggest fan of Di’Anno era Iron Maiden. However, this song rules. If you ask me, the beginning isn’t really all that great, but right when it shifts gears around 2 minutes in… heck yeck my dudes. The bass solo with the guitars that come in, and the following instrumental section that occurs after that part is also one of my favorite Maiden moments. Cool stuff, even though it can’t hold a candle to Dickinson 80′s Maiden. 

I Should Have Cheated || Derek Luh Part 2 *Requested*

Here is PART 1 


As the song finished, I couldn’t help but to bawl. I felt like an idiot, used, unappreciated and naïve. How could I be so blind as to not see that he was cheating on me? All those times that he said he loved me, was it even true? Or was it to make sure he could get into my pants? I really loved him, hell, I still do love him. But I refuse to be someone’s doormat, especially someone who’s lied to me countless times. 

Shit, where am I? I look around and see a hotel is only 5 miles away. I guess that’s better than sleeping in my car. I pull into the Ramada Hotel parking lot and touch up my face. I don’t need people I don’t know to see that I’ve been crying. I finally check in and realize I have no bags. Just my phone, charger and my wallet. Just my fucking luck.

I get to my room and try to decompress everything that just happened. I end up going through my photos and texts messages between Derek and I. How could he ruin something so perfect? We were supposed to get married and have kids. Guess that’s not happening now. 

Derek’s POV:

FUCK! How the hell did she find that video?! How could she just leave without letting me explain? I don’t even know what to do right now. I love her and I fucked it up. She’s never going to take me back. Not this time. I need help to get her back.

Delaney’s POV:

“No Carly. He is not cute and you’re drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon HAHA! Go home before you sleep with a -7. I’ll call you tomorrow.” As I put down my phone, it signaled me that I got a text message. 

Whoa, what the hell? What does that even mean? You know what, fuck this. I need answers.


I don’t know how it’s helping, but starring at this hotel ceiling is really peaceful. I was just about to clear my mind when… *VIBRATES*

Even though Derek was pretty much Satan to me right now, Delaney was the complete opposite. 

Delaney kept her word and was there in 30 minutes. I went to the front office and checked out of the room. When I was done, I got in my car and tailed her back to her apartment. We got in and I saw a picture of Derek and I on her foyer table. No matter how hard I tried not to, this time I couldn’t help the tears rushing down my face.

“Oh Sweetheart! It’s going to be okay. You’re going to get through this. You are so much stronger than some man hoe. And I know that’s my brother and I will always love him, but he is so wrong for doing this. I’ve never been so just, ugh with him. Is there anything I can do?” I loved her for being so concerned about me, but I didn’t even know what I needed. My mind hadn’t processed that far.

“I don’t know. I want to stop loving him, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. At least not anytime soon. I don’t even think he loved me. That’s the funny part about all of this.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that he loved you. You were the best thing that happened to him and he knew that. He’s selfish, Y/N. He needs to grow up.”

She was right, but I can’t wait around for him to do so. At least not anymore. I’m not going to let him have control over me. I’m stronger than this. I am more important than this and I matter. It’s time for me to show that.

*2 weeks later*

It’s time I stop hiding and be me again. Even though I live with Delaney now, I will never be in Derek’s life the same way. And I’m okay with that.

“Hey Girlie, I heard you singing to some badass music earlier. Does that mean you’re feeling better?”

“Yeah, I am. I talked to Derek and told him that I would be coming by to pick up the rest of my stuff that wasn’t picked up a few weeks ago. Thank you again for doing that. I wasn’t in the right mindset to do so then.”

“Absolutely. I had to talk to him face to face anyway.”

“How was he?”

“Destroyed. He’s still working and the boys were keeping him company, but he wasn’t the same. Have you talked to him about it at all?”

“No. I talked to Swazz though. He was just checking in.”

“Do you forgive him? Derek.” I never gave her a straight answer. I just wanted to get the rest of my stuff form his place.

We arrived at his house and I was greeted with a hug from KDL.

“You know he misses you. He was just thinking with the wrong head that night.”

“I know.” I stepped past him and he let me in the house. That’s when I saw Derek. He looked like hell, but he was still powering through to get his work done. I gave him a half ass wave and headed to the bedroom. I know he’ll follow me.

“You know I love you,” I heard from behind me. 

I turned around and looked at him, “I know, I love you too. I always have, Derek.” I saw Delaney and a few of the boys walk in and start carrying out my belongings.

“So then where does that leave us, Y/N? Do you forgive me? You say you love me, but you’re still moving your shit out.”

“It leaves us where we are. I forgave you weeks ago, but not for you. I had to forgive you for me because I matter. Whether you see that or not.”

“Of course I know that! God, I made a mistake. I don’t want to be without you. None of those other hoes matter. You’re right, you do mater! And you have to know that you matter to me.” It looked like he was about to cry, but I honestly didn’t care. I didn’t fuck this up. He did.

“I used to know that, but now I don’t know what to believe. After being lied to for almost 3 years, it’s hard to believe anything you say.”

“So you are still mad.” I looked behind him when I saw Delaney walk back in.

“Hey, ready to go when you are.” She said it in voice that almost said ‘I’m sorry, but you can do this’.

I gave her a nod and looked Derek back in his beautiful brown eyes. The eyes I used to look to for hope or reassurance. When I didn't see that anymore, I knew it was time. I gave him one last hug and kissed his lips.

“I’m not mad. I’m just done.” With that, I walked out of his room, out of his house and out of his life.

Author’s Note: Here is part 2 of the Derek Luh Smut, I Should Have Cheated. This was requested and I hope you all like it!

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us how you first got into 1d/love for Harry?

Harry stole my soul and hid it in his dimple. I am powerless.

Lol no but just by accident really, I was just watching some music videos one day about 2 years ago and came across Night Changes and the moment I saw/heard Harry it was like getting hit by a bus 😂 I never listened to 1D before then, it was never my taste, but eventually because of my love for Harry, I got into it anyway. But yeah, been a harrie™ from the start, and I have been begging the universe for solo Harry for like three decades so I am LIVING right now…. This response is a mess, I’m sorry, hope I answered the question 😂

Fuk, I won’t be able to make it to the gorillaz tour. I mean, i could afford it but I won’t have no one 2 go with. Plus since this is a music festival, it won’t just be the gorillaz but a whole bunch of other bands i never heard of. I just wanna listen to gorillaz, that’s it.

So, i think Imma wait and hope they come back with a concert of their own, just them, no one else. Hopefully, I don’t regret this decision down the road….


RAPPERS’ Days Off.

A short list of a few things rappers have done, besides music, that you might not have heard about

1)RZA of the Wu Tang Clan with his Sifu in Shaolin and spiritual guide in Buddhism one of the original Shaolin Temples, the birthplace of Kung-fu. There, he was told by the monks “he is home”

2)Danny Brown, currently taking a hiatus from music to write a Dr. Seuss inspired children’s book for his daughter.

3)David Banner and Percy(Master P) Miller, testifying the integrity and importance of hip hop at a congressional hearing (2007)

4)Jay-Z and Beyonce, helped post bail for the protesters arrested in Ferguson. Something, they never spoke on, or sought praise for, but blew up in popularity once third party sources posted about it.

5)Killer Mike owns a barbershop for black youth in Atlanta, not just any barbershop, but it also doubles as a community center and safe haven for black members of the community,especially the youth, to have a place to gather and congregate. This place often holds live performances. And even the creators of the Boondocks held their season premier party there. It also has a partnership with the Atlanta police department where local cops come and visit and get formally acquainted with the civilians to form a better bond of trust between the police and the black civilians.

6)Dr. Dre’s recent album “Compton.” He donated 100% of his artist royalties from that album to building an art center for youth. A place where children can come and learn about all forms of art and it’s history and possibly gain a new perspective/appreciation of it.

Butterflies - G-Dragon

I highly suggest if you haven’t listened to G-Dragon’s song “Butterfly”, listen to it before reading this.

“Our dongseng! Come here for a second,” you heard your ‘Oppa’ call you from where you were sitting out in the hall of the recording studio in the YG Entertainment main building. 

“Don’t wanna~,” you replied as you returned your headphones back to sit atop your ears.

“You-… Since we’ve met, you’ve never once listened to me,” he said as you looked up saw your headphones and your music player floating over your head.

“Hey, give it back! That’s my favorite song!” you said as you reached up above you. You didn’t actually stand to reach for them because you didn’t want to give in to him.

“Why should I?” he asked as he hid them behind his back.

“I do listen to you Jiyong! Listening and obeying are totally different things!” you said as you tried to reach behind his back, you still didn’t want to show that you were giving into his teasing.

“There! How many times have I told you to call me “Oppa”?” he replied stepping back and pointing a finger in your face.

“I don’t know, 40 times in the past 2 weeks at least,” you said reaching in your bag. He may have had your favorite headphones but you always carried spare earbuds, just in case he might try to tease you again. And as you put them into your ears and plugged them into your phone you heard a low mumbling.

“You never….” you heard the beginning of his sentence and you ripped out your left earbud afraid that it was something actually important.

“What is it?” you asked.

“Nothing” he replied.

“Are you sure?” you asked.

“Yeah, just listen to your music,” he reassured you.

You nodded your head and returned to your favorite song “Butterfly” by G-Dragon. You felt a presence beside you and as you looked to your left you saw Jiyong sit down, put your headphones on his head and press play. You felt him chuckle realizing that your “favorite song” was one of his songs, and for the rest of the day, you couldn’t look him in the eyes.

For the past couple of months he seemed to want to say something but for fear of prodding and being seen as “bothersome”, you kept your mouth shut waiting for him to spill whatever secret he was keeping locked up. You always had this fear that at some point he would get mad at you for being too nosey and never want to see you again. The main reason for this fear, was the fact that you were just a normal college student.

You met Jiyong and the other members of Big Bang one day when you were lost around Seoul. All you were trying to do was find your friend’s college but instead, you found yourself lost and as you rounded a corner you were met with a huge crowd. You ran to ask for directions but, between the throngs of women who were bumping you around like a pinball, and the screaming, you couldn’t get anyone to listen to you. You were pulled to safety by a man in a hat and doctors mask and rushed into a building. Of course, when the man pulled the mask off and asked if you were okay, you were stunned to see G-Dragon. And after many times bumping into him on your way to your friend’s college, you became close enough that it was no longer trips to see your friend, but to meet up and hang with him and the boys.


“What should I do?” Jiyong said as he held his head in his hands. He looked up at his fellow bandmate and best friend with pleading in his eyes. “Tell me what to do.”

“I’ve told you a million times, just tell her already,” Youngbae said as he turned on the music. Jiyong had been barging in on Youngbae’s practice time to ask for advice on this girl he liked. Youngbae knew that when Jiyong grabbed the confuse girl from a crowd of fans knowing that they could catch him and rumors would be started, that he had probably fallen for her already.

“I can’t just tell her,” Jiyong brooded as he slid down the mirror where he was standing and let his butt land on the floor.

“Why not,” Youngbae asked cutting off the music again, grabbing a towel, two water bottles and sliding down to his bummed out best friend. “I’m sure she’ll say yes.”

“No, she won’t,” Jiyong said as he took the water bottle being offered to him.

“She won’t even call me ‘Oppa’. I’ve been friend-zoned.”

“Bro, not calling you ‘Oppa’ doesn’t mean much,” he said trying to encourage his friend. He had never seen Jiyong so vulnerable before, so… jealous.

“She calls you ‘oppa’. She call’s Top-hyung and Daesung, ‘Oppa’. Even Seungri gets called ‘Oppa,’what’s so hard in calling me ‘Oppa’.”

Youngbae let out a chuckle as he saw his friend, his brother ruffle his hair and let out a loud and frustrated groan.

“This isn’t funny,” Jiyong said shooting Youngbae a playful and dirty look, “If I can’t get her to call me ‘Oppa’, how can I get her to like me – .” Jiyong was interrupted with a ring on his phone.

“Well, it’s time to go,” Youngbae said as he got up and threw his towel in a bin in the corner of the practice room. Youngbae already knew what the message Jiyong just received was about.

“I forgot all about it,” Jiyong said as he stood up to follow.

“Did you tell her to watch it tonight,” Youngbae asked as they both made their way back to a van parked under the building where the other members were waiting.

“Yeah, she’ll be watching,” he said as he slid into one of the empty seats in the van.

“Good,” Youngbae said, she’s going to find out that you like her really fast.


You sat down with your favorite fruit, (this week it happened to be raspberries), your textbook and a bottle of water, and turned on your Television. Jiyong had told you the other day that tonight they were going to have a live interview and whenever he told you these kinds of things you made sure to not only mark it on your calendar, but to video tape and watch it. You always loved seeing how the man you had come to know as ‘Jiyong’ could turn into ‘G-Dragon’.

Throughout the interview the reporter asked all the normal questions. Questions about acting, Japanese activities, the usual. Then it came to the dreaded ideal type. You hated watching this part of the interviews not only because you didn’t want to  hear what kinds of girls the boys, (especially Jiyong) liked, (because you would automatically compare yourself to the ‘ideal girl’) but you also knew how uncomfortable it made them feel to be asked that question. You saw Youngbae secretly get out his phone and text someone and after about 15 seconds you heard your phone beep. You picked up the phone and read the message: 

*YB. Oppa – Are you watching? You better be watching.* 

You took a picture of yourself by the television and sent it to him: 

*I’m watching see? Proof!*

And without a reply you saw Youngbae on the TV laughing and putting his phone back in his pocket.

“Okay now that we’ve gotten everyone’s ideal types, let’s end with G-Dragon. G-Dragon, what is your ideal type of girl like?” the interviewer asked. 

I promised I would watch it, not hear it.
You thought as you covered your ears, you watched the television as the camera zoomed into a blushing Jiyong. But you uncovered your ears when the camera panned to Youngbae.

“-be asking who his ideal girl is,” Youngbae suggested. The camera zoomed out to an equally shocked Jiyong and reporter. The reporter quickly snapped out of it.

“So, there’s a girl that G-Dragon likes,” the reporter stated moving the microphone he was holding to hover right in front of Jiyong’s mouth which was not opening at all.

“Yep, she’s watching right now,” Youngbae replied for him, “he’s been asking me advice on how to tell her he likes her. I haven’t had one peaceful practice in two months!”

“Will you shut it? What if she finds out it’s her?” Jiyong asked trying to cover Youngbae’s mouth. But when he did the others chimed in as well.

“He’s been asking you advice? He’s been asking me advice too,” Daesung added.

“He’s been calling me between filming breaks to ask for advice,” TOP seconded.

“Wait, really? Then hyung, why do you keep asking me?” Seungri questioned.

“I’m doomed,” Jiyong said as he hung his head down.

“What is wrong G-Dragon?” the reporter asked.

Jiyong took a deep breath and there was a pause. You had never seen them so rowdy in an interview before and you never knew that he had someone he liked.

Was that what he was trying to tell me? That we can’t be friends anymore because he likes someone? The thought sent a sharp pain through your chest and you felt tears well up in your eyes. You wanted to turn off the television, you didn’t want to hear him talk about her, but you promised both to Youngbae and to Jiyong that you would watch it, and you never went back on a promise.

“Well… I guess I have no choice to confess now, thanks to Youngbae. She’s our friend,” Jiyong began, “She’s pretty and she’s funny. She’s the most intelligent person I’ve ever met, she’s easy to tease and her reactions make you want to tease her more. She’s really pure, she’s kind and gentle, she is perfect. The way we met was a little weird, but she’s become someone that I can rely on, someone irreplaceable.”

He was in love, you could see it in his eyes, in the pink on his cheek, you could hear it in his voice, he really loved her. Tears streamed down your face and you came to the realization that now she would be the only one he teased, the only one he made laugh. Do I love Jiyong? You wondered and the tears that came rolling out of your eyes were just a confirmation to that question. I’m in love with Jiyong…

You heard Seungri’s laugh come from the television, “The way you met was weird? He practically saved her from a huge crowd of fans.”

Daesung chimed in, “I’ve never seen him just grab someone like that.”

“I wouldn’t have been able to do a better job even if it was scripted,” TOP added.

Wait… he grabbed someone else too?

“The funny thing is, she won’t call him ‘Oppa’. She calls all of us ‘Oppa’, but for him, she won’t. It drives him nuts,” Taeyang added.

She won’t call him ‘Oppa’, I thought I was the only one…

“I’ve been trying to tell her that I like… no… that I love her, but I chicken out everytime.” Jiyong explained.

“So do you think she knows now G-Dragon?” the reporter asked.

“No, definitely not, she probably thinks I’m talking about someone else,” Jiyong said, “but, I think I know a way to make sure she figures it out. Since I’m already doomed anyways.”

You watched him stand up, walk toward the camera and take a deep breath, he turned around to his fellow members and the reporter, “I’m going to sing a line from her favorite song.”

“You better listen this time,” he said.

As he turned toward the camera you were stunned at how intense his gaze was. You whipped your tears away from your cheeks and listened.

He took another deep breath he began, “Yo, you’re like a butterfly/ Flying around searching for flowers, like a child (With purity held in your eyes,no matter what)/ (Yea) Your light gestures/ The twinkle in your eyes/ Look what’s happened to me (You’re the only one girl, one love, one life, yea).”

You were stunned, shocked, baffled, whatever you want to call it, that’s what you were. But that’s my-

“Right now she’s probably thinking “that’s my favorite song too.” Her favorite song is “Butterfly”, but when I think about it, that song fits her perfectly. She’s someone you’re afraid to catch, but still, you really want her all to yourself,” Jiyong said.

“And with a confession our interview is over. We wish G-Dragon all the best of luck. Thank you again for the interview and we wish you the best in all your future activities,” the reporter said and the screen faded out and a commercial came on.

For a couple of minutes you sat in shock and a buzz from your phone brought you back to Earth.

*YB Oppa: We’re headed back to the building, I think you should meet us there.*

He didn’t even have to tell you, you were already out the door.

You didn’t even have to check the street names, your heart told you where to turn and you just ran. You reached the building and after 30 seconds the van drove up. You were panting heavily and your hair was sticking to your face because of the sweat, but you didn’t care.

The sliding door opened and the boys stepped out each patting your shoulder and whispering “Fighting” before making their way into the building. Jiyong almost tripped out of the van when he saw you.

“What are you doing here? Why are you panting? Did you run here?” Jiyong asked trying to divert your attention.

“I think we need to talk,” you said as you turned around and began to make your way behind the building.

He let out a worried sigh and followed 5 feet behind you. As you rounded the corner to the back of the building where you knew you would be able to talk and no one would interrupt you, you stopped. There were some tables and benches around, but it was so late, no one would be coming around. This was where you came to think while the boys would be practicing or working on a new song.

You turned around ran towards him and smashed into him. The impact made him let out a small gasp and you wrapped your arms around him.

“What are you doing?” he asked as he looked down. He tried to pry you off of him so he could see your face but you held on tighter.

“Don’t… I can’t look at you while saying this…” you explained.

“Let me see your face,” he said.

You shook your head, “No.”

“Please, just let me see,” he pleaded.

“Jiyong, it’s too embarrassing, No.” you denied him again.

“How many times have I told you to call me ‘Oppa’.

This felt like one of the most embarrassing moments of your life. “I… I like you. I love you…” You gasped when you felt his arms lightly grab your own and he unwrapped you from him.

“Now I have to see,” he said as he leaned down to look you in the eye. “Your face is so red,” he teased.

“Yours is too!” you replied.

“I know, it’s because I like you,” he replied. You stared at each other for a few seconds in complete silence before bursting out laughing. After cackling, chuckling and giggling, you sat down on a wide bench and he sat behind you wrapping you in a back hug. You untangled him, interlocked your fingers and pulled him to hug you again. 

“Why don’t you call me ‘Oppa’?” he questioned.

“Because, ‘Oppa’ in English is pretty much ‘big brother’. Youngbae, TOP, Seungri, and Daesung, they’re all like big brothers to me but, to me you’ve never been a ‘big brother’. I can call you ‘Oppa’ if you want me to.”

“You better not,” he said as he rested his head on your shoulder.

You giggled as he began to sing, “Every time I come close to you/ (Every time I’m holding you) / Feel like I’m in a  dream every time/ (I get butterflies).”

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2/2 Speaking of OSTs, I love the OST for The Garden of Words, and I don't know if you've watched it, but the anime series Sakamichi no Apollon (absolute fave). Hobi anon

Oh no! Tumblr must have eaten the first part of this ask. D: I hope you still remember what you sent. Grr, this site needs to get it together. (ง'̀-‘́)ง

BUT YESSSSSSS. Omg, I absolutely love The Garden of Words. It’s also one of the soundtracks I listen to when I read or write. That movie is gorgeous and so is the music. ;__;

I have never heard of that anime before, but I just looked it up right now and read the summary of what it’s about and AHHH. I already know I’m going to love it. I’m honestly the biggest sucker for jazz (it’s one of my favorite genres) so I will definitely watch it when I have the time! :D

A Date (Jimin Fluff)

You were in the midst of getting ready for a night out with Jimin. You finally got to spend time with him while he was free. You slipped on your dress, the dress long and draped.

You feel self conscious about your dress, fearing the shape wasn’t good on you. You were searching for something else when Jimin walked in.

“Babe, have you seen- Y/N are you looking for something else?”

He walked up to me, probably enjoyed the height difference we still had and I just spoke simply.

“I just thought this dress wasn’t nice enough, so I’m gonna-”

He put a finger on my lips and I looked at him, confused.

“Babe, the dress looks perfect- you look perfect. If we had the time, I would show you how perfect you are but that’s for later.” He added a wink at the end.

“Here.” You grabbed his cuff links off the side table and he smiled. He kissed your forehead and you beamed.

“You know me so well.” He finished getting dressed and you checked over yourself one more time, Jimin never forgetting to say how beautiful you are.

The drive to the restaurant was short which you both appreciated as you were hungry and so was he.

“Shall we?” He opened your door for you and helped you out before locking the car.

The restaurant was huge, the foyer itself was impressive. Jimin hadn’t left go of your hand when he was talking to the hostess. She seemed bugged by it but he ignored it.

“This way.” She said, dully and gave us a table on the balcony. Jimin had a hand on your back, cautious of you tripping or falling.

“Thank you.” You whispered to him in which he replied how he was supposed to protect you.

“You really do look beautiful.”

“Jimin, you flatter me too much. You, of course are as handsome as ever.”

He reached for your hand again, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand. His skin was soft, and it made you feel at peace with him rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.

He always did that to make you feel calm.

“Welcome to Annisa, may I have your order?” A waiter came, his eyes were on you. Jimin cleared his throat, taking notice of the waiter’s wandering eyes immediately.

“I’ll have the beef Wellington. Baby, what would you like?“ He emphasized clearly, shooting down the waiter for me.

“I’ll have the angel hair pasta with chicken, please.”

The waiter nodded, going directly to the kitchen. You kicked him under the table, seeing him wince in pain.

“Ow. Y/N, your kicks already hurt but why did you have to wear heels?” He whined.

“Jimin, you were so assertive with him. Relax a little.” You weren’t going to admit that you loved when he was overprotective of you but sometimes it felt like any male looking at you made him a bit jealous.

“You still have me, remember that.”
“I’m not going to lose you, I promise.”
You two kept talking until your food arrived. He kept staring at your pasta, making little comments at how good it looked.

“Here.” You fed him some which he happily ate.

“So it’s fair.” He fed a bite of his beef Wellington and enjoyed how well done it was.

The atmosphere was perfect, you and Jimin felt like it was only you two here. The music playing throughout the restaurant changed to your favourite piano arrangement of Nocturne Op.9 No.2 by Chopin.

“May I have this dance, Y/N?” He smiles cutely and you took him hand. He led you down the stairs and you two made it to the empty dance floor.

You followed his lead, with every step. You both moved with such grace and elegance. The music was dulled out by how invested you were into Jimin.

You focused on how he looked at you, his eyes never leaving you for a second. Your heart felt like it was being churned and you returned his longing stare.

You remembered where you were when you heard loud applause.

“Look babe, they noticed us.” He said nonchalantly and you playfully hit his arm.

“Why is my face so hot? Ah…” You were fully blushing, you haven’t danced outside of those last night dancing you did with Jimin to all the music you both loved.

“So cute.” He kissed your cheek before taking you back up to the balcony. Couples leaving the same balcony complimented how well you two looked together and how graceful you both were.

“You were amazing.” You blushed again, to his satisfaction and your inability to properly take compliments.

“I just followed your lead, Jimin that’s all.” You meekly responded and the waiter came back with your bill along with your dessert of red velvet cake.

“This cake isn’t as sweet as you” You said, taking the first bite. Jimin gave the waiter his card quickly, not letting you see the total.

“Feed me some, please.” You fed him some and he smiled. The richness of the red velvet was something you both loved very much.

Upon finishing the slice of cake, the waiter returned with Jimin’s card and you left.

“Wasn’t tonight perfect?”

“Not as perfect as you.”

“Do you plan on drowning me in compliments to make me blush permanently?”

He helped you out the car again, holding your hand as you walked inside the condominium. You pushed the elevator button and waited with him, still continuing the conversation.

“I would be lying if I said I didn’t love the pink shade your cheeks turn when you blush and how clumsy you become. You have such a cute stutter.”
“Why do I love you so much?”

“We can’t leave without each other. Or at least, I can’t live without you.”

You kissed his cheek, the elevator doors opening as you did. You two were close together in the empty elevator.

He unlocked the door to the condo, your living room seeming more inviting than usual.

“Is my baby tired?” He said as you yawned entering the room. He locked the door behind him and followed you to the bedroom.

“You’re staying tonight?” You asked, he would sometimes go back to the dorm with the boys but he nodded.

You wiped off all your makeup and started removing your jewelry by them.

“I’m spending all my free time with you, of course.” He said, taking off his shirt.

“Babe, I still have work.”

“You always support me, I’ll support you.”

“Don’t make anything, please. I don’t want the fire department to remember our number.” He pouted when you said that, last time he tried cooking. That day, he tried to make you some pasta and burned it badly.

“I wanted you to relax.” You were now both in your sleepwear, you in one of his old shirts that covered you and him in just his boxers.

“I know you did. You always do.”


He kissed you, putting a hand in your hair. Your lips moved in sync to his, not missing a single movement. It was pure bliss when he kissed you.

The taste of red velvet was still on his lips, making you hungry for more. The thought of that made you blush and he pulled away to caress your cheek.

“I love you.” He said sincerely, looking you directly in the eyes. He kissed your lips softly before pulling you closer to him. Your head rested against him and you fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

It was perfect.

For people who dissociate:

If you can tell when it’s happening or if you know afterward and want to take precautions for next time you do something that triggers it (like for me it’s when I’m forced to sit still or when I’m in the car or when I’m around a lot of strangers for the most part), here are some things that work for me to prevent it. I know it’s not the same for everyone but since I’ve kind of figured it out for myself, I thought I’d write down what I do.

1. Listen to music. if your favorite music doesn’t help (it does for me usually), make playlists of music you’ve never heard and focus on the lyrics. 

2. make eye contact with people. If this is hard for you, make sure you have someone you know and trust near you who you can focus on

3. wear something you can play with that has memories attached to it, like a ring or a bracelet or something that you’ve had for a while and that you can remember buying or receiving

4. make sure you can see your own skin. For whatever reason, it’s easier for me to think I don’t exist or i’m out of my body if I can’t see my arms and legs.

5. write on your hand. Make it look like a reminder if you feel like people will think it’s weird, but if you write on yourself while you feel real and normal, then reading it while you’re dissociating will help. this has actually helped me realize it was happening before

6. if you can tell people about this happening, have a trusted friend text you every so often, something nice or funny. I have a friend text me inspirational quotes and good jokes every few hours, it’s set as a reminder on his phone so it’s not even distracting for him. 

again, this is just what helps me. Sometimes none of it helps, sometimes I just pull myself out of it when I realize it’s not real. 

if you have any contributions, feel free to add! 

Here is a list of sad things:

1) All the things you wanted to say but never did. The wound on your lip from trying
to stop the words from escaping. The empty space where music should be.

2) Learning the taste of a storm intimately. Knowing just when something Earth-shattering
is about to happen and just wondering who are you going to become after this one.

3) Almosts. Always almosts. Never ifs and never could have beens. Just almost, teasing at the tip
of your tongue, itching at your fingertips. A dream so close to grasping, slipping between your
fingertips like sand.

These are why you want to give up.

Here is a list of happy things:

1) All the I love yous you’ve heard and said. Every smile that you were the cause of. Every
child’s sloppy smile on the street and a tune you caught in passing but couldn’t forget
for the rest of the day.

2) The calm after the storm. Like nothing is ever going to happen again, just your ribs shifting
so your heart can grow. Just you and the quiet voice in your head telling you that you survived
this and you will survived everything else, too.
Maybe pain makes us stronger and stranger at the same time.

3) Always. Definites. Sures. The assuredness in your friend’s hand squeezing yours. The always
in the sun refusing to give up its shine every day. The definites in how you will definitely
live to see another day, realization found in the darkest hour of the night.

These are why you choose to fight.

—  these are why you choose to fight, l.r.c.

TITLE: Healers Song


AUTHOR: Nikorette137

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are one of the medical staff at Stark tower. Its been a long night patching up the team. Before bed, you are chilling in the staff kitchen and listening to music. You are dancing and humming along with the tune when you are startled by Loki tapping your shoulder. “I need your help, healer”


NOTES/WARNINGS: Took a while, but here it is. Special shout-out to Love4chaos for her gleeful proofreading.

Cass woke up late. Her policy after a late night was to sleep in as long as she wished if no one called her to work. Today, another Doc was on call, and as far as her research was concerned, she was basically her own boss. When she opened her door to the main hallway, she found a bottle on the doorstep with a note. In perfect handwriting, it said ‘I thought you might like this. You’re not the only one with a secret stash. –Your reluctant patient’ She caught herself grinning like an idiot. “Get ahold of yourself woman. It’s just a nice gesture, not a bloody marriage proposal” she muttered to herself under her breath.

As she carried on about her day, she kept thinking of that damned god.  They were rather distracting thoughts. Sitting in her office, she couldn’t concentrate anymore. It was 14:15, she figured she might as well take a snack break. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass of one of the doors along the hall. Practical work shoes, scrub pants and shirt, dark brown wavy hair up in a messy bun, dark rimmed glasses, and a white lab coat. Nothing about her to scream ‘bombshell’. Just an average looking woman with a slightly larger than average waistline, going about her business. She made a mental note to lay off Natasha’s baking and eat a few more of those kale salads that littered the one staff fridge.

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Nifelheim magazine interview (1993)

Burzum = Count Grishnackh, this int. was done before the Count killed Euronymous, it was done shortly after the rumours that Grishnackh signed to Earache. His second full lenght LP/CD is out now on his label as far as I heard it its limited to 1000 but I am not sure, it seems somebody else is taking care of the orders since the Count is (again) in jail, that about it.

Whats the actual line up?

The actual line up is rather simple. Me. I did use a session bass-player on the ASKE mini album (Samoth of Emperor ed.), but I will never to such thing again. I only need a line up for gigs and I have no plans for such an event.

What’s the meaning of the words Count Grishnackh and Burzum?

The word Burzum means Darkness translatd from a language forgotten by mortal men. Count Grishnackh means something not to nice so I’ll leave you wonder.

Did you play all the instruments by yourself when you recorded Burzum or did you use session members?

On all albums I have done all the instruments myself (exept bass on Aske)..I think it is to late to start to use session musicians now because they will have another style of playing drums, guitars, and so on..it would be totally diffirent band so I drop it. Besides I know how to do it myself. Construction of my ego.

How do you rehearse, isn’t it difficult when you are alone in a band?

I play diffirent instruments and put it together in studio.

Are you satisfied with the new mine Lp Aske?

I am satisfied yeah, but it was the second full length album that supposed to be out by now, I guess D.S.P. did not understand that in time. The second LP is recorded in April-‘92 and it’s getting rather old, it’ll be out in September 93 wich is rather late (this will be the LP wich is going to be released on Count Grishnack’s own label. ed.).

Can you give us some more info about the third CD of Burzum?

The album that will be out in September is really the second, the “real” full length album, it’s getting old and about 99% of the ridicules “black” metal kids have long ago started ripping stuff from that album so when it comes out it’ll be old news in the scene, there is already some hundreds clones ones out there…so probably the third album that’ll be released is the real third album, the third album is something totally new so I wont tell anything about it, you’ll have to hear it when it comes out, that way all the idiots wont be able to ripp off this stuff BEFORE it’s out. So why did I not get released when it supposed to be (mid '92)?????? Well, I blame D.S.P. for slow work (so far).

Have you any plans with Burzum to play live?

No not really, maybe a video.

How is it to be in Mayhem, is the LP finished?

I don’t do bass in Mayhem anymore, I am Burzum and I only need myself (??).

What about your time in custudy, I heard you got told in court that you were not invloved in church burning yourself but that you said you were to get publicity for the band.

Yes, I told the court that it was a puplicity stunt…luckely they believed me.

What about the black metal scene in Norway and Europe?

I don’t care shit about the black metal scene in Europe/Norway, I hate metal freaks. I listen to 2 or three black metal bands all the rest can fuck off!!!!!!

What’s your opinion about the band Anus Cunt who just released a demo with the title “Never mind Burzum, here is Anus Cunt”?

I don’t think about them. I never heard of the name and I have no interest in any band at all. I know what bands I like and will listen to their music and ignore all the clone-shit-kid bands out there.

What books do you possess about the Occult?

Never mind what books I got, I surely don’t possess any book written by Anton “duck” La Vey.

Can a book inspire you to write a lyric?

Yes, a book can probably inspire me to do a lyric.

Can you descrie the area in Norway where you live?

Coastal town surounded by seven mountains on all sides and the sea on the west side, the area wich surounds the town is simple mountains, mountains and more mountains. It almost rains every day and the winds are strong here. My home town is called Bergenand, the name actually means “mountain (s)”, only Bergen is real!!!! Death to Norway, Hordaland rules!

What do you do beside Burzum?

Only Burzum is real! There is nothing but Burzum

Last words.