2×13: tonight's the night

“Tonight’s the Night” by Neil Young

Early in the mornin’ at the break of day
He used to sleep until the afternoon
If you never heard him sing
I guess you won’t too soon

‘Cause people let me tell you
It sent a chill up and down my spine
When I picked up the telephone
And heard that he’d died out on the mainline

30 Day Song Challenge: Day #23 - A song that you thin everyone should listen to


“Tonight’s The Night” by Betty Wright (1978)

Wild theory even I don’t wanna believe:

“You’re in love with a cruel, cold, death-obsessed, sadist?” 

Here we have Lee. A psychiatrist. Who’s says she’s in love with a man who she knows has done horrible things, who she knows has killed people, and she’s justifying his flaws, saying she loves him despite all that…

All this time I thought (canon Batman universe aside) that Barbara was Gotham’s Harley Quinn, but what if it’s Lee?