2×07: no regrets


some people think that
when you die, your life
flashes in front of you.

others think your life will
be played back to you vis-a-vis
with god
in a movie in “heaven.”

with the growing popularity of my poetry books,
many people are finding
that their actions or
bad behavior
show up
when they catch the interest
of a prolific author.

any way you slice it,
the results are in:

whatever you do,
whoever you are
will be exposed.

i’m ready for it.

are you?

  • child: m-mmm
  • me: mama? Say mama!
  • child: m-man tamlin should really f off
  • me: *wipes tears* that's my child right there
Im like a proud mother
  • Sun and Wolfgang: *brutally murders dozens of people without hesitation*
  • Me, crying: Yes. Look at them go :') Protect these children. These pure, innocent children. I love my beautiful murder daughter and son who I will protect with my life <333
Can’t imagine what it’d be like, without the sounds of all my heroes singing all my favorite songs so I can sing along

Camp Rock (2008) Dir. Matthew Diamond ✰ June 20th, 2008