2 years will pass quickly


Mob Psycho 100 Volumes 5-12 author note translations (volumes 1-4 here

Volume 5
“I can’t believe the fact that it’s already volume 5… I need to work harder.”

Volume 6
“2 years passed by so quickly from when I first started drawing this manga.”

Volume 7
“I want to go to the sea.
The mountains are good too.
A rice paddy is good too.”

Volume 8
“I get the feeling I like sweets more as the years pass.”

Volume 9

Volume 10
“10 volumes at last… Thank you so much…”

Volume 11 (sfx: doki doki)
“Because of your support, there will be an anime.
Mob… that’s amazing…”

Volume 12
“I think there are many people who say they are happiest when they’re sleeping. Why is this sort of feeling so good.”

Thanks @5miths for letting me use the scans! (1, 2, 3) ^^

170610 Yunho Shilla fanmeeting fanacc compilation

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cr: @sayasaru0517   They showed a message video from someone very important, CM, before his enlistment.

CM: When you see this video, YH is already discharged.. i will be waiting for my turn everyday..

YH: it will be your(*) turn very soon. to CM in the screen.

* YH called CM “o-mae”. O-mae is referring to someone very close to you in informal situations.

cr: @raccowa   I haven’t spoken JPN for awhile so I say something wrong but please try and understand me. There is a bit of time lag for me between thinking and speaking.

cr: @raccowa  it was so clear that YH isn’t familiar with SNS (Instagram & facebook). He was like grandpa. For many times, he had the wrong/weird screen shot up and needed to get help from his staff. everytime he looked a bit embarrassed, scratched his hair.. smiled at us.. and bit his lower lip.

cr: @CMkeiYH   YH: I ran everyday. I lost ~10kg in order to keep the shape to dance and sing. I had 10 min access to a PC daily so I watched our MV to remember choreography and practiced dancing for many times.

cr: @drichigo   After watching the video of CM message before his enlistment, YH: I think this was recorded before his enlistment. His eyes were serious. I’ve kept telling you but CM is my family. CM will be out pretty soon, I can’’t wait to show you us together. “

cr: @raccowa   Many fans in the venue said that these two years felt forever for them. YH: Actually 2 years passed so quickly for me, because there were a lot of intense duties. In addition, I knew you all had continued to support me.

cr: @bigeast1ooochan   YH seemed to be really nervous because his hands were shaking while reading letters.  He said he was not sure what he should tell us and whether he should do that seriously or jokingly/funny.

cr: @drichigo  YH: I can’t tell you any details but I am busy preparing for many things. I will come to JPN very soon. I will work hard both in KOR and in JPN.  It will be a lot of exciting things, Tohoshinki will blow your mind off.

‏ @aminotvxq RT> An event filled with love: Yunho mentioned Changmin’s name often and often; Changmin and TVXQ will do their best; Changmin is his family

🍑‏ @snx
y From friends in the Shilla FM: Yunho performed Mirotic, Midoyo and WHY

VromanceDaily's first anniversary (July 2, 2016)

A year has passed by so quickly, thank you for your interest to this blog and VROMANCE as well. Also thanks to the first admin for made this blog
Let’s keep supporting these 4 talented men as much as we can.
*Throwback to the first post

2 Years

This blog turned 2 years old today. 2 years. 2 years, 471 posts, 16,954 followers … these are the formal numbers. But this blog has meant so, so much more to me than numbers can represent.

These 2 years, most importantly, have taught me that the world is filled with kind-hearted, illuminating, dedicated people. People who care. Although I have offered support to many over this time, my heart fills, overflows, when I think about the support I myself have received through each and every like, ask, comment, reblog. 

Votes of confidence, each and every one. And these moments of kindness have given me the strength to get to the place I am today. Not only to graduate, healthy, but to finally have the self-confidence required to go out into the big wide world of adult life and new experiences. I can’t quite put into words how much this community has meant to me.

This week has been difficult. I have had fairly severe homesickness. There have been so many moments this week where I have felt weak, wondered why I was trying so hard to live somewhere that seemed to be so difficult to live in. I’m not used to this kind of loneliness, the loneliness that comes with true independence and self-sufficiency. It’s strange.

But it’s a process. I love my job, I love the people I am working with. This weekend ended up being incredible. On Saturday I pulled myself together by going to the gym (I did something called ‘Booty Camp’ and it was equal parts hilarious and painful … I will be returning), browsing Broadway Market, before reading the entirety of Bonjour Tristesse in London Fiekds Park until the sun began to set. On Sunday I went to Columbia Road Flower Market, immersing myself in the chaotic yet beautiful setting, then met with my best friend for a fun afternoon at Tate Modern - we had spontaneous drinks afterwards with a much needed talk, and I came home slightly drunk yet completely content. 

I needed this weekend to remind myself why living in London was something I had dreamed about, worked so hard to make happen. There are, and still will be, times where quitting will feel safe, where safety seems like the answer. But sometimes carrying on, being brave, feeling scared is, in the end, the only true option, because happiness, freedom and a sense of self is at the end. 

I’m writing this on the day this blog turns 2 years old. It has been an exhilarating 2 years, but they’ve also been so goddamn scary. I began this blog in 2014 hopeful yet suffering - with my self, with my mentality. I’m here 2 years on having helped people, having been helped by people. I graduated feeling incredible. But these feelings of uncertainty I have right now are familiar, it’s just a different situation. 

Looking back on 2 years, life passes quickly - so quick it’s easy to forget how much progression and adaption is possible. Even though I know the next 2 years will in themselves bring new, terrifying problems, I just hope they bring the same sense of progression, resulting in a renewed sense of confidence and strength. 

- Sarah   

anonymous asked:

im so detatched from my family i hate them all so much ive had to put up through their abuse for 16 years i hate fathers day & mothers day, ive heard both my 'brothers' say "happy farthers day" day to my 'dad' and all i feel is numbness and a burning hate i cant fuckinf wait to leave in 2 years im moving in with my bff. her family is my real family now.

i hope the 2 years pass quickly and you can get away soon


happy birthday baek!
i can’t believe 2 years has passed so quickly. what i love most about you is your funny nature. you seriously never fail to make me laugh. you can be so lame but i love your witty comments. kkaebsong!! you and your random word inventions have even spread across the sea to australia ^^ anyways you were the best in showtime, i loved every scene that you were in because straight away i would start laughing at you until my stomach hurt, i loved that baekdo show and that fashion XD you are also so so handsome and the way you gaze at the camera. you smile is the most beautiful thing in the world and your voice is like an angel. i hope you will continue to shine, work hard and keep that amazing personality and humbleness of yours. stay happy and healthy and we fans always have your back. i love you byun baekhyun~

Mamacita press con | 140828
  • 140828 Leeteuk's answer on whether EXO is a threat: I was the MC for EXO's debut show case. Feel happy to see EXO being successful. I feel that instead of competiting to see who wins or loses, letting the world know about Korea is the most important.
  • Talking about Yesung who is serving the army, members joked "Yesung is probably searching his own name now" "Yesung has a habit of biting his fingers when he is nervous, some time ago we discovered he has almost no nails left"
  • Leeteuk: Have been worried if I can still recover, if I can still do activities with members, but it was the members who helped me recover. 2 years really passed quickly. Because I am 2 years older so time has passed even faster. In future I will cherish everyday. Will start doing activities happily.
  • Shindong: Even if until the last min before enlistment, I want to spend my time on stage
  • Leeteuk also said he has formed a habit of crying, members said it is because he is tired so his eyes are red.
  • News Heading- Super Junior Donghae Eunhyuk 'Smiles that were Consistently Brighr from the Beginning' (cr: 我菜我菜小菜菜)
  • Cr: 曺敏贞_LN
  • Eng trans: elf_ninida