2 years and still going strong

To all the people who keep telling me that Hiccup is not a delicate flower wisp:

Look at that boy, he is airborne.

Behold Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, my delicate little flower child:

And it’s not just in the first movie.

Granted, 20-year-old Hiccup is stronger than he was five years before, and he’s definitely taller, but he’s still not a hot manly man. He still often gets manhandled and protected and held and treated roughly.

Is Hiccup a physically strong person? No, he’s not, especially compared to all the dragons and superhuman Vikings he’s surrounded by.

Is Hiccup a strong person in every other way? Yes, of course he is.

In Hiccup’s finest moments, his strength is either non-violent, or involves borrowing the strength of other people whose loyalty he earned with respect and kindness.

I think it’s FANTASTIC when a man manages to still be masculine despite having traditionally feminine traits or roles, and vice versa. I think that Hiccup can be a physical weakling and a good man at the same time.

Hiccup is a manly wisp of a flower. He’s a kitten leading a troop of gorillas. He proves that strength of heart is not something to scoff at.

Wouldn’t it be something if this show lasted 6+ years and the writers explored all of our favorite ships. Like season 1 would be Bughead and this journalistic fairytale would burn and then flicker out like a well lit flame, but still a flame can’t last forever.

Then season 2 could be Beronica and they would go on all these fantastic dates and learn so many things about themselves that these two best friends never would have thought possible. They will refine what girl power means. And this too will end. But these girls won’t be shattered by it. No, it will have fused in them a bond so strong that together or not, cannot be broken.

Season 3 or 4 would be Barchie. Betty and Archie finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other, exploring a child’s dream of love and letting it consume them. And when it ends, it won’t be because it didn’t work out, because it did, effortlessly. But because there is a greater story to be told and greater love to come. I think a little Juronica could take place during this time too ;) a little wild and crazy fun for those two is definitely in the mix.

The season after this would be Jarchie. These two best friends admitting to themselves that this is something they have to try. It’s worth the risk, it’s worth the flame burning out. It’s worth all of it because after everything in their past, nothing else makes sense anymore. These two will fight for each other and let the chips fall where they may. And if it ends, it ends. And they’ll journey on as they always do.

And when the show comes to a close, in its final season, it won’t really matter who ends up with who. Or if none of them end up with each other. What matters will be the connection forged between these four friends and the way every moment shaped who they are and who they will become.

There will be boundaries broken, moments forever cherished, memories never forgotten and four lives fully lived. I’m here for these kids and their stories, their incomparable mark on this crazy world in this tiny town called…Riverdale.

BTS on AO3: 2016 Summary

June | September

Happy new year everyone - as of December 31, 2016, there are 21,611 total fics on ao3 under the 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS tag, well surpassing my initial prediction of 20k! Way to go, fandom!

According to ao3, 16,334 of the 21,611 fics were written in 2016 alone - over 75% of all bts fics!

Fic production per month just keeps going up… and up… and up! Only two months so far (May & December 2016) have been able to produce over 2,000 fics per month, though the count hasn’t dropped under 1,000 since the beginning of this year.

The rate of production finally seems to be more linear than exponential.

Yoonkook, Minjoon, Jinkook, and Namkook seem to be some of the faster growing ships out there, though the top ten ships have refused to budge from their rankings since June. Yoonmin and Taekook are still going strong, tagged in a whopping 30% and 25% of fics respectively!

(51.2% of fics have a Jimin pairing, etc). It’s nice to see hyung-line getting a little bit more love c:

(64% of fics have Jimin tagged as a character, etc)

For funsies:

North America……… chill

Data as of January 1, 2017 @ 12am CST

I can’t believe this fandom is incapable of differentiating between love on ice and yuri on ice

Love on ice barely resembles Yuri on ice. Barely. The coach/student lover thing? not new. Yuri on ice just did it extremely well. This hallmark thing has like 2 things in common with Yuri on ice: coach/athlete dynamics, ice skating. Sure the main girl is like leaving figure skating and is 26, but that’s only very very very superficially similar to Yuuri/victor. Yuuri bombed the GPF, and he actually wanted to continue skating even after that. He thought that this last season would be his final, and mainly in part because he thought he was holding Victor back. Victor was still going strong in the figure skating scene, and was being stifled with his need to constantly surprise the audience so took a year off to coach the best figure skater in japan he fell for at the GPF banquet. Not the same as love on ice at all???? 

Remember everything that made yoi unique and interesting? Realistic portrayals of anxiety? Realistic characterizations overall? Awesome supporting side characters? Multiple lgbt characters, characters from all over the world, characters of a variety of ethnicity’s? Maccachin? Beautifully done romantic plot? That fantastic plot twist in ep10? Professionally done choreography and costumes? Love and dedication from the people who made it? Wide sweeping critical acclaim? Yeah, love on ice will have none of these. 

Maybe a couple thousand middle age or older white women will watch love on ice when it comes out and then the entirety of planet will forget it’s existence. Why are people panicking over it?

I find the existence of love on ice less insulting than the fact that this fandom literally can’t tell the difference between the two. What the fuck guys.


Start Weight: 197lbs
2nd photo: 178 lbs
3rd photo: 153 lbs
44 pounds down 30 to go
This is a difficult journey. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs in the past year. I still find myself wandering off my fitness path but I want to look like Sandra Prikker dammit!
Healthy eating and drinking 2 liters of water a day. Also 1-2 hours at the gym 6 times a week.
I love what I’m starting to look like and I feel so strong.
You guys should see my skin. I’m 29 but I look like a 22 yr old. Water is my bff!!

Two years ago I left a movie theater sobbing.  I was so upset that I got lost driving home - in the dark, freezing cold of winter.  I had to pull over to cry some more.

That was the beginning of Bagginshield Hell for many of us.  I really can’t believe it has been 2 years.  We were all sobbing together over acorns and tragic husbands

My blog isn’t quite the same as it was then  (now that i’ve decided to edit parts of botfa in my mind and heart).  But it’s still just as dedicated to these husbands.  Two years and going strong

I'm still with her

Hillary Clinton may not be our next president, but I’m still with her. I’m still going to look to her for inspiration and guidance. She is far too strong to let this setback silence her and we are very much going to need her to help get through these next four years.

When I look at the numbers, it’s a lot closer than the electoral college hints at. Nationally she lost by less than 2 million votes (as of the time I wrote this). In many states that were close calls, she lost by very small margins (around 100,000 votes). That’s tiny in the grand scheme of things. And she took us so far. She was the first woman to be in direct contention for a major party ticket and then the first woman to run at the top of a ticket (even more amazing when you consider that the only two times women were on a major party’s ticket, it was as VP candidates and they both lost). As she would say, there are more than five million more cracks in the glass ceiling. Even if she couldn’t be the one to completely shatter it, she set the stage for the next woman to rise and take her place. We owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude.

As for now, we’re in for a fight people. So today we lick our wounds, eat a shit ton of chocolate, have a bunch of drinks and tonight we’ll catch up on our sleep. Because to quote my two favorite tv brothers, we’ve got work to do. We’re going to have to roll up our sleeves and get our marching boots on because there’s a war brewing on the horizon.

Trump’s campaign brought out something ugly in this country. He took the understandable fears and concerns of people who feel that they have been left behind economically and turned them against the rest of us. And there were just enough of them to pull out a win. Hate crimes are up and people feel justifiably afraid. But we have to put aside our fear and stand together. It’s going to be a hard fight just to hold onto the advances that we’ve already made.

In two years, we have the midterm elections and it is going to be beyond vital to vote and reduce the Republican hold on the Congress and Senate. And then we have the 2020 presidential elections. It comes on fast and we need to make sure that we support whoever we pick to run against Trump.

The fight starts now. Hillary will still be with us and I will still be with her.

Downfall [12]

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,732

Genre: Assassin AU

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14

After the great success of your exit exams, it wasn’t long until you were spending your final night at the orphanage.

There wasn’t much to say goodbye to, so there was no need to feel sentimental over leaving everything behind. You had already made up your mind when the clock struck midnight on your 18th birthday, and when the new year came along, you were more than ready to get into the car that would take you to begin the new chapter of your life—to your new home.

There was absolutely no turning back.

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so now i’ve got all of your attention with my horrifically bad editing skills , i’d just like to say a huge thank you for reading this , because it means you’ve taken some time out of your day to check my blog. i actually made claire on a whim shortly after revelations 2 was released a few years ago , && let me tell you , it’s honestly one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made. not only has claire become such a significant part of my life , i’ve made some absolutely wonderful friends on here , as well as writing some really meaningful relationships. after 2 years , my valkyrie baby is still going strong && i really hope she’ll be around for a long time to come yet. but the most important part — is you. yes you , here reading this right now. you’ve all stuck through me during my best && worst times , && all i can say is a huge thank you , from the bottom of my heart. here are a few people who have really made my time here worthwhile , && who i absolutely love to death. ❤

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On Grimsley

So apparently in the Sun and Moon design sheets/art book it mentions that this is Grimley two years after BW2 and also confrims that S/M take place 2 years after XY (since it happens at the same time as BW2 where he is last seen.)
He looks so much older and sicker though, like he’s actually dying, but trying to still look strong. It’s so weird to see Pokemon go such a route with their characters.

His skin is paler, his clothes are far more comfortable, he stopped wearing his eye makeup, and he seems to not be sleeping well at all. His expression has gone from that of a spry and cocky youth to that of a desperate lowlife. We can easily make the assumption that he is very sick, and the stress of whatever is killing him, and his search for a cure, may be why we find him in Alola with Grey hair.

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i wanted to stop by and thank u guys on dacn for all u do. im so happy to see darren get this roll and all the articls written about him he deserves itso much. not sure how d/dn calls themselves darren news when they post only 1 news about this new show an then a M tweet? how is that news? smh

You’re very sweet. We absolutely love the guys so it’s our pleasure to post about them. First and foremost, we’re fans. We care about them. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. Thanks for following our news blog.

I’ve only been in highschool for like nearly two years, and I’ve encountered 7 couples in my grade (that I know of! I don’t spend much time dwelling on who likes who and who’s dating who so I only know the REALLY open ones). 5 straight ones and 2 lesbian ones (well, one of the lesbian couples is a grade ahead of me but I’m good friends with them because they’re in my art class so I’m counting them)

And the two gay couples have been going on strong for 2 years and 3 years respectively.

The straight ones lasted for at the most 6 months (which is actually still quite long for highschool couples) and I’m pretty sure only one or two is still together.

So like, am I saying gay love is stronger and more unconditional? Yeah, I kinda am

hetrez: On the other hand, Inception fandom was still going strong a good four years after the movie released. This might happen with YoI.

  1. prayers 2 arthur cobb for this kind of fandom longevity
  2. okay, but where is the Inception!AU where Victor Nikiforov has to do one last job as an architect before he retires, and Yuuri Katsuki is discovered as a world class forger, when he perfectly replicates Nikiforov inside his own dream 
The Mystery Shack Minecraft Server

Hello! This is literally just an advertisement for my Minecraft server, which I decided I would make a post about here because most of you might enjoy it. Sorry for the long as hell post but I gotta get all the detail in, y’know!

Basically, The Mystery Shack Minecraft server has many enjoyable activities such as Survival, Creative Plots (They’re fuckin’ giant dude like 101x101), and various roleplay maps (Undertale, Gravity Falls, London, Gallifrey, etc). The server is not just for Gravity Falls, as you may have been able to tell by the list above.

The server is themed around a multitude of franchises/fandoms, such as, but not limited to: Gravity Falls, Undertale, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Gorillaz, Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Marvel, DC, etc.

Our server has been open for 2 years (3 this March), and is still going quite strong. We have a very welcoming community, that I would almost say is like a family. Sure some of us are fuckin’ crazy, but it’s a good time. The Minecraft Server is not the only platform though, we also have a discord server.

From here on out I’m going to show some pictures of our server and hopefully you will join us.

Here’s some pictures of our Gravity Falls, lovely town, innit. :P

And here’s our Gallifrey. Soon to be redone once 1.12 comes with the new concrete blocks.

Baker Street, in London, duh.

Mt. Ebott, 201X

and finally, our Survival spawn.

We hope you would want to join us sometime! Here’s a friendly note, we don’t use the traditional spawn-world system, but rather, a menu system. When you first join a menu chest-GUI should open, but if not, run ./menu! There are tons of easter eggs on the server, I bet ya can’t find them all (I can’t even find them all because tbh I can’t remember..) Oh yeah, here’s the ip:

(This is you, this is you joining ;D)

Why I love SuJu

It’s because even though they weren’t planned to be together and no one believed that they could survive in the industry. They were considered “left overs” from DBSK, yet they still managed to create such a beautiful future for themselves and became one of the most successful Kpop groups in the entire industry. They branch out in many different areas other than music, like variety/reality shows, dramas/movies, musicals, MC, etc. Singing in various music genres also: R&B, trot, pop, ballads, etc. Not only promoting in Korea, but in China and Japan also. They were the first K-pop group to hold over 100 concerts and the first to ever perform in South America. They’ve been going strong for 10 years with members constantly coming and going because of mandatory army enlistments. They’ve had many ups and downs in their lives with 2 of their precious brothers leaving because of their personal reasons, but still treat them as family.

Originally posted by fyukjae

Especially Leeteuk, who has been the best leader ever. Even though he has had many reasons that he could’ve given up on the team and with so much burden on his shoulders to take care of 14 other children, he still kept on going for the sake of the members. Constantly monitoring every one of his members to make sure they’re doing okay. Never forgetting about Hangeng and Kibum by mentioning them in concerts and wanting to perform as a whole again. 

Originally posted by eternalsapphire

Heechul, who may seem like he’s very cold on the outside, always shows his love for his younger brothers and helping out Leeteuk as he is the second eldest. 

Originally posted by emixin

Hangeng, whom we all dearly miss, may have left already but still doesn’t forget about his brothers that live far away from him still meets up with some members when he can and wishes to perform on the same stage all together again. 

Originally posted by hyukwoon

Yesung, who has finally released a solo album, has helped complete their songs with his beautiful, dreamy voice. 

Originally posted by daesung-bigbang

Kangin, who constantly “bullies” the other members, is going through a hard time due to his DUI incident and is currently on hiatus, but still has his members and ELF’s to lean on to. 

Originally posted by fyukjae

Shindong, who is one of the most talented dancers, always helps the members behind the scenes and is very unappreciated. 

Originally posted by cookiezmonstyr

Sungmin, who’s the first member to get married, will always still be the cute little kid in the group with his baby face and never-ending aegyo.

Originally posted by hyukwoon

Eunhyuk who is always being teased by the members and bringing smiles to all the members with his crappy, yet hilarious jokes. 

Originally posted by siwoneitor

Siwon who has helped bring up the group’s name by acting not only in Korea but also in China and never forgetting to introduce himself as “Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.” 

Originally posted by gaemerkyu-ssi

Zhoumi, who is usually forgotten and sometimes not even considered as a part of the group by OT13 fans, has helped bring up SuJu-M after their leader had left. 

Originally posted by lee-donghais

Donghae, who is SuJu’s precious little baby that needs to be loved by everyone, is always making the group happy with his dorkiness and united with his emotional speeches and crying. 

Originally posted by sneezes

Ryeowook, the member with the most unique voice, will always be the eternal maknae in the group, but acts like the mother making sure the members are eating and living well. 

Originally posted by orange-in-the-overcast

Kibum, who has left the group a long time ago to pursue his acting career, will never be forgotten in ELF’s hearts because Super Junior isn’t a whole without him. 

Originally posted by kyutie-ful

Kyuhyun, the evil maknae who has suffered a lot when he first joined the group, will always be loved the most by the members because of a tragic accident long ago that has helped unite him and the group together. He has helped prove antis wrong that they COULD sing by showing off his talent on the King of Masked Singer. 

Originally posted by dramajib

Henry, the only member that came from overseas and is SuJu’s talented baby, who is also not considered part of the group by a few people. He will always be looked after by his hyungs and making sure he fits in well with the people in Korea. 

Originally posted by gamerintheclouds

And lastly, ELFs. The main reason why I love this fandom is the fandom itself. We are close enough with the members that we diss SuJu better than antis do. This fandom is also very mature and very welcoming to newer fans. They have helped me a lot when I first joined the fandom. We have limited fan wars now that most of us have grown up to be adults. Our fandom may have its ups and downs sometimes, but we promise to stay with SuJu because it’s an and not an end.

Hang on to your hats (tin or not doesn’t matter) cuz here we go...

Five years on Glee…two different glee clubs, hundreds of co-workers…SETH asked for ONE story from ALL 5 years that NO ONE had EVER heard…and he goes back to Sutton Foster? Seriously? There’s not another story about anyone or anything else that he hasn’t already told 4x this year? He said Chris’ name roughly 5 or 6 times. He LOVES LOVES LOVES talking about his first date with Chris. In fact, before we even knew anything about it, he was talking about it in 2011 during his People Magazine Sexiest 2011 photo shoot: 

“The perfect date night? Um… The perfect date depends on who the person is, really. Um, it would involve, probably, a lot of conversation. I’m very basic. I’m–I love going to the theatre, so I would love to do–Go see a play or go see a musical anywhere, and afterwards have some dinner and talk about it. Kind of, really, talk about what we just experienced. Conversation is probably the most important part about any date for me, so… Yea.

I don’t think there’s a “better” or “worse” for being naughty or nice. Ha, yea. There-they both come hand in hand in appropriate moments.

It’s a big sexy no-no, uh, for guys and girls, is not being able to hold a conversation. That’s a big no-no for me. You can’t have an articulate discourse with somebody, and you’re not interesting, uh, conversationally, then just–that’s–forget it. I really can’t, uh, talk to you. Ha.”  People Magazine interview 2011 X

The story about their first date begins right at the beginning of the video:

At 2:17 right after Darren says that none of his friends knew or liked Sutton Foster and wouldn’t go, Seth says “Ya mean your ‘straight’ friends?” to which Darren smiles and replies “yeah my straight friends” as if he differentiating himself from his “straight” friends?

Something to point out, when Darren was talking about Chris being the “big tv star, he had won a Golden Globe” at the time they met, again he’s blurring his memory while he’s constantly gushing about Chris.  Chris didn’t win the Golden Globe until 2011 after season 2 and Darren was AT the Golden Globes with him. He’s just so damn proud of him it’s heartwarming.

The way he speaks about Chris, the way his face literally glows and with that smitten kitten grin, if someone just happened upon this conversation they’d assume he was speaking about his significant other.

At the 3:45 mark:

Seth: Have you ever thought about doing a show together? Like a live show together?”

Darren: Well, ya know Chris actually hates, I mean…he hates…I’m sure everyone is You Tubing… Chris hates it when you talk about him, but uh…he hates singing live.  He hates it. Hates singing live. Doesn’t like doing it.

Seth: Just give him my phone number

Darren: Yeah. I think he’s great. I think he’d be great doing something he just never liked it.

Not only listen to him, but WATCH HIS FACE.  He knows this man.  They know one another intimately.  He’s speaking from experience.

No matter what BS may occur this evening or in the near future, always come back to THIS.  This is the truth. Darren was happy and at home - his parents were there to support him.  He gushed about his favorite memory yet again…because it’s very, very important to him. The rest…it’s garbage and fodder for gossip magazines and money in the pockets of the out of touch execs who are temporarily in control.

We know better.

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I loved the volume 2 finale, because it showed that while RWBY and JNPR are strong (more effective than Atlas' machines), they still have ways to go. Sure, RWBY were tired from all the fighting, but Velvet and her team had little time to rest after a long time mission and still made a show of schooling the first years in "Grimm Slaughter 201". And even they get overshadowed by the casual way the teachers just eliminate the Grimm.

Yeah, I loved that! It’d be so easy to make the RWBY team the “best” but nope, there’s a very clear power progression and it’s great.