2 year wooo!!!!!

submissmeyet  asked:

Random asks! Hope these are okay 🙈 1.Are you a winter or summer person? 2.Are you a snow person? 3.Do you have any pets? 4.Who do you look up to? 5.What kind of music do you like? 6. Green tea or coffee? 7. What would your perfect scented candle smell like? 8. Ideal holiday destination/activity? 9. Sunset or Sunrise? 10. If you could road trip anywhere, where would you go and what would you do?

1 SUMMER but i hate the way I look so it’s going to be a challenge this year wooO
2 I am!
3 A cat and a dog💕
4 a friend of mine because she is really skinny and happy and smart
5 everything tbh. Classic rock?
6 ✅T
7 Petrichor💕
8 South of France
9 sunset 🌅
10 I would dig my own grave and bury myself alive tbh, no um, I want to see the world, so it would be a HUGE roadtrip with someone I love and we would go EVERYWHERE