2 year wooo!!!!!

fuck recopying notes!

this blog was inactive for 2 years!!! wooo!! 

things that happened in the last two years that have changed how I navigate my hooman self in the academic enviroment:

I was diagnosed with ADD

I’m retaking a class for the 4th time. yes. YES oh yeah 

I use 2-3 colors in my notes. probably 2 highlighters. no more excessive color coding for fucks sake 

I sit in the front

I go to class on time. 

I have forced myself to form and engage in study groups

uhh what else

I stopped letting other people drag me down emotionally. No Janet I don’t want to hear how much you hate our professor fucking deal with it

I stopped studying with other people. only participated in group study when I had to.this quarter I might start one and keep it once a week so we can help each other out with the hw and stuff. 

Oh yeah I got into my dream school so I had to give my best ya’ll!! it was an actual miracle I got in, no shit, so I’m gonna make this count!