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or you know, you can like abusive/manipulative characters because characters have flaws that cause progression, becky.

yes, for sure!!!!! absolutely :0c

ppl can like very different characters for very different reasons! i hope it didnt come off as me saying i didnt like the squips character bc i was more trying to convey that i enjoyed its character without condoning the things its done but apparently given this message i didnt do a good job on that @__@

the central point of the squip was to cause conflict within the story. its character was made in a way to do lots of things that would spiral into a head later on in the story. the squip did terrible things bc it was supposed to be terrible in order to cause conflict

u guys ever think about how the MEKA unit’s ‘arm’ movements are controlled by the movement of the pilot’s arms too and how much arm strength d.va must actually have

like i know she has noodly arms on her ingame model but you can pry Hana ‘Surprisingly Strong’ Song out of my cold dead hands


instead of doing my hmwk i made an amv on the great schism of the two christian churches bye