2 whole months


“And why did you play this game?”

“Board games are played when you get bored.”

“Not this one!!!”

Downloaded Tinder in January 2014, didn’t know how it worked so I didn’t change the distance to close to me so ended up leaving it on guys that were over an hour away from me.
Matched with a guy who (of course) happened to be one of the guys ages away from me. He was cute from what I could see but in all of his photos he was making a funny face so I couldn’t realllllly tell how attractive he was.
Talked to him for 2 whole months before finally agreeing to meet up with him as I’d never been on a tinder date before so was so nervous.
He drove to me, we agreed to meet at a pretty chill restaurant, I walked in and he was the most handsome man I’d ever seen in my life. So much so, I went into shutdown mode and gave up on the date already, knowing it wouldn’t go past this first one.
I was friendly and tried to be myself and flirty but mostly because I knew that this was it.
We talked for 2 hours, hugged and said our goodbyes.
He organized the second date straight away once I got home. Second date happened, we kissed. Then third and so on.
Year later, moved in together, another year later and it’s our two years in April!

One of the belated works I finally completed it for Quinn of their cute miqote character as prize for a contest I offered art for first place winner held by my FC months ago !

I am also back on drawing again, my health improved a bit and my working tool got replaced. My apologies taking a whole 2 months break from everyone. Hopefully catching up with everything again - your patience means a lot!

what in the heck is a heat

aFTER SO LONG ITS FINALLY HERE, lets see how many months have i been working on this shit?? 2 months, 2 whole months, well i guess that goes to show how fucking slow i am at writing, anyways, here it is! i hope my shit writing was worth the wait

Pairing: (underswap au) papyrus/sans
Rating: nsfw
Warnings: heat, first time, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, dirty talk(im not good at dirty talk so i apologize), praise kink, ecto vag, ecto dick, just ecto parts basically, i think thats it, if i missed anything tell me!
Summary: papyrus helps sans with his first heat
ah yes, such a creative summary lmao

read the Ao3 version here (u should probably read it on Ao3 the layout looks a lot better and it will be easier to read alright trust me read it on Ao3)

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Ok but like I’m pretty sure that Rin would spend a lot of time out with Makoto everytime he’s in Japan because their childhood friends much prefer to stay home. Well, they’re not gonna complain :)

2 months and six days.
that’s how long I’ve known you.
2 months and six days ago, i first noticed you.
and it’s been exactly 2 months and six days that all i’ve been able to think about is you, because 2 months and six days ago i didn’t even know you existed. and baby, these 2 months and six days have been agony for me, absolute torture, because for 2 whole months, and six whole days, you’re the only one on my mind. and sometimes i wonder where i will be in another 2 months and six days.
probably still hung up on you.