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64 Plymouth Sport Fury by Greg Gjerdingen 


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Supernatural:  10 Lessons From Tonight’s Episode.

“Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” season 12, episode 10

1.  Dean has no concept of personal space or social propriety.

And Sam, as always, is the perpetually done third wheel.

2.  He is also an embarrassingly worried boyfriend.

Look at this asshole, just swooping in out of nowhere to check in on his bae.  Fucking whipped. 

3.  And just embarrassing in general.

4.  Cas’s sass levels are astronomical. 

Crowley could probably take lessons from him at this point, to be honest.

5.  Cas has zero time for the gender binary (and has always been hot and done.)

Look at this bad bitch, hopping from gender to gender like a Virginia Woolf protagonist.  He knows that the binary is a useless human construct, and he ain’t got time for that shit.  

6.  He’s also always been really, really cute (and really, really not straight.)

One thing I love about Cas getting an (adult) female vessel is it not only confirms his lack of definable gender (which we’ve seen with other angels, but a main character is a different matter entirely), is that it ends the notion of his heterosexuality.  So you say he’s always been attracted to girls?  Well, at the very least, that makes him a genderfluid lesbian.  

In other news, the writers played themselves, and Cas is now technically confirmed to be as straight as that (adorable) jaunty hat he’s wearing.

7.  Dean is getting much better at emotional honesty.

Words I’ve been waiting to hear since season six.

8.  *Nothing to say here, just incoherent sobbing.*

9.  He literally loves Cas more than life itself.

And everybody knows it.  Except Cas.

10.  But especially poor, poor, Sam.

Overall rating:  10/10 for gayness, cute 20th century attire, healthy communication, Cas centricity, and worried Dean.  Well done, SPN!  

Gif credit to:  @shirtlesssammy, @codestielckles, @supernaturaldaily, @novaks, @yourfavoritedirector,  @deanslittlebabyboy


Mhuahahahahahahahaa!!! Ahahahahahhaha!!! MWUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE PEOPLE! XD A quick drawing for the “Star on Wheels” episode. This is what I wanted to happen actually lol… Enjoy! :3

PS…. Sorry… Oscar kindda looks weird in there ^u^;
Another PS….. Please don’t re-post my drawing without credits.. please…  please lang dhear lhawrd maawa naman kayo sakin oh XD

dust spirits

After 75 days of cycling and camping I have finally reached the Pacific Ocean via Florence, Oregon to dip my wheels in the costal water, thus concluding the first part of my cross country tour. To reach this point I had to traverse 4500 miles, 10 states, 4 mountain ranges, endless hills, 4 time zones, over a dozen flats, 2 new wheel frames, 2 new tires, a new shifter, several inpromptue roadside repairs, insane westerly head winds (30 mph in Colorado), too many close calls with speeding vehicles to count, roughly 10 large stray dog encounters, many ounces of consumed protein powder, and even more ounces of consumed booze with my cycling crew. Cheers to adventure.