2 weeks of waiting

Female Golf Course Employee

Today (10/8) is my last day. Originally I put in my two weeks for my last day to be the 1st, but my boss is on vacation for the week and he asked me to stay one extra week so he could use his vacation days and not be worried about being short staffed while he is gone.

The entire time I have worked here, I always offered to open. I am a morning person and enjoy opening. So all the way up to the LAST week, I had never opened. So the day before my boss leaves (the only day I see him) I asked him to show me the opening routine and what is needed to be done, so I know the specifics.

Cue me being scheduled to open 4 of the 7 days of the week. I am a bit frustrated because I am also scheduled to open at my other job because one of coworkers had surgery and needed the week off.

We eventually work out a compromised schedule between the two jobs, which leads me to working 16 hours a day for 6 of the 7 days. I am exhausted and completely frustrated. Why would you wait until my LAST week to schedule me all these mornings??

Also, I am so OVER coworkers saying; “the boss would never let me leave! You’re so lucky to be out of here!”

Liiiiike, you have to be reminded every step of every task you need to perform. I’m sure the boss would let you leave if you gave your two weeks notice.

Can’t wait for 2 pm! I’m going to say good bye to my favorite coworkers and get the F*CK OUT OF HERE.

Warframe?What game again?

Soooo..as i sit here waiting for the fish, i realised that 2 weeks ago this game, this experience was just  repetitive missions alll and all over again and again, going to mission and getting out of it, getting done everything under minutes.

And now we are standing next to the lakes and ponds and we forgot what this game was 2 weeks ago. Personally i havent done a single normal usualy “old” Warframe mission since the update came out, it’s so nice to have a breather and just to enjoy the “break”.

The game is still about grinding and farming for resources, but with this update they made it more fun.Setting up a fishing camp with your friend(s) and just enjoy the game, and get those fishes?…Would we ever think that the game will be like this when we all started playing?

I was fishing on my own, and i just realised this and suddenly remembered that we have a whole starchart, and since the update came out im standing here fishing, mining and taking down Eidolons. We got everything we had in the whole game for 4 years in this ONE update.I feel like i can put just as much hours of enjoyment into Plains Of Eidolon as i did in the Warframe,before PoE.

I just wanted to get this out.

Thanks DE.

Where is the Promo???

Seriously STARZ. You suck. 

You take the wind right out of the sails on the build-up to Print Shop… I get if you want to wait 2 weeks… but if you are going to wait two weeks, DO SOME DARN PROMO!!! Get people excited. Right now you are just losing folks. I have friends who are new viewers who were excited but what are you doing to keep them excited? At this point they will watch 3-4 weeks from now. 


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while


“Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” — William Arthur Ward

Hey guys, how was your day?🤓
Mine was okay, I managed to study a little bit and I’ve also done my Weekly Study Schedule (printable from @emmastudies) because I am now on holidays but still have exams at the end of April and beginning of May! After my exams I’ll have 3months and a half of holidays! I AM SO READY FOR THAT TBH!

So here is a little picture of my desk area from today!📚🙌🏻
I’ve also read an article saying that drinking water helps boost one’s mental performance: STUDY! To sum up, it basically helps your brain to work faster! (Now you can picture me drinking 900L of water before my finals hahahaha)😂😂😂

Side note: I ordered “Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela”, I’ll have to wait around 2 weeks before getting it because I bought a used one from Amazon for only 3€ (I’m obsessed with used books with pages discoloration, notes and highlighting inside)🙌🏻

Have a nice day guys, I hope you all doing okay, don’t forget to stay motivated no matter what!💪🏻 xx


in which Jughead Jones would have severe second hand embarrassment if he sees how his actor actually dances xD Lili and Cole in the makeup trailer getting ready for rehearsals probably as Season 2 filming is boutta start officially next week! Can’t wait to see more of their hilarious dorky antics on set again.~ And this time round, everyone will be watching their every move for potential spoilers lol and every vid will be speculated and scrutinized to see what’s coming up for Betty and Jughead. xD Exciting.