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Update: zines are here!

Good news everyone - the zines and extras have arrived!!!!

All the zines and extras have arrived at last! Thank you everyone so much for your patience, we really appreciate it!!! :) 


The shipping of orders will be done in batches with domestic orders first followed by international orders. All orders should be shipped within 2 weeks from now. We’ll post another update once they’ve all been shipped. A reminder to international customers (i.e. all countries excluding Australia - domestic) that it may take up to 4 weeks from that time for your order to arrive so we humbly ask that you once again be patient with us! 


To our customers who placed an order for a digital pdf - these will be emailed to you shortly after all orders have been shipped. We’ll be using the email you made your purchase with on tictail so if this isn’t your main email or you would prefer it to be sent to a different email: please send us an email with your order details and new mail info. 


As previously stated, we’ll be releasing a pdf copy of the zine, hosted on itch.io. You can enter the price you want to pay for the zine and the profits from the online pdf release will of course also go towards ‘beyondblue’. The pdf will be available for a select time period only; details to come. 

Once again, thank you all for your incredible patience with this project, we can’t wait to hand it all over to you very soon!!! 


If Kageyama rejected Hinata’s love I’m sorry for not updating so much
I’m still in hiatus and probably I will be free for a bit in next 2 weeks from now. And I really wanted to apologize to people who requesting me. I’ve been very busy lately with school stuff so I don’t have any time to draw properly
I’m soooo sorry pls forgive me ;;


I’ll be pretty quiet here for the next 10 days or so because I’m headed to Israel tomorrow! So save all your quality posts for 2 weeks from now, please. 


Ok. It’s official. I have gone full Hyperion. Took me waaaaaay too long to do this and I’m so sorry for everything. Gosh what have I done. I kinda have radishezrom and dequidt to thank for for this unhealthy (but enjoyable) Hyperion obsession…. Help. My current wallpaper is the bottom one haha.

Also I’ll most likely upload the individual characters somewhere down the road. When I start organising things. In the meantime, I hope this is pleasing enough. Thanks and have a nice day all!

EDIT: I resized it so I hope it looks less pixelated! Sorry about that guys. :P

Steve Chen : #TBT 2 Weeks until #AgentsofSHIELD returns from hiatus (4/4/17). For now… #theyareadorable #MingNaWen #ElizabethHenstridge #AgentMay #AgentSimmons


ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 10 : The Thing You Love Most

present : While everyone else mourns Graham at his funeral, an upset and restless Emma decides to investigate Regina’s home. She finds Henry’s book of tales in Regina’s dresser, planted there by Mr. Gold, and she begins to read, finding not just simple tales but a complex narrative that reflects everything Henry has been telling her about Storybrooke all along. Emma finally believes the truth and understands her role as the savior. Regina’s previous use of magic proves to have unforeseen repercussions, as it seems to have torn the fabric of the Dark Curse, and Mr. Gold witnesses the citizens of Storybrooke beginning to experience brief flashes of their past identities – and he hurries to bury the Servant’s dagger in the forest before anyone can go looking for it. David, overwhelmed with guilt and confused by the glimpses of his past, decides to end his affair with Mary Margaret and leave town. Just before he reaches the town’s border, David has a memory flash of the kiss that woke Snow White, and his car crashes into the Storybrooke sign.

past : Prince Charming awakens Snow White with true love’s kiss. A handful of years pass, and Regina now lives in exile with her aging mother, a weathered woman named Cora. The former queen has been usurped by her own stepdaughter – a tale for another time – and has watched from afar as Snow White and Charming have married, Luciana and Goldilocks have married, Robin and Marian have married, and happily ever after seems to be overflowing throughout the realm. But Regina reaches a breaking point and receives a visit from a stranger who reminds her of a Dark Curse mentioned long ago by her former magical mentor, the imprisoned imp Rumpelstiltskin, a curse that would alter the very fabric of the Land of Ever and trap everyone in a prison of time in the fabled Land Without Magic. She secretly visits him in the dungeons of Castle Misthaven and demands to know the final ingredient for the Curse. Rumpelstiltskin obliges but only on the condition that he will be provided with a life of luxury in the new land. When Regina concedes, Rumpelstiltskin reveals the sacrifice that must be made: the heart of the thing you love most. Having gone too far down this path to turn back now, Regina finally casts the Dark Curse by killing her own mother.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Kylie Bunbury as Princess Luciana/Zoe Nolan, Mia Wasikowska as Goldilocks, Rose Leslie as Robin Hood/Ivy Langland, Antonia Thomas as Maid Marian/Matilda Fitzwalter, Julie Christie as Cora

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anonymous asked:

hi tenka, i just had a doubt about the latest haikyuu chapter, in the end of the chapter is hinata sad or happy? his face looks a little sad and melancholic and downtrodden to me, but most other people seem to think that he is inspired by hoshiumi? but i thought that was one of the intense scary expressions he makes? i am unable to clarify this anywhere.

I’m not furudate so I wouldn’t be able to clarify it for you any more than any other person on this website. If I were to weigh in though, I don’t think he’s melancholic or downtrodden, I think he’s inspired. We’ll see in the next few chapters I guess. It’s probably something Furudate wanted readers to think about anyway. :D 

anonymous asked:

Hi Tenka! I had a few doubts over the latest HQ chapter- in the last page, Hoshiumi says "Every single flippin' one of them act like this is somehing you see everyday" with a reference to Kageyama being "one of them"? What does that mean? Also, didn't Hoshiumi actually want people to notice him and be awed at him back at the training camp? If I recall correctly, he was pissed at Kageyama for not really reacting to his jump. But now Kageyama says that he doesn't like being interviewed? (1/2)

And if he was so insistent about people being in awe of his jump and stuff earlier in the training camp, why does this chapter tell us that he doesn’t like it when people notice him because of his height? I like him and his philosophy but he seems a little contradictory to me? And last thing, on the second last page, when Hinata smiles, is that supposed to be genuine? Suga sure thinks it is, but I’m getting very creepy vibes from that smile. What exactly is that smile supposed to show us? (2/2)

1) Yep, it was a reference to Kageyama being one of them. Like, he means no one is surprised about his jump, be it this guy or that guy. 

2) Yeah I get what you mean about it being contradictory. Hmm - I think he wants people to notice his jump and say he’s good as one thing. But I also think Hoshiumi hates people paying attention to him because he’s short. Like, if he were normal height, people wouldn’t care about him despite him jumping the same height. But for test. But for his height, would people still conclude that Hoshiumi is exceptional at volleyball? If the answer is no than Hoshiumi will be pissed.

3) Define “genuine smile”. Hinata usually smiles scarily like that when he is really serious and hyped / pumped up. I think he’s motivated by Hoshiumi and genuinely glad he met a guy like Hoshiumi.


I Dont Want to Fall In Love



Story Archive

Accompanying Music - I Dont Want to Fall In Love - She Wants Revenge

With a cameo from @kirain‘s Keira Crossland. She’s been helping me out with brainstorming along with @george-nordington and I wanted this to be a bit a surprise (unfortunately, she wont be seeing this until 2 weeks from now >_>; )

Hope this was worth the wait. Working on the next installment soon.


I’m still recovering from my jaw surgery 2 weeks ago and I’m now allowed to chew any food for another 5 weeks. It’s awful and I’m losing a lot of weight and it’s very mentally challenging.

BUT I need your help with good recipes on soups and smoothies and other food you don’t have to chew.
So please message me or link me if you have any good ones!

✿ new outfit admins ✿

—- this was last updated on march 22 - we have new things you’ll need —-

we’re going to accept more admins to welcome into our little family! we’re going to hit 4,000 followers soon, so we need some more help!

✿ things to know before you apply:

  • we already have three people, riz, rex, pridal, and tal
  • we’re near 4,000 followers
  • we have about 50 requests at a time

✿ we need to know:

  • name
  • email
  • style
  • main tumblr url
  • how you make outfits
  • what other blogs you’re on
  • how we else can message you
  • it would be best if you had a snapchat

send in two example outfits that you’ve made and then put the information in the text - submit it here!

Originally posted by bwipsul

I’m not too sure what to say here? I’m going to be taking my leave from this blog.

It’ll have been a year in 2 weeks from now that I’ve been on this blog and I wish to celebrate it with you guys, but unfortunately I just cannot find it in myself to stay and write for this fandom anymore.

It has been a pleasure writing for you and meeting all the people I did. I remember when I first saw Chii make this blog and I was incredibly excited for her and her mods to succeed, but never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would ever have the chance to write for this blog.

This is getting too long, my apologies, so I’ll end it here with a goodbye to everyone.

Thank you for allowing me to experience this.

~ Des

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