2 week tumblr challenge

My freehanded charcoal drawings of Harry because whipped

Thank you to @beeeatle for the graphic!

Welcome to the third annual Monkees Awards Tumblr Challenge! Over the next 2 weeks you’ll be given 15 questions to answer regarding the boys, the music, the show - and a few special questions, unique to you, for the 50th anniversary.


This is pretty much the same as any other daily Tumblr Challenge, the only difference being that I’ll be counting up everyones answers to determine the ‘winners’ of each ‘award’. This is all in good fun and shouldn’t be taken too seriously! You can see the results of the 2014 and 2015 awards here and here.

How to play:

The best and most fun way will be to create your own post - just make sure you tag it with “#monkees awards 2016” to ensure that I don’t miss your posts. Feel free to get deep with your answers; add pictures or videos or gifs or links or anything like that - this is about creating a discussion, after all! Last year we had some amazing gifsets and photosets created, along with some wonderful in-depth text posts. Do whatever you want to voice your answers!

If you miss a day out, don’t worry; I know not everyone can get online every day or has the time to respond right away, and if you want to answer a bunch of questions all in one go then that is totally fine. I will announce the results a few days after the challenge ends, so you have until then to get your answers in - however which way you want to do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


The challenge doesn’t start until Monday 13th June. So please don’t start the challenge before then as it’ll get confusing and your votes won’t be counted!

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Here are the questions (NOTE: the ones in italics are questions that are unique to you, meaning this just gives you an opportunity to tell your own personal story regarding the Monkees/your favourite Monkee, and they won’t be counted into the results of the “awards”)

DAY 1: Favourite Monkees Song Written by a Monkee

DAY 2: Favourite Romp

DAY 3: How and when did you get into the Monkees? / How did you discover the Monkees fandom on Tumblr?

DAY 4: Favourite Album

DAY 5: Favourite Song from Good Times!

DAY 6: Monkee with the Best Hair (1960s)

DAY 7: Favourite Mike and Micky Harmony

DAY 8:  Favourite Episodes (select three)

DAY 9: Your Favourite Monkee

DAY 10: Favourite TV Show Moment

DAY 11: Favourite Story in Monkees History

DAY 12: Favourite Post-Episode Interview

DAY 13: Best Actor 

DAY 14: Ultimate Favourite Monkees Song (select three)

DAY 15: What the Monkees Mean to You

Your words fall like rain
on my heart
fall like rain
on my skin
stream like floods
through my veins
carry me away.

drip tap and patter
onto my nerves
soak me to the bones
in vermouth
and vastness.

Gather in puddles
pools and ponds
the faintest of tremors
sending rippling waves
mirror the sky

Your fingers flow like rivers
through my hair
past my lips
burrow their beds
between the ribs
break on the cliffs
spray as spindrift.

Seek for ways
through every valley
until into darkness
they plummet and fall
land as on clouds
of mellow wet mist
forevermore haboured
in a shadowy grave.

Your gazes crash like hail
through my lids
trickle like sleet
onto my lashes
holding me tight
frozen and stiff
just for a moment
until the melt sets in.

Gather in corners
and every recess
strewn about and scattered
within my brain
carefully gathered
graded and stored
the blink of an eye
in timelessness.


Untitled, 09/01/15

Weekly Writing Challenge, Week 2: A poem about rain.
Here’s the English translation now, doesn’t flow as smoothly as the original, but it works. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the Hack My Life Tumblr Challenge Week 2 winner: SINCERELYTOYCHILD! Bobby pins…not just for keeping bangs out of eyes anymore. 

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