2 week old puppies

I would like for y'all to meet my little 2 week old Irish Wolfhound puppy… Prompto! He’s the runt of the litter and a very sweet boy. He might be smaller than the rest, but he’s a tough guy!


little pirate by Cees
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two weeks old


hello world by Cees


I realise to a few people creating a tumblr for a 2 week old puppy may seem a bit strange. However, I just can’t contain my excitement - I’ve been waiting 24 years to get a dog and finally I’ve made it to the point where i can provide a lifestyle fit for one. 

I’m a Veterinary Nurse in Sydney, and have a parrot healthcare blog for my birds @avacado-and-louie and a wildlife photography blog @birdography My aim is to become a Cert 5 qualified dog trainer through the DELTA Society, and then eventually an animal behaviourist.

Winston comes from a border collie breeder in NSW, who breeds non-working line dogs. He’ll eventually participate in dog sports and hopefully work up to competition level.
Until he’s 8 weeks old, there will only be weekly pictures of his growth from the breeder. Then I’ll start using my DSLR to capture his progress!

He has everything set up from his crate, to toys, to food bowls and accessories. 
For now I’ll just be enjoying all that there is to show on dogblr from fellow canine and animal lovers. 

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a little warm puppy is a girls best friend by Cees
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no diamonds can compare :)


2 Week Old Basset Hound Puppies Nap On a Yellow Blanket