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Socks: @chrissyskneesocks
Fuzzy 2-way clip & Shoot Star clip: @strawberryserenade
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There’s something off with this season of SKAM

OK I’m gonna start by saying that this is completely just an opinion. This is just what I think and you are completely within your right to disagree, but at the end of the day this is just how I feel about this season of SKAM. 

Basically, as this season goes on, I’m becoming less invested and more frustrated with the show. Here are the reasons.

1. The way the episodes are released is stressful

This is my first time watching the show in real time. The seasons before I watched all in one go over a few days, and last season I watched the last half of the season as full episodes once they were released in full. Since the end of last season I started following SKAM blogs and this season made my twitter give me updates for when the next scene would be out. At first I thought this was a great, ingenious, and innovative way to put out tv content. For the first few weeks I really enjoyed watching the show this way, however more and more it just became really stressful. I’m one of those people who gets heavily invested in a show, and SKAM - with all it’s instagram updates, youtube video content, and the way it is slowly released each day seemed to make me even more invested. The fact that it was a slow stream of content each day became fairly overwhelming and I felt constantly on edge about when the next update would come.

Because I follow lots of SKAM tumblrs I would have to watch the new clip as soon as I could or not go on tumblr. Now, SKAM isn’t my main fandom and it’s effort to consistently try and block skam tags especially as most people don’t necessarily tag their posts as just ‘skam’ so I would have to go through the blacklisting process every week. Tumblr is a place I escape to and if I hadn’t watched a new clip, I wouldn’t be able to go on the site without it being spoiled, thus leading to me deciding to watch the clips asap rather than just watch whole episodes on friday. 

This way of releasing the episodes, the constant updates across social media, and it being in my life EVERY DAY lead to the show feeling completely overwhelming. And as I said, I get heavily invested in tv shows that are currently airing anyway, but at least i get a break in the weeks between episodes, but skam just took over my life. What was once a cool way to release a tv show became stressful, put me on edge, and just constantly hovered over me with no respite. This became evident during the hiatus when I finally felt as though I could have a break from the updates and wondering when an episode would be out. The feeling of relief heightened the fact that once it returned, it was just generally another cause of stress in my life when a tv show should be a form of escapism.

This feeling of stress was then heightened by the actual content.

When scenes would be released that were distressing I’d live with that stress until the next day when the storyline would progress again. 

I felt as though I was living consistently with Sana’s emotions and what she is dealing with, which is a great lesson in my understanding her life and what she goes through, but it infringes so much on my actual life. I want to have this sense of empathy and learn from her without feeling awful and stressed until the next clip is released. And rather ironically, as Isak said in the finale of last season that ‘life is now’, the show and it’s way of hanging over you everyday causes it’s most invested fans to kind of put their life on hold each day.

2. This way of releasing clips disrupts the pace of the show

This, from a storytelling aspect (although interesting and innovative) completely broke up the narrative fluidity of the show. The show’s pace seemed paratactic and slow, tension wasn’t held, and I kept losing track of everything that had happened. 

Once I had realised after the hiatus that SKAM was becoming a rather stressful show to watch, I emotionally became slightly more disconnected from it, and really slightly angry that a tv series was becoming such a huge part of my life (far more than my other favourite shows which take up a huge part of my life and even they are barely deleable).

This disruption of pace is just making me lose track of all the storytelling arcs that are apparently trying to come together and wrap up. There are so many things that are being discussed in this season, it is focusing far more on the problems of other characters, not just the main. We have so many things that have questions hanging over them and I can’t keep track of everything that is happening because it’s released in a way that isn’t conducive to me seeing the plot unfold quickly. 

It is the opposite of binging on a series. As television viewers we’re now used to watching entire series in one huge binge on Netflix and other sites. This is slowly released in snippets every day and as an avid tv viewer, once the novelty wore off, this is just a new way to watch tv that goes against how I, as a viewer, normally watch tv and it’s no longer adding anything but rather detracting to the viewing experience. 

There are so many threads that need tying up and so much to keep track of and I just can’t keep up and am becoming less and less invested in the plot lines as the pace of the show is (to me) becoming more and more broken.

3. This season just has so many problems

I feel, personally, that this season isn’t doing justice to Sana’s character. And whilst I could put this thought to one side earlier in the season when I thought these issues would be dealt with, this problem has continued throughout. 

I understand the this season is about Sana and her friends, but all the plot lines this season are just distracting from Sana. The bus storyline, imo, is just getting frustrating and boring. Noora and William… well, I just don’t care about them at all. Even’s history is being told by other characters when it should be said by himself. Michael needs his story to be told by him, and for him to have agency over his past. Vilde needs to see her many errors and learn from them. Wtf is going on with Yousef. What Isak said to Sana on the bench needs to be called out properly within the show.. ahhhhhh. So many storylines, some of which I care about, but at the end of the day all of them are infringing upon Sana’s storyline. This season just feels as though it could have done so much but is getting distracted by unimportant things like the buss, Noora, and Vilde. 

Anyway, there’s so much more I could touch upon, but these are my issues. Feel more than free to disagree, this is just how I feel about it at the end of the day. I’ll continue watching because I love Sana and want to know what happens and believe her story is so important. But yh. I’m just getting too stressed out and frustrated with this season.

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I really like Anders’ concept art and wanted to draw him closer to that.


30 days of Doctor Who day 2, favourite companion.

Donna, because she says the most genius things about Ten’s figure.  Plus a multitude of other reasons.