2 vs. 1

i spend too much time on this 

You know what that means, right? When Star was going through mewberty for the first time she was crazy all over Oscar. Guess all over who she’ll be crazy this time…



Here we go for the english version! I will post it later directly on Tumblr!

Hope you’ll like it!

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Ford: Dipper, let me ask you something. Have you thought much about your future?
Dipper: No, not really. I mean, beyond graduating high school with a high GPA so I can get accepted to a good technical college with a photography and media production minor to start my own ghost hunting show.

This dialogue appears on ‘’Dipper and Mabel vs the Future’’ and was too obvious to me that was a reference about Alex, at least i think so, so i made this. Hope you like it!

late valentine’s day

Introducing a new birb friend! 
Meet Tangier, or Tang for short! Sun conure harpie from the high Stratos Islands!
Tang likes on walks on the beach, exotic fruits, and the color yellow.

He is also mostly deaf.