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Not sure why, but I’ve been getting a lot of random requests from ppl not even following me.

It feels, like, SUPER forward. “Hey I don’t know or care who you are, but will you do this thing for me?”

Umh, no, no I won’t.


Women’s March - Los Angeles, January 2017

It was such a wonderful experience marching today. There’s a lot of wrong in the world, but there’s also a ton of right. 

Tekken Thoughts - The seriousness of Paul Phoenix

Here’s one of my favorite characters, Paul Phoenix, who’s original role was the original rival to Tekken’s original protagonist Kazuya. Much backlash has been made of Paul’s distention from rival to comic relief in the later games. While I’ll somewhat agree to a degree…there has always been some comedic aspect from the very beginning.

From the very first game he was described as a ‘hot-headed’ fighter and he was always been…well not the smartest guy. He was the only one ‘crazy’ enough to challenge a killer bear…which he beat of course. Take a look at the poorly drawn Kazuya’s picture on the wall in his Tekken 1 ending. This shows how strong he is but also his childish side. In Tekken 2, after making it to the final round (a second time) Paul is eliminated due to being stuck in a traffic jam which was the beginning of Paul being in unluckily but comedic situations. And there’s Marshall Law’s Tekken 2 ending and the fact he technically won ‘Tekken 3′. Paul’s TTT1 ending sums up his role in the first 3 games quite nicely.

Yeah, Paul isn’t smart but he never was. What I don’t like is when he and Law are portrayed as weak like in his TTT2 Ending or in Street Fighter x Tekken just because he’s never won an Iron First Tournament. None of the Tekken roster have besides 3 people. Paul is arguably the strongest non-Mishima in Tekken and has one of the better track record in the tournaments.

My point is that Paul has been characterized by his brute strength but child-like behavior, narrow loses and habit for unlucky situations since the very beginning. Maybe to a lesser degree than now and maybe Namco have gone too far with it but that’s always been part of his character. Don’t you think?

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if the reason she didnt like billie was because she cheated on her why doesn't the shoe fit greg? billie was wrong in what she did but she's like 18, greg is a 30 year man who decided to marry lainey if anything he's the one that should be more committed. plus grer WANTED to be with billie it was a 2 way street. i would be more pissed at greg for being with billie once than everyhting billie did combined

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