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The Walking Dead |SEASON 7| ➝ T E A M ♡ F A M I L Y

“You were right. You were right from the start. You told us to get ready to fight… I didn’t listen. And I couldn’t. But I can now.”


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.11.17

theme thursday: hike hike hike

illustrated stickers and patches by asildastore

totally diggin’ the style of these stickers and patches by asildastore — the color schemes, the fonts, the retro illustrations, the outdoor-lovin’ themes, even the surrounding product photography is RIGHT ON. i know kaia would love these too!

anonymous asked:

im a 19y/o girl and i wanna start skating but i feel like ive missed my chance like ive always been into the scene but im terrified of skating around all the guys that have been doing it since they were tiny

1. if you been following for a while you know i’m all about everyone getting their stoke on
2. tbh 19 is late to start so you gotta be realistic about what you want to do on a board
3. as a dude starting at 19 i’d be intimidated af by dudes at a park
4. get one of your friends to start w you, or connect w some female skaters in your area, or (if you’re extroverted enough) make friends w dudes at the park that are also just starting
5. personally tho i’d just spend a bunch of time skating alone (if you can’t convince a friend to start w you) in a parking lot. that’s the kinda dedication skating demands. time, patience & blood.

I think the universe is telling me something… 


❝ Before you macho, muscle-brained mice beat each other black-and-blue, does anyone care to introduce me? ❞

aka Martian Cave Mice are the living embodiments of·i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick his ass. i’ll kick my own ass.

Memoir (Part I)

“Whoever invented heels must’ve had some sort of unhealthy obsession with pain cuz I seriously can’t even stand up right now. They’re probably the same jerks who made it a tradition to wear heels at weddings too. So messed up.” Taking a quick peek at your surroundings, you sneakily chuck off your heels under the covering of the table cloth, letting out a sigh of blissful relief because you seriouslycan’t stand another second in those death contraptions.

“Come on, Y/N, those don’t even look like they hurt that much.”

You openly scowl at the male next to you, “Shut up, Tae, you don’t even know the half of it.” 

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