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The Walking Dead |SEASON 7| ➝ T E A M ♡ F A M I L Y

“You were right. You were right from the start. You told us to get ready to fight… I didn’t listen. And I couldn’t. But I can now.”

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im a 19y/o girl and i wanna start skating but i feel like ive missed my chance like ive always been into the scene but im terrified of skating around all the guys that have been doing it since they were tiny

1. if you been following for a while you know i’m all about everyone getting their stoke on
2. tbh 19 is late to start so you gotta be realistic about what you want to do on a board
3. as a dude starting at 19 i’d be intimidated af by dudes at a park
4. get one of your friends to start w you, or connect w some female skaters in your area, or (if you’re extroverted enough) make friends w dudes at the park that are also just starting
5. personally tho i’d just spend a bunch of time skating alone (if you can’t convince a friend to start w you) in a parking lot. that’s the kinda dedication skating demands. time, patience & blood.


❝ Before you macho, muscle-brained mice beat each other black-and-blue, does anyone care to introduce me? ❞

aka Martian Cave Mice are the living embodiments of·i’ll kick your ass. i’ll kick his ass. i’ll kick my own ass.

I think the universe is telling me something… 

Swallow Your Sleep | Chapter Eight

Summary: Sakura knew that planning to kill a Kage wouldn’t be easy, so abandoning her life was a price she was willing to pay to get the job done. But becoming a pawn in a game she wasn’t ready to play had never been part of the plan. “You’ve always been so foolish, Sakura.” Rated M. SasuSaku.

A/N: Long time no see. It’s been 10 months to the day since the last update. Whoops. Sorry. All I’ll say is take a good hard look at the rating before continuing. Shit’s only going to get crazier from here. Brace yourselves. (Oh, and you’re welcome.)

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They were two days from the Land of Iron when they came across an unexpected obstacle.

When Madara appeared out of thin air in front of her, she nearly squeaked out of surprise as she literally ran through him. Catching herself on the branch of a tree, she spun herself around and righted herself just in time for the rest of their team to direct their attention toward the masked man.

“Careful,” he’d goaded, humorless smirk evident in his voice after she’d stumbled past him, “I don’t want you to hurt yourself now.”

“What do you want?” Sasuke demanded as he joined her on the same branch. “We’re busy.”

“I’ve noticed,” he hummed, taking in their group’s appearance. “Where are you kids off to?”

“Why does it matter?” Sasuke bit back, frustrated at this intervention. Sakura knew how badly he wanted to get to their destination and she understood fully; she was anxious to get going, too. They had no clue what time frame they had and acting quickly was their only option.

“I thought you were looking for the Copy Ninja?” He cocked his head to the side, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Found him. Now we’re moving on.” Turning, Sasuke gestured for everyone to follow him, and as he began to run again Sakura stayed close behind him. She didn’t feel comfortable turning her back on the man, despite Sasuke seeming to have no problem with the action. And to her unease, it didn’t take long before Madara appeared before them again.

“What?” Sasuke snapped finally, his impatience showing.

Sakura felt her anxiety increase when Madara glared at Sasuke behind his mask. She still knew little to nothing about this man and she had no clue what to expect from him. A fact that only made him more dangerous to her.

When his eye flickered to her, she was hardly expecting to be caught in another genjutsu.

Glancing around, noting their slightly-familiar location—dark, cold, water beneath her feet and a red moon above her head, the same location as the last genjutsu he’d placed her under—she let out a frustrated noise.

“What?” She spat out, trying to cover her unease. “Why? Why another genjutsu?”

“You’re here.” He spoke, as if shocked. Walking toward her, he looked her up and down as if examining her physical state.

Sakura blinked. “What?”

“They didn’t leave you with Hatake Kakashi.”

“Of course I’m not—” And when she heard the words, it suddenly clicked. “That’s why you told them where Kakashi was.” He was hoping she’d stay. He had counted on it even. And the fact that she was there, still travelling with Sasuke and his team, must have put a dent in his plans.

Whatever plans he seemed to have.

He let out a light sound that almost sounded like a laugh. “You kids had your clue from your friend, you would’ve found him either way.”

“You don’t want me here.” She was bewildered by the thought. It was as if he were taking her presence seriously.

It was as if she was a genuine threat.

“I don’t want any of Sasuke’s teammates here.”

“Then why focus on me?” She challenged, stepping forward as she brought a glare to her face. “Why not put anyone else in a genjutsu? You’re focusing on me for a reason.”

He chuckled, “You’re smart, Sakura. But not as smart as you think.”

“Okay,” she huffed, crossing her arms over her chest and biting her lip. “If you don’t want me here, then why not kill me?”

“If only it were that easy. If I killed you, Sasuke would try to kill me, and then I’d be forced to kill him.” He sighed over-dramatically. “And we can’t have that. So now I have to figure out what to do with you.”

His words made her blood run cold. Never before had she expected the leader of the Akatsuki to take an interest in her, and knowing that it was because of Sasuke was almost impossible to believe. But with his admission, now she found herself perfectly confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m not going to say much more, but I want to let you know this one thing.” Suddenly, his voice was booming, echoing through the entire genjutsu. It took Sakura all her self-restraint not to cover her ears with her hands. But when she suddenly couldn’t breathe, instead her hands gripped at her throat. “If you knew what was good for you, for your friends, for your village, you’ll remove yourself from the picture.” Gasping for air, she felt herself fall to her knees, splashing in the shallow water below. She was starting to get dizzy and knew that if she didn’t get a breath in soon, she’d pass out.

It’s a genjutsu, the logical part of her brain tried screaming at her, it’s only a genjutsu. But the thought did nothing to alleviate her panic.

“If you get in my way any further, you will have to pay a price.”

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Memoir (Part I)

“Whoever invented heels must’ve had some sort of unhealthy obsession with pain cuz I seriously can’t even stand up right now. They’re probably the same jerks who made it a tradition to wear heels at weddings too. So messed up.” Taking a quick peek at your surroundings, you sneakily chuck off your heels under the covering of the table cloth, letting out a sigh of blissful relief because you seriouslycan’t stand another second in those death contraptions.

“Come on, Y/N, those don’t even look like they hurt that much.”

You openly scowl at the male next to you, “Shut up, Tae, you don’t even know the half of it.” 

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