2 stoked

I don’t usually answer phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize but today I did and the lady on the other end said “hi I’m calling this number because I think I have your dog? Her name tag says Tallulah” and my heart dropped into my toes and I screamed “WHERE DO YOU LIVE” thankfully it was my next door neighbor so I ran outside barefoot and screaming for no reason but I’m pretty sure I had at least 2 stokes in that period of time

Mukami S/O’s singing like angels? Hell yea! Enjoy dear anon!~Mun M

Ruki: The sound of her voice drew him to the rooftop straight away. He couldn’t believe that his little livestock was capable of such a thing. He crossed his arms (dropping his book) and watched her in amazement. “Such a phenomenal voice, Livestock. I should try to keep you from harming it then.” He smirked, urging her to continue.

Yuma: He was utterly speechless when he realized the voice was coming from his S/O. “Sow?! Uh-Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just…please, keep going.” His mouth hung open slightly as he sat next to her. As she sang, he would place little kisses in her hair.

Kou: “Woah, M-neko-chan!! I never knew you could sing like that! Hey, you should record a song with me!” Excitement overwhelmed him upon hearing her voice. He would beg her to keep singing, and eventually join in with her, harmonizing perfectly.

Azusa: He, too, was at a loss of words. He would listen happily until the song was over and begin to clap quietly. “Eve, I didn’t know…you could sing! Your voice…is so beautiful…Please, keep going.” He sat himself against the wall, his attention fully focused on her.