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Ideal Careers Based On Your Zodiac Sign -- Aquarius

Aquarius - January 20 - February 18

Aquarians are true, free spirits. But don’t mistake this for flighty workers—they’re hardworking, albeit with an out-of-the-box attitude (i.e. you will tackle a project in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep, only to want to nap in the middle of the day because you already “did the work”). You’re social but also kind of a loner, making you adept at handling team assignments as well as working on your own. You tend to come up with ideas that at first thought are “wacky” before being deemed “brilliant”, and you tend to never state the “obvious"—which make you bad in project discussions, since you’re 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Take it from Fox: "Your unusual methods can be quite appealing to those who enjoy being near your personal brand of creative genius.” Meaning, not everyone is going to “get” you.

Ideal careers: Science or tech (if you can explore new theories or applications), graphic design or photography, and even project management—if you get to explore new ways of doing something. You’re also an ideal entrepreneur or independent contractor, as you rebel against corporate culture and work best on your own schedule.


Voltron! Sense 8

Lance McClain

-Lives in Cuba
-Has a dog names ChiCha
-TV show superstar
-Bisexual and in your face about it
-Specializes in charm and can talk his way out of any situation
-Very passionate and currently single
-Could handle a real gun if it came down to it

Keith Kogane

-Lives in South Korea
-Freelance assasin
-Specializes in knifes and martial arts
-Gets angry at the smallest instances
-Never knows what to say when someone of his cluster is in an emotional spot
-Loves to party

Takashi Shirogane

-Lives in Japan
-Has 2 cats
-Is a surgeon
-Specializes in chemical components
-Always thinks ahead 2 steps
-Hates BPO with a burning fucking passion
-Bugs everyone by dropping in


-Lives in Niger
-School teacher
-Specializes in appealing to children
-Sometimes a little hot headed
-She believes in the supernatural and wasn’t all freaked out when she saw new people showing up -Can get herself out of ropes and handcuffs easily. It’s child’s play. Her father had her train to get out of situations if she was ever kidnapped.

Hunk Garret

-Lives in Hawaii
-Works as a mechanic
-Specializes in fixing your shit
-Is quite chill but when he’s angry he gets angry
-He and Lance often help each other out
-Shows the cluster how to cook

Pidge Gunderson

-Lives in New Jersey
-Hacks the shit out of the world
-Computer genius
-She’s on the run for failing to hack into some Pentagon files
-Love/Hate relationship with Lance
-Basically everyone’s savior when they’re need to get out
-Lost her family to BPO (after finding out her brother and father are also Sense 8’s) and will stop at nothing for revenge -also her and her girlfriend are happily fighting the system together


-Lives in Pakistan
-Works as a miner
-Sees well in the dark and can lift heavy shit
-Has major family issues
-Loves Hunk
-She also has a lot of internal struggles but also doesn’t take your shit

Coran (younger version)

-Lives in Ireland
-An assistant at a really big firm
-Can get information on people in the tap of a button
-Often feels like he doesn’t belong in the cluster but he helps immensely
-Taken a liking to Allura in a sort of bff way

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Plot twist: Levi ends up giving Armin the serum, Erwin dies, Ereri wins

Plot twist: Since apparently Levi can fall in love with a child, he becomes attracted to the strength and power and intelligence Armin possesses that reminds him so much of Erwin, Armin moves up in ranks with Levi’s help and Levi still ends up with the smart strong blond commander, Ereri loses as usual, NEXTTTTTT 

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Pls do the rest of the couples backstory pls Winnie I luv luv you 💕✨💕✨✨✨

aesthetic couple(namjoon): omg they met on set !!!! namjoon is super super super super super super lucky that someone else was sick n y/n was sent to the photo shoot instead. longest photo shoot of his life honestly bc he was hung up on her as soon as she wheeled a rack of clothes past him w/o even looking his way. and he couldn’t help but stare as he was getting his hair done and his eyeliner applied and completely ignoring whatever yoongi was complaining about this time bc the peach tones of her outfit n make up n aura were too captivating & his mind couldn’t rly be bothered to focus elsewhere. and y/n totally knew that he had been staring @ her the entire time bc hello this is y/n she’s always 2 steps ahead of namjoon (which he loves bc he’s always topped ppl intellectually n psychologically he’s never had to play catch up before) n so she continued to avoid his eyes as she smoothed out the collar of his shirt & joon was holding his breath bc her perfume that he recognized was really the icing on top of the cake. and namjoon wasn’t being his usual eloquent self omg he would only give nods in response 2 her questions n she wouldve assumed he was shy but her sister is like obsessed w bngtn so she knew he was supposed 2 be the ~eloquent one and she knew she wasn’t remembering incorrectly bc namjoon had always been the one that she payed attention to. y/n smiled when he was finally styled to her liking and patted his shoulder n said “you know my sister likes bangtan. she talks abt jimin 24/7, but i’m more into rappers” & joon finally woke up as she was walking away and he shouted out a v awkward “ur wearing chanel no5!!!” and y/n laughed @ his clumsy + cute attempt to impress her. n the fact that she was the smooth one during their first meeting still haunts joon 2 this day.

*namjoon & y/n talk abt clothes very seriously !!! and i was always worried that she came off a bit 된장녀 or something but uh this is why !!!!!! bc backstory :b also she’s mostly the one to initiate things n she rly keeps joon on his toes. (and omg sorry 4 talking to much but i rly rly rly rly love aesthetic couple so much they’re like ~soulmates 2 me)

ajae couple(seokjin): they met @ uni (have u seen the pics of seokjin @ school………..amazing…….)!!! seokjin is hardly ever on campus (he’s a v busy man) so he was super super lost n confused trying to find a restroom one day. and while he was wandering through the halls he saw y/n carrying a 50 ft stack (an exaggeration) of coloring books (there’s a reason ehehheh) and even tho his bladder was abt 2 explode he ran over to help her bc it really looked like she’d fall over if a spec of dust landed on top of them. but being suddenly approached by a tall n broad (n handsome) guy startled y/n so s he fell over anyway. and seokjin laughed his rly rly loud goofy laugh as he picked up the coloring books surrounding her and made a rly cheesy “wow i didn’t think you’d fall for me this quickly” joke & @ first y/n was completely appalled but then she realized he wasn’t laughing at her he was laughing at his own joke lmao !!!! not everyone is as confident n open as seokjin he has no problem talking 2 ppl but it was kind of not the case for y/n she didn’t rly know what to say or do so he did abt 90% of the talking as he carried the coloring books (he didn’t ask abt them) to wherever they needed to go n y/n did abt 100% of the laughing bc seokjin held back a little not wanting 2 overwhelm her and because he rly liked hearing her laugh for some reason. so they get 2 where y/n needs to go n seokjin puts everything down n jokingly asks if there’s a 50ft stack of colored pencils that he also needs to bring in n she laughs again so he’s satisfied n decides to quit while he’s ahead. before he leaves he asks 4 her number and also directions to the nearest restroom !!!!!!!

*y/n has texted him while she was @ uni before n also they always talk abt silly childish kinda interests n there’s a reason for that but it’s mostly seokjin’s personality + y/n’s indiv. backstory!!!

snow couple(jimin): they met…………@ the dmv hehehehehehh! jimin can’t drive yet but he really really wants to and in korea u gotta take one written test n two driving tests. mini is there for the first driving test n he’s sosososo nervous bc if he fails this he really won’t hear the end of it from the others……….especially jeon jeongguk. he’s gone over the procedure abt a thousand times in his head and he’s convinced that he’s ready but then the small waiting room door opens and in walks y/n dressed in all white & her hair in pretty bun (she looks like she has v important plans after this) and she’s reading the driving manual they gave him after his written test and jimin is surprised bc he for sure thought he’d get celeb privilege n take the test alone (plus its early morning who else would be here). y/n sits beside him and notices he’s not studying @ all so she’s like hey wanna share my book !!!! and omg shy jimin is like o….kay…….sure as she scoots closer to him. n jimin pretends to read the left page but rly he’s looking @ her through his peripheral n listening to her whisper the ~important things on the right page to herself and it’s kinda calming but also making him incredibly nervous. n when y/n notices he’s totally not reading she closes the book and introduces herself and jimin (v shyly) does the same n she tells him that she thinks she has a 3% chance of passing considering that her brother has been teaching her & it took him 3 tries to get his license n mini laughs @ this and says that he has a 2% chance of passing because bc he only studied last night and exactly 0 ppl have been teaching him how to drive. so they go out to take their tests and jimin cheers for y/n and she fails n y/n cheers for jimin & he fails but it’s ok and jimin’s like “it looked like u were playing v bad gta” n y/n’s like “well u looked like u were 8th place in mariokart” and while the instructor went to schedule another test for them they were talking abt the teasing they’d get from their friends n jimin was describing guk like he was an elementary school bully & y/n gave an elementary school reaction n was like “ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ he’s probably just jealous bc ur more handsome than he is” & jimin was gooooooone

*they can’t drive lmfkaksoaoa that’s why jimin is always running everywhere !!!! :b

Personal Principles
  1. Simple and light.
  2. Have a PACE for everything.
  3. Make it asymmetrical, stack advantages.
  4. Act, don’t react.
  5. Target dictates the weapon and the weapon dictates the movement.

These are principles that have helped me across a variety of activities: war, alpine climbing, work, red teaming, hard times…
I tried to simplify the concepts as much as I could, focusing on things that can be applied together.

1. Simple and light

Keep everything simple. Simple things are easy to change when you need to. Simple plans will adapt better to the ever-changing conditions in the field. Simple things are easy to understand and explain, especially under stress.
I also believe in being nimble. Being light allows you to move faster, more fluently. Being light allows you to be more efficient.

2. Have a PACE for everything

PACE: Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency. A military way of building a communication plan. However it can be applied to all planning and things.
It’s about having a Plan B, but also understanding that everything will eventually fail. Have contingencies and an escape plan. Be ready for the worst. When it happens, you’ll know what to do.

3. Make it asymmetrical, stack advantages

It’s not what you do, it’s when and how you do it. It’s making sure the odds are in your favor. If you want to be successful you have to make it happen. Fight with small team tactics, a guerrilla. Make things stack in your favor. Then execute.

4. Act, don’t react

Don’t wait for things to happen, be proactive. Go for it and be ready. It’s too late if you have to react after something happened. Red team it. Plan 2-3 steps ahead, and make it asymmetrical!

5. Target dictates the weapon and the weapon dictates the movement

Don’t get caught on a technique, or a method, or a tool, or on planning. Things are dynamic and they depend on your target. Once you know your target (whar you want to achieve), you can then decide what weapon (technique, tools, etc) you need to use to hit that target (or to work with, defuse, assess, build, etc). Once you know the weapon, then you’ll be able to understand how you will need to move and reach that target. In other words, don’t be stuck on a technique or tool, adapt it to the target, focus on understanding what is the best tool or technique to achive that target, and then you’ll be able to plan (move) to make it happen.

(Note: this principle was taught to me by Richard “Mack” Machowicz, one of the most interesting people I’ve met. Sadly, he is no longer with us. Thank you for all Mack!)

Things I associate with the houses:

Slytherin: the sharp clicking of heels, scribbled signatures, carless smirks, winks, coffee with whipped cream cause you need the sugar, running purely of adrenaline and drive, “sleep is for the weak”, not giving a damn about the status quo, plotting murder against donald trump, always having an escape plan, twitter fights because this person is just bugging me today, knowing exactly who you’d die for, playing music too loud then turing it down because “damn now i’ve got a headache”, not trusting perfect,so much sarcasm,“i’ve got it covered not really” just slytherin things.

Hufflepuff: laughing till your stomach hurts, baking brownies, refusing to swear, flipping the bird at the backs of authority, “but that’s unfair!”, helping a blind man, volunteering, hating something about someone but being two polite to say it to their face, feminism, trusting to much, spending all your money on sweets, “its not their fault”, little to no patience, rushing homework because “i was having too much fun, laughing at their own joking, so many dad jokes, sleeping in, “I’m so sorry professor my dog ate my homework”, all the puns, cheesy grins and lazy smiles, “I am not a hipster i swear”, actually waiting until their old enough to get tumblr, “i’m only breaking the rules because there stupid rules. just hufflepuff things.

Ravenclaw: endless pages of doodles, writing until your hands sore, being the teachers pet but hating said teacher, getting away with everything, literally pulling out hair from stress, stress eating, saying important things in a casual manner, knowing all the disney songs, “gosh darn i forgot my luncheon”,  losing your library card, “I’m not fit enough to cary all theses books!”, all the cute animals, writing publishable fanfiction, “its technically not a lie…”, overachievers, purposely failing classes because there boring, “bORing”, eye rolls, nutella addictions, running purely of caffeine, colour coded everything, new phones, overdue books, charming smiles, long answers, rainy inside days, just ravenclaw things.

Gryffindor: “i would but I don’t like you”, friendship bracelets, crushes, “come on it’ll be fun”, truth or dare, hangovers, dancing in the rain, hugs, “I’m about as straight as the amazon river”, flirty winks, running till you can’t, lights in your eyes, humming kpop, fighting over stupid stuff, internet famous, possessiveness, singing around a bonfire, extrovert, 2 steps ahead of the trends, wishing on shooting stars, “i’ll prove it!”, running out of charge, perfect makeup or no makeup, “but we’re just friends?”, making yourself full on sweets, mephobia, “what could go wrong?”, just meeting deadlines, blue lips and smiles, binge watching, funny faces, short skirts, curled hair, odd talents, grins. just gryffindor things.

To Torment the King, Threaten the Queen

I decided to rewatch Arrow 5x17, and it’s even more amazing (and heartbreaking) to watch the second time. My first viewing was just pure emotional response to what was playing out onscreen. I caught some details here and there, but mostly I was trying to process while hanging on the edge of my seat anticipating what was coming next. Watching the scene again in which Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Prometheus, taunts Oliver about Felicity was fascinating, because I could more easily see how Chase segued into each particular jab and the intent behind it. Like the sick, twisted psycho he is, Prometheus slowly escalates the stakes both physically and mentally for Oliver by threatening his love.

You murdered your own wife

After Chase drowns Oliver for the same amount of time it took his father Justin Claybourn to die, he starts to taunt Oliver about his numerous victims. He tries to humanize them by saying they had families of their own: husbands, wives, daughters, sons, etc. Oliver, however, isn’t swayed because he believes these people committed terrible crimes and had victims of their own. He then points out that Chase is sick and a hypocrite, especially since he murdered his own wife.

It’s that exact moment that Chase makes a very interesting transition. Of all the victims on the wall, he chooses to specifically single out The Count. Why The Count?

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seen all sorts of iterations of zionists here since i made my first blog as a teenager. first the “no such thing as palestinians” kind one of whom some hag latched on to my first blog trying to argue with me on every post. she was quoting zuhair muhsin at me and shit but even as a teenager i was always 2 steps ahead of everyone so that didn’t work out well for her. she had her own private political forum where she was a mod and there in frustration she let her liberal zionist mask drop and said “the fucking arabs” in reference to me and a fight we’d just had. i was 😂😂love it when that mask slips.


1. Meeting you for the first time.

I remember looking for you,

phone in hand. Your voice

matching the voice of the stranger

just a few steps ahead.

2. Holding you for the first time.

The warmth of your body

under the rainy sky was more

than just something I craved.

I remember how warm your

heart was back then.

3. The notably growing addiction,

the desire to hold you replaced

by the need to hold you, to kiss you,

to live by your side.

4. Letting you go. Over, and over

and over again. Losing grip

of your body, of my body

- losing grip of reality.

Simply losing.


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I have seen many evidences of levi admiring Erwin a lot but not much of erwin showing that kind of attention to levi. Is it possible that levi really likes erwin but Erwin doesn't?

For that, I suspect that is because of his position as commander,  I made a comparison from Isayama Q&A, respectively 2013-12 & 2014-09 [source: x].

Q: Is Commander Erwin not married?
A: Yes. He has no idea when he’ll die, so he’s not married.

Q: Is Keith married?
A: He’s single. He has sent his subordinates to their death, so he can’t allow only himself to be happy.

Isayama mentioned the characters those he made, are initially designed to fit the settings of the world. [source: x]

–Do you start with creating the world first, and then people it with characters second?

Isayama: Yes, I start with the setting, and then create the characters based what actors the setting calls for.

While it is pretty much obvious that Isayama writes Levi as someone who admire Erwin’s leadership or maybe subsequently as a person, but for Erwin, Isayama writes Erwin as someone who takes his position as commander seriously, someone who is entrusted with lives of hundreds of soldier, driven with the determination to find the truth, full of guilt, 2-3 steps ahead everyone, attentive to his soldiers and he has the past of letting the person he loved because he prioritise his dream, he is able to sacrifice anything for the sake of truth. These characteristics are what makes him the person that Levi respect/admire.

Erwin is written as someone to be respected by entire SC, including the humanity’s strongest and considering from the SNK story build, I am not sure whether Erwin showing his affection to certain subordinate will suit the plot, even the author himself doesn’t allow Erwin to show much of his emotions. Tbh, I feel that Erwin doesn’t even love himself, if let’s say Levi is indeed in love with Erwin, will he even allow himself to reciprocate to Levi’s feeling? There are only two things those I am really sure is Erwin always entrust Levi with the most important task, it takes a lot for someone like Erwin who plays his cards close to his chest and he understands Levi. Despite Levi’s intention to ask him to stay behind the wall, Levi’s choice of words might not show that he mean well, X’D.

To the extent threatening to break his legs, but Erwin’s reaction was painfully laughing to Levi’s toilet joke and tried to explain to Levi that he won’t change his mind, he didn’t even order Levi to just follow his command like “hello, I am commander and let me do my job and why do you ask me to stay behind?”. He knows Levi mean good, he is quite considerate to the idea but in the end he won’t change his mind, and he is not written to be someone who will do that. At the moment Levi is the only person who is shown to care deeply for Erwin and it hurts him as well for causing Levi felt upset, when he made his choice to fight the titans, he might never have expected that someone will come in his life to care for him. Decisions has been made long ago and if let’s say not only to Levi, if he shows any special feeling to someone while his only thought is heading towards his dream & death, it is a very cruel thing to do. However as of recent, since we get to see more of Erwin’s feeling & thoughts, maybe one day we can gain more information about this.

I'm not saying anything... BUT I'M JUST SAYING.

Who needs a lair decked out with 3 computers for a book.

Ezra is A y'all. He always has been. We just believed the book story because writers made us fall in love with him. Uber A is one step ahead, Ezra had that excuse in his back pocket.

Or Aria is A, and Ezra decided to help her BEHIND her back (thinking he was helping), making her not trust him. But he wanted to do anything to win her over again because he knew what she was capable of.

Or Aria is A, and Ezra was helping her. But the book threw her off. But A is always 2 steps ahead. So I doubt this one.

achoo nose kink snez time thnks @martinplier and @floofybubblez for the inspiration (for the love of god dont read this its literally gross and not even a serious fic im)

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I agree with you that I don't think they want to get papped - but I expect it's only a matter of time now before they are (and likely sooner than later). The paps obviously are staking out where they are (pics of his family home), so the photos might not be goo quality, but I think it will be a miracle for them not to get papped at all now that they've been outed & the huge payout up for grabs for getting those 1st shots.

oh, for sure, it’s only a matter of time of course, just like it was only a matter of time that taylor got papped, and staking her moms house out on mother’s day was a good bet, just like July 4 in RI would be a good bet. Or denver in August.

But i think it depends on whether she continues with the special ops or not. Maybe she’s not even where they are looking anymore and is 2 steps ahead of them.  Like.. if I was her, and i knew the story was coming (surely she did), and i didnt wanna be seen… then i would have bounced out of there. That’s why i joked the other day that she had left the country. I mean the paps will only look for so long and continue to come up empty before they move on to something else .. cause they gotta get paid somehow. 

So in sum, i would say it is all in the approach she takes. 

2 steps ahead of you
Following me blindly
There’s really no
Substitute for bad timing
But I’ll kindly see your way
Living in outer space
We all need to find our place
So I find it in the things I create

Call it fate or whatever you like
It doesn’t just happen at night
And I’m like you bet it feels good
Just like you thought heaven should
You gotta live now before you’re dead
Because a wise man once said
Heaven isn’t someplace you go to when you die
It’s that split second in life where you actually feel alive

But I won’t get caught in the memory of that
Because most of me wants to forget the past
So I live at the trap and develop cataracts
While she’s convinced it’s all an act

But no girl the mentality became my reality
And it ain’t actually a catastrophe honestly
Why don’t you just call me and keep it faulty
You’re awfully smart think with your head and not with your heart

So I stay stiff on guard and never clean my car
Convince you to catch someone else’s par
While I connect stars and put cigarettes in ashtrays
Waiting for payday will I remain another day away

From the rest I deserve, you live and you learn
We roll up and burn, we trip and take turns
And what’s next except another ex better yet
I have to figure out how to bet so I can gamble my way outta this mess

So I never second guess my quick decisions
I just hit replay and then I listen
Look at my country I see, tweakers fakers and takers
Trying to make conversation but I hate the lakers
I’m not big on drugs and I could probably use a hug

What’s not to love? The way I move my tongue
The way I tap my fingers and thumbs
Or maybe I’m just numb to the person I’ve become
Talking directly down the barrel of a gun

So when I first looked into Team Fortress 2 one of the first things I noticed was how the Sniper is pretty damn similar to One Step Ahead Tengo from Ghost Trick.

Both got hats, glasses, sideburns, and use sniper rifles, only being able to hit far away targets.

Needless to say though, I don’t think Tengo wants to be friends with someone who throws piss jars at people.