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11 questions tag!

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1. any pets you wish you’d have?

I’ve always want a dog, to be specific, a corgi.

2. favorite snack?

Too many, but I’m gonna say chocolate almond Pocky

3. favorite tea?

Peppermint and English breakfast!

4. do you like being outdoors more than indoors?

Nope. Indoors is my safe space TvT

5. how often do you listen to the radio?

Rarely, I mainly use music streaming app nowadays.

6. laptops or desktop computers?

Definitely laptops, especially the lighter ones/ultrabooks.

7. do you have any posters on your walls?

I have a Thor : The Dark World poster at my desk, does that count?

8. what’s the time where you live right now?

9.18 am (my timezone is GMT+7)

9. do you prefer cut flowers or flowers in pots?

Flowers in pots!

10. do you like incense?

Not really

11. do you keep change in your pockets?


My 11 questions for you:

  1. What is your most used social media besides Tumblr?
  2. Favourite genre of music and song(s) recommendations from said genre?
  3. The latest book you read?
  4. Describe you clothing style.
  5. What is the weirdest dream you’ve had?
  6. Would you rather live in an apartment or a house?
  7. Your future goals.
  8. Coffee, tea, both or neither?
  9. All time favourite movie(s).
  10. Do you want to time-travel? If yes, where to?
  11. Dusk or dawn?

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The Stages of Eating a Scooby-Snack

Step 1: prepare thyself

Step 2: receive Scooby Snack

Step 3: puzzle as it turns the color of your tongue because the animators forgot it’s magic

Step 4: ohhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh

Step 5: elongate head

Step 6: forwardize head

Step 7: twisty ear time

Step 8: anteater impression

♡ Adorable Asks♡

1) 🍰: What’s your favorite snack? 

2)🎶: Favorite genres of music/favorite musicians?

3) 📖: Do you write? If so, what?

4) 🍯: What do you do for fun? 

5) ⭐️: Favorite childhood memory? 

6) 🕯: Do you have any scary stories to share? If so, what? 

7) 🎀: Favorite color? 

8) 🏁: Favorite goal achieved?

9) 💝: Relationship Status? 

10) 🍿: Favorite movies? 

11) ✈️: Where would you like to travel to? 

12) 🔮: Witches or Psychics? 

13) 🎁: Best gift ever? 

14) 🎈: Something that fascinates you?

15) 💉: Want/have any tattoos or piercings? 

16) ⚔: Something/someone you’re protective of.

17) 🛁: Strangest worry?

18)  🐾: Favorite animal?

19) 🎉: Introvert or Extrovert?

20) 🕹: Favorite game?

21)💤: Best dream?

22) 🍭: Sweet or Savory? 

23) 🎲: do you take risks?

24) 🎪: Carnival or Concert?

25) 🎯: Goal you have in mind?

college apps gothic
  • You visit your first college while a freshman in high school. The walls bleed ivy from the cracks between the bricks. The tour guide’s words echo hollowly. “Any questions?” The tour group stares back. You don’t know any questions. You don’t know. You don’t know why you are here.
  • The SAT is on a cloudy Saturday. You are asked to bring a calculator, a snack, and #2 pencils. You only use one pencil. The College Board gods consumed the rest while you were writing your essay.
  • AP Gov AP Bio AP Econ AP Psych AP Calc APUSH AP AP AP AP You pay $91 for each AP test. You do not ask why. College Board, the non-profit organization, rips the money from your reluctant hands. AP AP AP AP
  • At your neighbor’s incessant prompting, you confess that you are applying to Stanford. He replies that his co-worker’s nephew’s friend went to Stanford. Everyone’s co-worker’s nephew’s friend has gone to Stanford.
  • There is no box for your ethnicity on the application. Do you identify as Pacific Islander? Do you identify as the all-encompassing “White”? Do you identify as human? You have not been human for many years.
  • The empty boxes in the extracurriculars section haunt you. The cursor blinks accusingly. You try to remember what you’ve done. Have you done anything? High school was an endless void. Pencils scratching. Clocks ticking. You remember nothing. You did nothing. You refresh the Common App.
  • You get a college pamphlet in the mail. “JOIN US,” it says. It is not a suggestion. 

i feel like lance and pidge’s friendship isn’t appreciated enough so….. here are some lance ‘n pidge things that are def canon

  • pidge will seek lance out just to sit on him, even if there’s plenty of empty room on the couch
    • especially likes sitting on his back or on his legs if he’s laying down
  • always asking for facts about the other’s special interests (lance’s is fish, especially sharks. pidge’s are lizards and robotics)
  • sometimes when pidge is hyperfocusing lance will stick random things in her hair like pencils and paperclips
  • likewise, if lance is hyperfocusing pidge will put things in the hood of his jacket
  • constantly trying to give each other wet willies. CONSTANTLY.
    • pidge has set up really elaborate situations, sometimes involving allura and shiro pretending to need lance for something important, just to lead him into a wet willy trap
    • lance on the other hand will just chase her around and try to get hunk to grab her when she runs past
  • lance, every time he’s sitting on a couch with pidge: *sticks bare foot in her face* lick it
  • pidge sleepwalks sometimes and lance has gone into the kitchen looking for a snack at 2 AM and found her rifling around pointlessly in drawers 
    • he just. quietly takes her by the arm and leads her back to her room
  • lance: hey pidge if i decide to [insert really bad idea] what’s the probability that [insert incredibly unlikely but positive outcome] pidge, not looking up from laptop: i’d say there’s a 0.5 to 1% chance of that working out in your favor lance, already doing the thing: good enough for me
  • lance and pidge both stim by chewing and they both LOVE chewing pencils
    • back in the garrison days lance would buy packs of pencils specifically for him and pidge to chew on while studying
    • they can get through a pack of twenty in like an hour
  • pidge also likes to stim by zipping and unzipping things, so sometimes lance will let her borrow his jacket so she can just zip away
  • lance dissociates when he gets very stressed and pidge is always the one to get him some cold water and stay with him until he starts coming back to reality (also to make sure he doesn’t do anything weird like get into his lion for no reason)
  • talk to each other about their families when they start missing them too much

Hey guys! My name is Jessica, I’m 21 and i started my journey at the end of February 2016. Ive always been a picky eater so for me, “over eating” isn’t what made me gain weight. It’s what I ate, because everything I put in my mouth were fried greasy foods or straight carbs! I’ve dealt with being over weight my whole life until I finally told myself that I didn’t want to be like that anymore. After a month of exercise, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a year and a half and I was 322. Seeing that number is what made me keep going. Being in the 200s is a scary thing let alone the 300s so that did it for me! So far I have lost over 135 pounds and I’m still kicking butt to reach my goal which is 160 then eventually 145. For the first 3-4 months of losing weight, I was using Herbalife meal replacement shakes.2 shakes a day and 1 meal with healthy snacks in between meals. Then I started to only do 1 shake a day with 2 meals and healthy snacks in between meals for another 4 months. Then finally gave up the shakes and started eating normal meals and exercising still everyday. My life has changed so much and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going for me on this journey:)

IG : getfitwjessica

masterlist of my fanfics

I have decided to list all of my stories in y post instead of a page, so people can have an easier access when they are on the phone. Happy reading!

Rami Malek x Reader

  1. Eastern surprise  / One shot, feat. Sami Malek
  2. Birthday surprise / One shot feat. Sami Malek
  3. Family reunion / One shot
  4. Late night snacks 1  2 / Two shot
  5. Sudden invitation / One shot feat. Sami Malek
  6. Karaoke night / One shot
  7. The radio interview / One shot


  1. Unexpected romance  / 15 chapters
  2. The golden tablet  / Ongoing, all under this tag. Masterlist will be created once completed
  3. Raw and soothing / One shot, smut
  4. The morning in Thebes / One shot
  5. Little white robe / One shot, reader as Hestia
  6. Winter joy / One shot

Elliot Alderson

  1.  Anxiety lovers / One shot, smut

 Snafu Shelton

  1. An evening in 1946 / One shot smut