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TalesFromYourServer: Table of 10 in tears.

I served a family of 10 tonite, two sets of grandparents, 2.5 sets of thier adult children and one 9 year old. One of the sons wives had just died, like just on Monday, and they were coming to eat after the funeral bc it was where the couple had their wedding reception four years ago. No one told me this.

I head to my 10 top in good spirits, “Hey yall Im D. Big group, we celebrating anything?” Man from the youngest couple responds – “No.” And my cache response is, “Thats okay! Just celebrating life then!” You can only imagine how many tears that brought. 5 minutes in and Ive managed to make half a table cry – but Im completely clueless as to why??! So I back off on the jolly sever routine and just take a bar order and let them settle in. Observing body language, I can start to see that everyone is paired up except one man, whos sitting with his arm around an empty chair - and then it dawns on me that someone - his partner- has died!

Well when the food comes out, the food runner doesnt realize he should skip the empty seat in the seat count. Really, its not his fault, the widower guy ordered a martini and a glass of wine for his wife – who would never ever drink it – and even had her purse slung over the chair. It was odd. The foodrunner must have asked if anyone was sitting in the chair, because everyone was in tears over their steaming steaks and lamb chops by the time I was able to rush over and sort the delivery out.

By the end both grandmothers had gotten drunk enough to call me over and apologize for being a group of mourning lunatics. Their daughter had only been sick for 6 months that they knew, and then passed away from ALS Monday. They both asked me about my wife and family and made me promise to never fight with them or hate them.

They all fought over the bill, but the main grandfather had given me his card before anyone even arrived – 110 on 560 but It could have been 5$ honestly. That was the saddest table of my life.

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Ghost??? I love that you made case 2 take place in the UP?? it's where I'm from and a lot of people don't even know it exists lol, so it's super interesting to me that you chose here!

aaa yea yea yea i went up there back in 2014 for my cousin’s graduation and i really liked it?? like i was actually planning on going to nmu but hahaaaahhh mental health threw that plan out the window lmao but anYWAYS idk some of the places we went really reminded me of what i visualized for case 2′s setting so ye ya ey yayeya yey yey a

So the very best possible fate awaits my long neglected yarn stash...

An old friend is helping several Syrian refugee families get settled in the area, and she’s, 1.) giving a couple of the talented women space to sell their handmade goods, in her own small business, and 2.) helping them set up Etsy stores for themselves. She’s extremely eager to pick up my donated supplies to pass on to them!

I’ve got books and magazines of patterns, storage bins and drawers, hooks and needles galore - aside from probably hundreds of skeins of yarns.

I cannot even imagine a better use for all this stuff. ❤️

I…really don’t know why I made this. But now it exists so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯