2 seconds of infinity

How long it takes a sign to get over you

Aries: Maybe 2 days until they’re cheery again
Taurus: On the outside: 1-2 years, Inside: Infinity, till their death
Gemini: -2 seconds, they were over you before it ended
Cancer: They’re over you for 27 out of 30 days a month, but they cry about you for 3 days every month for the rest of their lives
Leo: Until they find someone better than you
Virgo: How much time they spent with you x 2 (maybe x3)
Libra: A month
Scorpio: 69 years
Sagittarius: Outside: 1 week, Inside: 1 year
Capricorn: Until the stage where they feel more successful than you (better partner, more money, better job/course)
Aquarius: they think about you for 10 seconds of their day for 3 weeks straight
Pisces: Either 0.2 seconds or 5 years

So one day I came home and everything was soaked to shit and it was so humid you could see the water droplets in the air so I put my camera on 2 second exposure and infinity focus and set it on a traffic pillar and the result is fucking nice ok


Fuji 200