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suggestions for that kane chronicles au: 1) keep the kubdels brown as people like to forget often and 2) rose and juleka are def the 2 boarding school girls sadie was friends with, just my Suggestions (tm) (and i hope i don't sound a dick btw)

yes!!! i love this idea bc weren’t the boarding school girls lacey and drew aka piper’s sisters or did i imagine that? anyway it ties into the idea i had that it’s part of a bigger riordanverse au because also i love tea’s pjo au and it would be fantastic to put everything together

(dw you don’t sound like a dick, and even if you did, it’s justified imo. they get whitewashed a lot)


How did you know?
It’s the little things. (x)

Magical Girl Monthly Issue #2 Cover :D

School season is starting up again around here, so I thought this cover’s main header and art should pertain to that. MGM isn’t a real magazine but this is a personal project to do a new cover a month :)

Issue 1: http://prinnay.tumblr.com/post/125091461401/magical-girl-monthly-issue-1-cover-what-if

  • [at Jerry's]
  • Chad 2: Give me a slice of pizza, no cheese, no sauce, gluten-free crust. Do you have a protein boost?
  • Waiter: Are you sure you don't want a glass of diet air with that?
  • Chad 2: Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?
  • Waiter: You got me. We only have full calorie air.